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Shorts Killer...

This market has been all over the Shorts lately.   Unless, of course, that you were short DNDN.    Ok, this is probably the last time we'd ever mention DNDN.   The long and short of it is,  the play is over and it's time to move on, regardless whether you are sitting on a loss or a overall profit from your previous trade leads here.   It's the last trade that only matters, no averaging stuff to give yourself an excuse to hold on.  We played it twice at DJIM, we doubt there will be a 3rd soon.  . On to what matters, we basically had a great day.   Fed meeting may provided a spin for this market in terms of volatility, but overall, most of the DJIM stocks that have showed strength last couple of days did extremely well today.     This time around, and just like all the other time around, it's all about earnings here.    To us, earning is the primary if not the only driving force of our strategy.    Figuring out entry/exit  points is one thing, but the ability to pick out outstanding earnings play with great momentum potential is the root of our approach.    Hopefully, by the end of this earnings quarter, many of you would have a pretty good idea what we do here on a daily basis.     Getting involved with the right group of traders that know what they are doing is one thing, trading to get more experienced is even more important.    

Still...besides all the emails we get during the day, including, ' great call' for an NGA, LXU, FWLT recently which we thank you for.  But,  there are still 1/10 that we can't understand.   If you follow into our stocks, why do you not exit and lock in nice gains when there to be had?.   Greed?.  Just today before the open,  we received one on IDSA and what we think now "as I have not sold all?".   Didn't we set out everything late last week and the potential for disappointment and other alerts, last being when the stock was $15.5 on Friday?.   The other ironically from last night on DNDN..." might be $50 after approval..what you think"?..  OMG,  its a speculative ticket  'short ride' every time we've mentioned it.   We gave our exits dang it. learn this member was holding 1k of DNDN later at 17+.  We had a recent hold into GROW's earning as well from a long time member. ARGHHH!!.

Guys..sorry but maybe to see your mistakes in bright lights here will stop the insanity!!. We honestly care, especially after getting to know some of you over time.

It's tough to pick out the  play to write about first since there are too many good ones...   ok lets start with..

FWLT, earning sells the story and momentum pays the traders.     By the time this thing moves over 7 or 8 points, there's not even any point going over the earning report anymore.   Why you ask?   Many traders may put the emphasis on the actually earing number, the quality of earning etc., what they often forget is that it's the collective action of those involved in TRADING this thing that makes the difference.    For us, we had a feeling that this one has good number, but we needed confirmation from the "big boys" to confirm our feeling.    When they go chase, we tag along!  This was the premise behind the 2nd note on FWLT today.  It went off like magic, you can see it gaining steam on every small pullback around $80-$81.   We were so ready, hopefully we prepared you and you enjoyed the rocket launch from 80 to 88.  It may sound surprisingly simple but it does take a lot of trading to get used to the idea of "your buy may very well give this stock a new high".  

CROX, this is just inevitable.   Provided that the market is rocking all around, we still think this one is going much higher.   Read up on our notes here, hell use the new search available to you to find it;).   In a way, this one reminds us of HANS in its prime days in some ways.    We added some late around our 'juice ' alert and it finished beautifully with a nch in place.

NGA, it feels like this IBD100 listing is looking more and more like a done deal, based on its trading.   With two days left till the end of the trading week, we think the downside is limited right here.    Yes, a pullback is definitely possible tomorrow or even on Friday.   In our opinion, any pullback should be bought.

LXU, again, we'd like to use our conservative approach and would like to see a pullback or consolidation around here after the stock climbed from out 18.70ish alert to nearly $21 today.   To us, it never hurts to underestimate the potential of a run-up rather than overestimate it.   What this does is that you are always setting yourself for good surprises.  If this stock continues its leg up with strong volume, so be it and we'd just play along.     However, we aren't buying it like the way we did when it was in the $18s, for now.

TRCR,  don't let the big point gainers make you forget about the little guys.   Your eyes may be glued to the FWLT of the trading world but the little ones can also make up for very nice gains if you time it right.    We noticed the set-up yesterday and today's just the confirmation breakout.   We added some and looking for more.

