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GE who?

Short term memory.   Isn't that just the beauty of the markets and specifically earnings season!.   Just last Friday the global sky was flying and the noise of GE was vibrating into our eyes and ears for the next 72 hours, now INTC supposedly has solution for everything and anything and GE was just a bad dream.    Not to put a damper on things, but let's not get the bubbly out just yet!.    Sure...there are many a trader bludgeoned this year with an infatuation with tech and we welcome them back to bid up the market.   Hey, we can't eat coal and steel all day and every day so we'll help them out today, it's the least we could do with their beaten up techs. is only today as we don't really trust the lot and we need to really have them show us the money day in and day out this week.   Just like GE never happened, INTC maybe quickly forgotten if its brothers and sisters don't play fair the rest of the week.    Our strategy ain't changing overnight, we'll follow the herd and slice and dice the high beta's stocks  AAPL--RIMM--BIDU etc. for the moment, but we're not changing our diet that has been very, very good to us all.   You wanna see earnings!, wait till our stuff like the steels give guidance, it will put INTC's #'s to shame.    Anyways..on to yesterdays pre-INTC trading day....

Coals, this bunch seems unstoppable.  All we have to say is "look to MEE very soon as the chart looks to be setting up" and the damn thing explodes to over $50 even after gapping some. lol.  The good thing is these guys give you more than one opportunity a day as they slide down and give an another opportunity to enter in.  The same goes with PCX, if you didn't catch any of the previous days move it's all good cause you had a very nice chance to get some cheap yesterday.  FDG, WLT we like them all and whichever coal dips right is the one we are favoring at that time.

Solars,   with oil spiking to 113 it is no surprise to see these moving up.   Earnings are around the corner, SPWR corner is tomorrow and we are anticipating their numbers to dictate a lot of the action in days to come.  So we wait to dive deep, but it doesn't mean we're not dipping in our toes.  We did that with a fresh face yesterday in SOL for a few reasons.     We liked the supply contracts, we like the fact if the sector is heating up a 10million IPO name breaking out to a new high will get attention from traders.  It also has a pretty darn good IBD number and even if we haven't played this IBD $15 game for a long time, a solar that is eligible for IBD is hard to find!.    So, why not SOL to be in print!.    Too many continued to play the 15 dollar game at IBD for months now and it was a futile game.  What you need is not just a rating, you need the stock to be in a hot space!.    Maybe TITN was the last we recall and that was only because it was in the right place at the righ time (Ag').  We were quite aggressive buying it up yesterday.

A note EBAY is reporting tonight and so we were toying the idea around of MELI busting a move. to flip the pages of reports..the rush is starting with MBT, LUFK, CSX ...