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AAON, AAON inc.....TRMS, Trimeris Inc.

More on AAON from chat this am, the numbers were 64mln vs. 48 +33%. EPS .43c vs.22, this topped estimates of .35c.  Opened starter position early and will add if it breaks that congestion at $25. AMIE type stock..crawler


TRMS reported yesterday after close, the numbers very good off HIV med sales. More of a trade prospect as this works the EPS and story.


Damn...TRMS ruined a perfectly good chart set up;
Management working the ' story '...the EPS was there, sold most AH on the news.

04:00 ET Trimeris says to focus on Fuzeon profitability (TRMS) 10.04 +0.25:Co announces that it will shift its strategic emphasis and reorganize to focus tightly on Fuzeon profitability and its strength in research and early stage development. These changes are designed to significantly increase and sustain earnings from Fuzeon by sharply reducing expenses. Co and Roche will continue their collaboration to develop Fuzeon enhancements and Next Generation Fusion Inhibitors. "The changes in our co are designed to allow us to generate 2007 earnings well in excess of $1.00 per share and to have sustainable earnings and cash flow for the long-term. At annual earnings of $1.00 per share, we would generate approximately $20 million of additional cash flow and reach a year end 2007 cash position of about $65 mln... We will reduce programs and our workforce as a result of these changes. We expect to have the new business structure and supporting plans in place by year-end and look forward to creating significant shareholder value with these actions.
November 14, 2006 |