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Entries in FTEK (9)


DJIM list #1 for 08/18-AMIE ($29's) WBD, HWCC




Update-Closely watched/Holds

A week of low volumes, no buyers and no sellers in the market didn't stop a few DJIM highlighted to have some nice moves. When holding a basket of stocks, I like to calculate the weeks trading in points +/_. Adding, subtracting all the moves no matter if it's a $10 or $50 stock equally. So in keeping with this, the weeks alerts, Sundays hold/closely watched hit list provided opportunity for up to +4pts w/NEU, HWC+3, WBD+3, a few pts on PWEI, UIC..a pop on PGTI. The biggest % gainer had to be BTJ for as many as +3/4 pts. At the end of the week, 2pts here, a few here and there add up and you have a pretty good week while those in the indecies watched the paint dry. You don't have to be a full-time trader to walk away with a substantial portion of the points mentioned. Even buying BTJ the day following mention, a slow moving WBD type or catching a fast moving NEU and you still walk away with more than a handful of points into the weekend.

The only stock we took off last weeks hitlist was INPH(see 08-18WList log), the volume was just not there. We are keeping to the same stocks going into the week with a few additions to keep close to you. Also with Ernesto in the path we might get a shift into some sector momentum trading, our lists can change quickly and we'll let you know what we see as will some others who have been with us for more than a few years now from the Swamp,, TradingZoom forums.

One possible play mentioned here is PGTI, late last week Briefing put it at the top as a Hurricane play.This is primarily a Fla. company where codes are taking course and where it gets the chunk of its revenues, soon the Gulf states will have to get in gear. As with almost all plays, the base is stellar earnings...hurricanes or foreign beverages(WBD). A possibility with Ernesto is Light crude kicking over the recent $73 and change level that might really drive that well....Names, ideas are open to discussion in Market chat. Going forward the market might consolidate further until the Hamptons empty and the real buyers or sellers get to their pretty window views. With or without them opportunities for momo trading like last week should still exist. Remember most names we toss around have EPS that is above the average, this serves as a base for sometime unless the market turns as is the case with anything else, except the smaller floats that catch the momentum up, catch it down as well. It's really about snooze, you lose at the top. Investing in these earnings plays is not out of the question for longer swings, It just depends how much volatility you can stomach..just don't take your sweet time and decide at a Friday's close to enter a position in a BTJ move.

Anyways...the lines are clearly drawn on the DJIA, SP, NASD100 as to what is support for the market. Here is a list of hold/closely watched going into Monday. Most can be found in BT's charts.

ALY, BGC, BTJ, CTCM, FTEK, GRB, HWCC, ICLR, IPSU, LXU, NEU, PGTI, UIC, WBD....we could add a few more but we worry Blacktruck might run out of paint at this pace;



After the Minute

what started as a typical dismal Aug. day during the last week of the month turned out to be very exciting toward the end.    Of course, you still wouldn't feel it unless you are trading our kind of small caps.

BTJ, once again it's on my top watch list and also the first thing I wanted to talk about.    All I want to say is that you are gonna wish that you bought some shares earlier today.    I started dipping some earlier today and got more progressively as its action turned from so so to fantasitic.      Maybe this stock will eventually crash down or burn in flame like IFO or ERS, but for now, momentum rules and you have got to hammer this one as it gets hotter and hotter.     In fact, most of my trading gains come from plays like this.     The point is, when a stock like BTJ  has this kind of liquidity, the momentum and everything else which makes a great small cap winner, you just have to go all out and put all your effort, capital, and focus into it.     Of course, I don't have to take this much risk now and even though I'm playing BTJ with less than 10% of my equity, it can still count for substantial gain when I play it right.     

FTEK,   would you look at that flag?   This is a typical break out scenario which we've played many many times before.   However, it never gets old.

NEU, I thought this is the second best setup next to BTJ.    It is very volatile for a $60 stock but when you get it right, the reward outweighs the agony tremendously.    Blacktruck has had some very nice chart + timing attached on this stock and I'd suggest anyone go check it out.    I'm long a few today but will add aggressively the second it takes out $63.

aside from the above three which I thought were the best setups on my screen, others include UIC IAAC PWEI IPSU ANST HURC all closed near the top of their range today and I believe they all have the potential to get some carry through tomorrow.





IAAC $24.5, GROW $24.85 entry

It just doesn't feel like it's the last trading day of this summer.     

IAAC (24.50) -believe it or not, we started playing this one exactly three months ago.    Kudos to Demi, we started following it on another msg board since $12 and it's really been an on and off affair for us.    Thanks to GROW, this one is catching on some heat lately and it just took out the old high with very good volume.    Imo, this one has better growth compare to GROW and it also has good IBD exposure.    The reason why I mention IBD in about every paragraph I write is that about all of our past big winners would eventually turn up on the IBD100 list.    The recent surge in volume tells me that interest is picking up and momentum is building up.    Right now, it's no where near the climatic volume phase and so I'm not worried about a blowoff top anytime soon.   In fact, GROW is starting to set up nicely also which leads me to believe that this sector might be in play.