TRT, what may caused the strong action today may be the fact that people are looking for a change in IBD rating after its earning report.   Yes, this IBD thing never gets old. lol     We got a starter and will look closely for any further development.  The report itself is nothing to write home about..not 30% worth of stamps. The first trades premkt were $19.50 up 25%, a little to expensive for our tastes and not something we'd chase till we see what regular trading hours bring.  Finished up just over 30%.   In the end FLWT which was up 7% premkt provided  better upside as we thought it might in our pre-market note.  Maybe not so much better % wise, but definitely safer and much more liquid to go big $ with momentum.   You could not afford to chance and therefore do the sizes in TRT that you could have done with FWLT today.  As traders this is primary consideration when wanting to go in 'super size me' lots.

There are quite a few recent stocks that made new highs today, we are trading. These recent mentions from Journal or via trading members in our forum include SPAN TNH HAYN SCHN RS FTK EDU   We're still waiting on NTLS.

An incredible day from our DJIM stocks on a day the DOW +54 and the NASD +4.59.  Who outperformed who?



'Breakdown....Takedown....Everybody wants into the crowded line... Breakdown....Takedown...You're busted...Let down..your guard..blah blah're busted!".  Yeah, we're humming a guys tune who probably already had a beard when we born!.... but hey, what's the ruckus today?..We still in the loop.  Cheer up, it's not the end of the world!.   You know what was looking like the end of the world?....

The market being up something like 24 of 28 days!!.   What percentage is that?.   Sure , ain't Shaq's free throw percentage!.  The point is simple, what the "Disney" did you expect to happen sooner than later as we ran the market higher and higher.  Today should not be a shock to any of us. If you've ridden the DJIM plays recently, you are probably safely out by today anyway on most positions with nice gains..   But seriously, if the market shakedown scared you today, you still had a perfect storm to exit with gains in tow today. say?

Let's see DOW down 147, NASDAQ down 43.   What really stunk the DJIM joint out?    Well, percentage wise it was NGA!.    But, we've all expected and actually welcomed a decent fall after this 40% run with DJIM hands all over it..   This was going to happen, no matter if the market got smacked or not today.   NGA was prime for it.   Besides the NGA bit,   there was not much damage to anything you might be holding off DJIM. You still could walk away today all in one piece if that's your choice.

FWLT  TNH  SPAN  CPY  FTK  IDSA  FSLR  KRSL  ADPI  are some recent DJIM names traded that managed to post green end of day.  Tomorrow..all these can get the smackdown and other barely reds like TRCR  LXU  MA  HAYN  NTLS (1% or lower) might as well.    What you had today is exit opportunities to leave with almost all of your recent gains in these names.   The next day you might not!.     Be it tomorrow or any other time in the market, if you survive one might not the next if the slide continues.    What we hate is to be part of any domino effect, so today we did some selling into this orderly action of our closely followed/held stocks.  We don't want to blow the past months of good work out the window.   Safe than sorry heading into a weekend at this point.   Still...there was no action in any DJIM recent play that money screamed get me out of! .  We like the group we are covering at this time and will monitor closely as always.

As full time traders, we look to end of day for some fire sales on our favorite winners lately.  We've talked about buying a pullback for days on NGA...last night the last.    What we said today in the forum as it traded $13.80-14.00 from it's highs, is the market conditions today basically stamped out a chance for a orderly pullback and buy possibility that we expected from it before weeks close.   If the market (NASD) is down 20 points,  we do not know if panic will set in on any individual stock and take it down further.   We can't buy such a fresh pullback as NGA hung around $14 at 2pm!.   As a trader member pointed out minutes later, "would rather buy a pullback within the context of a stronger market day... Opportunities are made up easier than losses.".    Minutes later NGA crumbled to 13.20.   So how do you know when a pullback is sufficient? it the one down to $13-8-14.00 or will there be another as later today to 13.20?....We simply don't know and we're not going to guess at $14 with a falling market.    Basically, why play with fire as the market starts to crisp and burn.   Simply, we wait till end of day to decide if we want any.   We do it with strong stocks to buy in or add more and this is still the way we go if considering to recycle a recent big winner on a dip.   End of day.    Yes, we picked up small amounts of LXU, NGA  end of day.  This is nothing in size to when we were playing these recently.  We all should have enjoyed these 2 runs, we are not blowing it away with a substantial position now on a dip in a falling market today.    If any sign of momentum comes Friday in NGA, we'll be there in sizes again.    Call it another starter to monitor today, that's all!.   Still, the issue with NGA should not be if it catches a pullback and heads to $15 tomorrow.  What's 13s-low 14's to 15's at this point when the play has been here since a premkt alert at 9+ and soon after buy in low $10's. If you won big from low 10's already, what's the rush now?. Let it sink in and let it show a definite change in trend.  Is this a possible secondary leg coming up?.   Was this the retracement we were waiting for?.   We'll know soon enough (Friday).  We just went through IDSA remember, so you know what can happen.  What it might do at /if $15+ is a whole new different leg and we'll decide then how to approach it.

