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Entries in ARCI (2)


Tough but understandable...

Well, at least we know why some of the money market funds are earning higher yield  than others.    Joking aside, this is becoming a difficult market to trade(flip) when a sudden drop of news can literally derail whatever the bullish momentum.    Good thing is that we are pretty much used to this kind of volatility by now so today's action is not that surprising given the circumstance.     Basically, you have to flip into strength as oppose to wait till some bad news comes out that'd drop the market and your stocks along with it.   Sell when you can!   We have to be very vigilant about taking whatever the quick profit we may have on the table these days.

The way this month is going so far, it's going to be in the history book as something to remember.    Right now, the game plan is the same which means we  leave very little on the table going home on most nights.    The only exception is that we have a strong close like yesterday and only then we could have a strong case of carrying some stocks for a potential flip the next morning.

Here are some plays....

JST, this one had some very good follow through today and closed pretty strong too despite the dreadful index performance.   For us, if it isn't showing sign of stalling, we are sticking to our long strategy and added some near the end.

VMW, we have put this IPO on our watchlist today as we think this one will generate quite bit of interest days if not weeks down the road.   They claim this is the biggest tech IPO since Google and we'll see about that.

ARCI, we bought a little bit of this one late as it's showing some good relative strength in a very weak market.  To top it off, it closed at a new 52 week high with a break out.   Again, this one is small and may not be for everyone.

SIMC, this one came out with earning very late in the day and from the look of it, earnings looks to be decent.   However, given its past performance, it remains to be seen if this can get any kind of trading interest going this time around.   We'd find out more tomorrow.


Tug of war

Given the amount of points market has risen since the low of last Thursday, we think it actually did pretty good today.    Volatility has eased quite a bit and it seems there are willing buyers out there, on selective stocks.     Once again, we had some trading opportunities from some recent names that looked very interesting today.

VMW, it seems that there's not a day gone by without some sort of action from this one.    Because this one is so new and the momentum is still very strong, we literally just have to rely on 5 min. chart to watch for a reversal.   Action is definitely one of the fastest paced we've traded in a while.    We bought back some and added some near the end.     If a morning pop comes, we'd be willing to part some shares.

WX, ever since this one IPOed, it constantly reminded us of that other Chinese medical co.  MR.    Sure, the business is entirely different with these two companies but the trading resemblance is quite similar days after their IPO.   Top top it off, both had an awesome IBD eps rating to start.    We are trading on technicals only up until today and we will watch any further development to see if it can pick up any momentum like other IBD related stocks.

CRNT, speaking of IBD, this former IBD #1 stock is still live and strong.    Tomorrow comes a big test of $17 and we think if it breaks out clean, we'd see some quick upside.    Again, tomorrow's Friday and many traders may not push it too hard and as long as it stays up here for IBD, we can all leave it untill next week to try for a meaningful push.

ARCI/DOCX,  many of you may not even remember these two cheapies when we alerted a while back but they both had a fantastic day, in their respective way that is.    The trading in DOCX may seem iffy but it goes to show that sometimes it's worth it just to park a couple shares in these kind of stocks as long as they don't break down.