Sept 1, Closing Update

What a week it turned out to be!   We have had some really nice movers from our DJIM watchlist and it's definitely paying off to be in this market when everyone else seems to be on vacation

IAAC,  not much I can say about this one as this is "what you see is what you get"!    Most people may not be comfortable with this kind of runup, and it's ran up after the fact it already had a strong week and month.    Well, this is what me and Demi and a few other traders have been playing during the last few years.    When all of your portfolio and all of your plays and things on your watchlist are all as volatile as IAAC, then after a while they become normal.     You basically have to get used to it.   For me personally, it did take a long time to grasp the concept of "trading a group of  most volatile stocks while applying the most conservative strategy"!     I'll elaborate on it more this weekend.

GROW, see above!     I felt that it has more legs left going into next week.  The only thing you have to watch out for is that it's releasing earning next  Friday.

NEU, patience may be paid off given today's close.    what can I say?  It closed at its day high, monthly high, and a new 52 week high!    This to me is about an ultimate close that a stock can get. 

other stocks closed well include FTEK PWEI WBD....  and a couple of new ones I'm adding to watchlist.

again, you don't have to own or play every single stock out there, just make sure you hammer out the best plays.




DJIM list WK #3

DJIM will be going into the week with the names listed below, narrowing the list to concentrate on the more volatile names recently added (IAAC,BTJ,GROW). Last weekend we were looking for momentum trading to continue with or without Mr&Mrs Hampton, late in the week we certainly got that with IAAC breaking its volume highs, GROW coming along for the ride. What you want is a breakout with volume, those two got more than enough on the last friday of trading at the end of a dull summer. If this is not enough to start the week, there is BTJ that has refueled over the weekend at IBD #3 and looks to have setup for another trip north. We are not going to fight the tape with these, it will decide what we/you should do. This goes with keeping with whats working and finishing strong or showing resilency on dips and that's what we want to hold. ALY,AMIE,WBD are still performing well off our Aug18th list. WBD on friday is why you keep a tight list which we try to do, a 4pt intraday reversal to a high is something to behold. You don't have to be environmentally friendly to recycle stocks. NEU closed at a high too and definitely came back on some screens over the weekend. UIC has also performed well up 4 pts since being added. Something tells me GRB, FTEK, PWEI feel left out and one or two will let it be known this week. PGTI remains the Baskin Robbins play...hurricane flavor but you need to watch the homebuilders next to it. The others we will keep on the ticker above, what we want is to see life for an attempt at a breakout.


Houston, we've got a problem... CAAS, China Automotive Systems Inc, EFUT, eFuture Information Technology Inc,

We couldn't go to the bathroom today.  Literally!  . plus, should we be writing our note in Chinese?.   Oh just in case anyone hasn't noticed, there was not one, but TWO, 40%+ gainer for DJIM today.    EFUT/ CAAS ...Lock these up as 2 more DJIM benchmark 25% + moves.  As we have stated and stressed during the weekend, this is the kind of time where you make your double digit gains in your portfolio and clean it up around turkey time.     For a couple days back in October, we were joking that this November may not be compared to the Novembers of the past.   Boy oh boy, we definitely got more than we bargained for last few days.    And, we are not even half way through November.     Ok on to some obvious and not so obvious plays...

EFUT.jpgEFUT, we were fortunate enough to start trading this one at the beginning of Friday, about 13 points ago! . You've made a pretty penny even if you bought the close with us Friday when we were adding.  Simply put, we haven't seen a mover like this for quite some time now.    This in some way rivals the TZOO of the past.     Breathtaking, stunning and spectacular finish.   Can this gap up tomorrow and pull another good move?   It's possible and we think it's more than probable that it will.    The only drawback about this one is that you have to be there on every tick, literally.

caas.jpgCAAS, this one was noted in pre-mkt off earnings and frankly it's not a bad thing just to get your feet in this one in the early going.    What it did during the last half an hour is another display of EFUTistic move.    By the way, both CAAS and EFUT had one very ingredient in common, tiny float.   Once again, gap candidate as we pointed out before the close.  The action AH is the gap at work, this is what we were expecting. The same reasoning behind introducing EFUT 10 minutes before close on Friday. There is nothing wrong with adding to strength, we almost always do it near the close.  Sometimes the strength turns into a nice move the next day, sometimes into a crazy run like seen in EFUT today.

DLB +3% / CMT, good follow-up from both stocks.

RIMM/BIDU , so RIMM had its move and now we think BIDU may get its turn.   

other stocks exhibiting strength from the DJIM bin include AAON 5%, ATNI  RVBD 4% SINA 3% DIVX  GROW  FTEK SRVY.

MEK made a nice recovery, still be careful with this segment now.  Go with stronger sec...china stocks


December...bring it on!