For those new here, our Aert-Comments are either our buy-ins or leads we are considering for a buy.  Today was a nice combo to an alert from Monday on FRPT to go with our buy in alert on SPAR today.  Both had stellar days in a bad market and were involved in the same contract.  Yeah looks like Cramer gave a hand to our pick ups again today.   We were oblivious to who or what or why...we just saw momentum happen at different times today for these names.  The idea was here Monday following the Armor Holding M&A activity for a look at  FRPT with its chart, today it paid off as FRPT and the company making the chassis (SPAR) for it all won. SPAR last trades at 31.60-32 AH. 



DJIM #20 2007

Rundown of DJIM's closely followed heading into Mondays trade...

TNH, definitely one the big winners on the week with a 24% pop.  We profiled Terra Nitrogen, fertilizer maker, back on April 8th (DJIM #15/#16), we said if you catch it on the right side, it could be quiet the ride. The right side has been now with Nitrogen in great demand and because of NG pricing.   The stock closed at $95, up over $30 since April notes.    Remember, she can be the volatile one and the higher she goes, the higher the chances of seeing greater volatility.

NGA,  though this one did not finish over $15 as per IBD requirement,  it might as well have finished above it to ease the suspense.     So is this more than and IBD play or not?   At this point, who really cares?    As long as the volume + price action do not die down, we are going along with it.   What we feel is that there are momentum hedge funds behind the work of this one which explains the consistent volume.   We like this one because of its relative liquidity compared to some of the other low priced IBD plays.    Why does it matter?   For those of us who trade more than a couple of thousand shares at a time, this is the kind of action that can get you in and out with relative ease.   What we are watching out for is the blow off top volume, as a warning sign.   So far, so good!. Our note pre market indicated some selling might come off the insider selling news.  This happened and provided a nice dip into the $12's early on.    Hopefully, some were able to get more there or low's $13.   The fact this occurred probably held NGA off $15 for now..   Why?.    If you bought high $12's, very low $13's Friday, would you not have sold at the high $14's if you loaded up in the morning???.  We did some.   Once this moved beyond $13.50ish, you knew new money would be coming in so not to miss the run to $15 and above.   No better place to sell for someone making a morning buy in the 12's- low 13's, don't you think?.     We're patient.    IDSA now NGA.  In so many ways this played out just like IDSA last week.    Hopefully, you were prepared to trade it smartly after last week.

IDSA   so the stock made it to IBD#43, a week later than it was "supposed" to.  Lol   Well, things will definitely get more interesting from here.   We think the exposure of IBD does bring more positive things to a stock than not.   It actually brings this one to many more traders' attention.  The OS/float definitely stands amongst the IBD 100 names.    As long as this one is getting more exposed, it's unlikely that the play goes away anytime soon.   We are using our usual approach with this one from now on and look for new highs as an excuse to add and 9 ema as key support.  Simply, the traders gut told us this was the one under $15 that was going to get riled up friday in our morning note.   We added in forum the night before to a IDSA question..Needs volume!.  We pointed out volume was at the previous days high quiet early, Friday. This was indication to us more was to come and a good chance this was going to take IDSA beyond $15+.

FWLT, wow is the word to describe the action in this one.  In our opinion, this is the kind of stock that's much much easier to play compare to NGA, IDSA and definitely the SIF's of the world.   Why?   This one is a liquid monster, an institution's heavy play.   Even as retail trader, we have no problem of going big in size and playing with the big boys.  You can't do this on a SIF type.   Of course, if you have a smaller sized account, this one still provide lots of fireworks even for small lots.  For every 100 share lot at $78, this made you $1800 in a few days.  Again, we say, don't back away from the expensive plays such as this and the MA's so easily.... As we tried to point out, we felt FWLT had more short term upside potential from the pre-mkt prices of FWLT ($78) compared to TRT's (19.50).   Based on closes Friday, FWLT is up 22% and TRT is 12% from that  possible morning buy-in and has been way more liquid to trade.

LXU, this recent DJIM pick up is gaining traction and starting the ride the coattails as many are starting to see it as a Ag play.  Their chemical biz seems to be thriving as seen by EPS results and it's definitely one of our favorites.   The ticket here to consider!. POTash is around $200, TNH, is near $100 and if I might have missed the ride, maybe my only only logical cheap play here might be LXU??.   Hmmm.    It is in top 5 performers in the Agriculture section of IBD movers.   Besides, there is a new #1 IBD Industry Group and it is Agriculture and Fertilizer...really, we're not fertilizing you!

SPAR, this pick up pre market the other day at $30 was a quick bump to high of $32.70.  We sold some Friday into the Cramer push and later picked some up cheaper again.  Selling into strength generated by outside influences, such as Cramer is a no brainer.  This one falls into another sector that is thriving.   We were watching this angle since AH takeover by bringing FRPT into the DJIM fray Monday. SPAR is intertwined here as they are the chassis maker dealing with FRPT.

CPY, we put this CPY back out at $80 Friday on alerts as a buy in again.  It manged to climb another $3 bucks higher at one point.  Just keeps on ticking and it is more than the retail investor buying 100 lots here that is still driving this higher at these levels.

TRT,  we are holding some TRT but on a short leash to see if a IBD crush comes.  The play here started back in 2006 based on EPS and their China connection starting what we thought would fuel this compnay.  We played it now for another 2 Q's  and this is the first Q that we saw revenue slow down.  It was actually a tad lower sequentailly and Product reveune dropped some 20% sequentially.    So has the Asian buzz hit a wall as these numbers might indicate?.    At this point after 3 excellent Q's,  you should not be looking at YOY Q numbers here,  but sequential growth.   If this was a big Semi name that showed no sequential revenue growth,  besides the under 300k in net income, it would likely been a ho-hum report as analysts would not be looking at YOY if they had been placing estimates on the stock for this Q.    They would have looking at the 3 previous Q's since we've been following it and their expectations would be based on that!.   Simply , sequentail reveune growth has been curbed some it seems for now.   $6.4>  9.5>  9.9> 14.06 and now 13.6mln in revenue for the last 5 Q's.    An advantage of no analysts covering a DJIM stock is seen here.  The problem is the company gives no guidance, so you don't know if the revenue has hit a peak and if EPS next Q might hit a snag as well.   Anyways, we're in for some, this just ain't one of our top holds at this time.  We'll see how it starts to play out early in the week.

SPAN, a May pick up( profiled in Alert sec), is the little engine that could, a slight pullback mid week and then a NCH to close out the week.