The faces, the symbols may change but one thing that doesn't change is trading the probabilities that are in our favor. This simply means going with where we see momentum. Yesterday was day 1, today was day two in trading where the probabilities for profits were in our favor.  One theme that emerged yesterday was the Russian telcos, we didn't see it in print or hear anything about it later, so may we were a little delusional at the onset yesterday.  But then the action spoke as MBT's earning really spilled into other names, one being VIP.  If the premise is correct, one Russian bear does well, so should the other. You all know how this works when ones news vibrates to another.  Well, VIP did not disappoint,  beating handily today  Vimpel Comms beats by $0.27 (VIP)  :Reports Q3 (Sep) earnings of $1.32 per ADS, $0.27 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $1.05; revenues rose 21.2% year/year to $1.36 bln vs the $1.29 bln consensus. If you believed and later saw the probabilities of these companies piggy backing off each others EPS numbers, then you have been quite the point many as 8 or 9 pts off the two in two days.  The other trend widely seen is that of oil related plays. You simply go where the momentum goes and what happens is you increase the odds tremendously in favor. It's not rocket science and we're definitely no rocket scientists but just like one must have street smarts to survive... playing into human nature, the psychology of the trader/investor takes you to where the herd is, better yet where its going to be. There is 63 dollar barrels of oil on the wall.....63 barrels of oil...literally as this is the area of resistance and we are at it.  If this is wiped clean soon, a new trend most likely emerges and that is Oil clicks on.  The last few days run into this resistance area was capped today by a beautiful move out of ALY.  DJIM has its oil stocks and ALY has been here since day 1 to trade in this segment, today was its long awaited graduation as it popped 10% to $21.  If you are new here, last night Journal entry noted DJIM stocks we like to trade when this segment gets interesting. The foreign telcos, the Oils are two trends we traded in our favor...the probabilities were in our favor to finish the days... green not red!......

A few others from today...

FSYS, a DJIM alert note in the morning just before the open, spiked early from $18.4 to 19.40 before consolidating for most of the day. Volume perked up nicely after noon. We like the chart on the daily for possibly more from this recent earning play.

RVBD continues to be the resilient tech. This was noted in the morning as it tried for highs at $34 in a not so happy market. We liked the volume action as it broke $35 late in the day, even if you flipped today that's as much as 3%. We like the chart too much to flip, instead we added as the day progressed into another NCH.

CMT, a DJIM alert pick up last week continued to paint a quiet, yet nice chart closing with another NCH

BIDU, RIMM, FTEK all these had some spark from news, rumors and are looking good.  We are a bit more comfortable with the market and have increased our buying, trading the probabilities that are in our favor as we closed off November.


No complaints with NCH's...

...the NCH's, new closing high list is long today for DJIM closely followed stocks...AXR ALY BTJ GROW JST REXI ROS ZOLL..intraday highs for POWL,FTEK

If you had to find some faults of today's action, you can say that FTEK reversed hard intraday and IPSU or POWL did not follow through the way it did the day before.    Have those three plays met our trading objective?  Hell yeah!    It's apparent that up until now, we can conclude with everyone that the key for each and every one of our plays is to find them early and get in early or wait for the next leg up.   When it comes to selling to take profits or cut losses, unfortunately everyone has their own threshold and emotional tolerance and discipline.   We like to take profit a lot and trade along the trend.  When a stock stalls or reverses, there'd be lots of sell signals and plenty of time for us to act, and such is the advantage of sitting in front of the screens all day.   Only you know when you've had your fill and its time to move on.    Ok,  here are some stocks that didn't disappoint...

ATNI, volume perked up considerably today and half of it is due to a block trade.  Nonetheless, we like its action and its strong move above 9 ema may suggest that it's ready to challenge its old high.   We got back in some.

ABM, what a surprise!...well, not really as its a blast when institutions (80% in ABM) want to play your side and buy as today.   This one was alerted yesterday due to their earning but today's action felt as if the earning came out today.   This one had strong action throughout the day and we like this one and thinking this one may no longer be a sleeper mover. Again..this is a lesson in not chasing the open, if you are not experienced enough to make a call, don't do it.  Let the market tell you when and if its worth a ride.  patience paid of nicely with IPSU, ABM

OPTM, we alerted this one earlier today and even though it did not close at the high, the late push was encouraging to see.   Say what you want, this one is also an attention grabber today.

GROW/JST/ALXA,  why do we group these three together?   Because really, those three only trade off momentum, nothing more.   Since momentum trading is what we do the best, of course we had to alert them late afternoon to all just in case they close well.   And they all closed well.

The bottom line is, if you get into some of these plays early enough and apply a proper selling strategy, a hard reversal intraday should not hurt the play that much.    Even if you did get caught and took some losses, there's really no need to get hung about it and just accept it as part of the game and move on.   There's always plenty of good action waiting for you here,  and that's also the reason why we rarely bring back our past plays (TRT) to our watchlist, unless they come back and challenge the high again or have some PR to kick it up. Too many of you fall in love with a stock and miss opportunities day after day because your money is tied up.  We can see by how many clicks the TRT chart gets compared to a flying AXR.   Move on people, TRT was here at $8 and then 12+ , AXR is up 25% since alerted here 8 trading days ago, what has TRT done the last 8?