SIF, a hot market definitely brings out hot money in the micro caps. At this point anything new is beng chased up if the headline numbers stick and we joined in with some of you for a quick trade.   Definitely, some of you guys got more out of it than us!.   Great!.   With so many plays on our plate Friday, we left this while the exuberance was high and while it was still possible trade the bigger lot sizes to make it worthwhile.  We don't know if that will be the case by mid-week, if we wanted to sell a big lot hold at a decent price.  Time will tell.   You see, some plays are taking EPS to a different level in this market, as in potential one Q wonders being run as if they will be what TRT, BTJ, DXPE, NGA in the beginning of their cycles.  Those companies were turning around and you could see by their growth figures.  Not only YOY growth, but sequential revenue/EPS growth as well.   This is how companies become IBD inclusions.  We see pretty stagnant revenue growth Q over Q's at SIF with one good EPS Q under it's belt now.   There is no saying this company can pull off another going forward, despite being in a good sec.   We don't see it as 2 Q's with upside EPS, last Q was almost all government grants income that made up the EPS #.  We're not knocking the company, we're just saying it's not for everybody to trade here, especially if thinking one EPS Q will make it the next NGA, BTJ, DXPE etc.  This simply means for those considering playing SIF starting Monday,  be careful if thinking this almost 100 year old co' will become a solid player into the next few Q's.   DJIM members need to differentiate the type of plays conducive to their style and abilities.  This is all we are pointing out here.   For those giving it a run....keep pushing and we might be back to help out.   IBD numbers are on equal terms to TRT's and made it on Aerospace IBD hot list this weekend.  Institution holdings are about 25% in this name, if their Blackberry's were not working overtime selling Friday, this upcoming week might get some of it.  If the shares get in retail hands, who knows what can happen in a happy market.  Will leave it to the speculators for now and concentrate on companies producing revenue, EPS growth Q after Q.

CROX FSLR TRCR ADPI HAYN NTLS MA SYNL, all behaving fine after being followed closely here following their EPS this Q.

HDNG TWIN FTK  added to IBD or moving up as in HDNG case after EPS #'s last week.

This market is moving clearly off the earnings of S&P co's, small caps etc. and we at DJIM definitely are simply in the right niche at the right time!



but...considering the futures premarket and the somewhat grim, yet not horrible Eco #'s, the action in quite a few DJIM plays wasn't undermined. The market is finding some stability in the multi nationals and the dollars lows for technology stocks as if business will go on and prosper from the economies abroad.   This is all dandy but a lot of the action is institutions swooping up and dressing their books for Q end.   This should provide a decent vibe for the rest of the week unless some Eco' numbers come in and shock the markets.   If the energy and bank stock would participate, the majority with tech comprising the SPX and we would get a very decent up day before the Q ends.   So trading life goes on and opportunities are presenting themselves daily with the niche we cover.  Yesterday, we had good action from the usual suspects, besides the shipper and solars , a few nice breakouts continued in those that lagged or consolidated the most recently...notably GRMN (a buy $125 by DB this am) and CROX.   There is a lot of froth reminiscent of bubble and pre holiday trading running rampant in the Chinese cheap speculative stocks..sometimes this is a sign of a pin coming to burst a bubble.    A big IPO(bank) in China didn't get the usual response of a huge first day.  A modest response at best with a 30% up trading day. This might be something or its just a fact of the investors having many options to put their money at work in similiar stocks.  We'll see if this all adds up to something in the short term for the Shang or this these thoughts are a much ado about nothing.   The forum is free to use if you want to post the speculative China runners, but we won't be writing about them in the Journal as it doesn't fit into many of the subscribers wants and needs.   Most here don't have the capabilities to trade these in a timely and efficient manner in a day trading mode.

Away from the 'usual suspects' that should continue to provide trading opportunities, we will be looking at a few names early...

ICOC and LULU, we like the way these traded in the afternoon and will look at them early on to enter.

CDS,  we are fine with going with the China cheap momentum and so this issue may continue to get momo, but we do look at these plays that emerge from other groups, such as this that originated in Briefing as an opp' to flip quickly or be flipped on in the first couple of days of it being discovered and spread around. one point during a rise you are riding the coattails of those already loaded up and ready to dump on you in most instances as the herd comes in after getting wind of it.   It is not only the ones that first make it public in a group that load up before, it is also and may be the same loop that buys the stock ahead of the AMEX listing in this case and then breaks this stock to the public that will be the first out.  So, the mentality is 'trade it' till your blue in the face or till your pockets are full of the green stuff, but we are here to also give you a glimpse and an education of what we have experienced in the 'underground' trading world.  Just keeping those not familiar with such listings on their toes. The difference here is the thirst for these China cheapies that may carry this.  Good timing you could say.  

A while ago, we introduced FTK (Flotek industries), the morning before its listing on the AMEX at our old grounds, the stock has launched to ~$45/5X its purchase price that day..simply it was at right time at the right place with the oil sec plays in high fashion for months this could be timed right as well.