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..can't we all just get along?

...Can't we just use the late afternoon pre 4pm Journal edition and not the 4:01pm GOOG edition.  What was an impressive day with earnings from many giving the hyper bulls more ammo turned quickly sour with GOOG's results.  Maybe if GOOG gave guidance, we'd not be sitting here guessing what will transpire next.  There is really no point to guess the extent of the damage tonight.  A first step is to see reaction of firms in their notes in the morning and then to see where the spillover might or might not be.  Do all the better than expected reports, including NASD tech get washed out by GOOG's report?. The short fear mongers will definitely give this news a good run for your money.  All we could do is watch what our closely followed do tomorrow and that does not mean just in the first hours of trading...Back to before 4pm with DJIM stocks...

AP, opened strong and then basically flat lined the rest of the day. We couldn't have asked for a better follow through day of about 4%.

DRYS, TBSI etc., the shippers are getting positive morning calls day after day. At these levels we are somewhat fearful of nosebleeds to hold these overnight. The best way to trade these is to watch for more morning calls on the sector and trade them from the open and swing some points out of them.

LDK, last night we noted some of the targets on it and the fact that it was only 7pts off IPO price. Well..make that 10 now as it was the most impressive solar out there. We'd look for a pullback if this missed today even off the NCH as the solars might get some pressure... FSLR is off AH about 5 pts due to an offering of 9.65 mln shares... "We are selling 4,000,000 shares and the selling stockholders named in this prospectus are selling 5,650,000 shares of our common stock. We will not receive any of the proceeds from the sale of shares by the selling stockholders."  The interesting thing about these offerings is they should be assumed to occur sooner than later.  You don't sign up 1.28 bln in contracts and continue to work out of your single need a double garage and you need to fund it.   Still, one of the shorts fave words is dilution and they will work it.

TXT, we thought this could do a quick move off the open and it that shooting 6-7pts.  Short lived as it might be, it serves some of our subs' trading tactics.  We liked the report and if the market sentiment doesn't turn here, we'll hold on to the starter.  We think it has upside off this report ...Reports Q2 (Jun) earnings of $1.69 per share, $0.24 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $1.45; revenues rose 14.7% year/year to $3.23 bln vs the $3.09 bln consensus. Co issues in-line guidance for Q3, sees EPS of $1.45-1.55 vs. $1.53 consensus. Co issues upside guidance for FY07, sees EPS of $6.35-6.55, up from previous guidance of $6.10-6.30, vs. $6.31 consensus; sees FY07 rev growth of approx 12%, which equates to revs of approx $12.87 bln vs. $12.6 bln consensus. Also announced repurchase and stock split. Primarily aviation, defense play.

Whatever happens tomorrow, trading opportunities will still come forward.  If you looked over VMI, BMI from last nights Journal lead...or a quick in the form of SBEI's to $7, a DDUP move today to almost $29 shows there is and will be plenty of plays depending on your style.....but what we are gearing for and anticipating is micro- small cap earnings to concentrate on outside of the GOOG world noise.

TTPY, also have a look at this recent IPO, next generation radiation oncology equipment that is gaining acceptance in the marketplace.


DJIM #30, 2007

If there's one thing the market has taught us in the past, it's that you have to always be prepared to face the surprises.    Out of all the companies that have reported last week, nobody expected an earnings miss from the growth behemoth Google.    Sure, some of you can argue that you saw it coming, and that sooner or later it'll happen to Google.    However, lets really be honest here, there was just no indication or any warning from the company or analysts that suggest a short fall was in order for Google's current quarter.     Well, it just made this situation very tricky for this market.   Of course, one company cannot bring down the whole market.  So, CAT helped.  A few of the well respected and cheered companies can certainly derail the market's bull pace, that's for sure.    So what we are going to be keeping an eye on the next little while, is to see if there's going to be a fundamental change in market participant's trading behaviour.    Usually a market participants sentiment would directly translate into his/her trading action.    Action, is what most of us are concerned about.     Well, we do this sort of mental checks often to keep us disciplined.    Before we commit lots of our capital and energy into this market, we have to make sure market's in a favourable environment where mistakes can turn out to be forgiving, not disastrous.   Now lets review some of the plays from last week....

DRYS/TBSI, this duo along with the rest of the shipping sector, has enjoyed one of the most profitable weeks in their lifetime.   It seems analysts are just jumping bandwagon with one upgrade after another.   Nobody wants to be left behind when the whole sector is hot and in play.   Of course, it does make them smart to act the "correct" way.     The difference between us and those analysts is that although we also jump on the bandwagon, but we only jump on because of the trading opportunities.    We can jump off just as quick too.    When dealing with a hot sector, we'd definitely separate the stock action from the companies' business.    Basically, even though one's business may be the excuse to explain the stock behaviour, but ultimately, we trade stock action, we don't trade a company's business.

Solars, this sector has seen some intensive selling for the first time in a while.   Sure, you can say it's just healthy consolidation and it's just a matter of time before they break up again.    For us, until they break do break out, we'd remain very cautious on any bounce attempt.    The only exception from the sector is LDK, which had some company specific news.   We'd keep an eye on that one to see if it warrants further trading opportunities.

AP/TXT, these are two new plays we've added to our watchlist/portfolio.   We are feeling very positive about their earnings and the way traders reacted to their earning.   It's definitely more important to get the right kind of reaction than number.   Again, you only profit from a good reaction, not an actual eps report.


Bottom line, we still have a large portion of stocks that have yet to report and we continue to look for that unlikely hero.    To us, the big companies provide the headline but the little ones provide our bottom line.    As long as the big companies stay in line for the most part, we should still go aggressively after those small ones with a favourable reaction to their earnings report.


..nice day in select group...

Another round of M&A activity on a Monday gave the markets reason to bounce after Fridays sell off.   However, the taste of disappointing tech earnings lingers on as the NASD gave up most of its gains by days end. Somewhere in the middle of all this were a bunch of closely followed DJIMstocks that had some fabulous action.

TXT, after consolidating some of its gap gains off earnings, today it showed some of it's potential by climbing a steady 3%. Now we see if it can take out the highs on earnings day and gain some momentum to which we can add to.

DDUP, we`d love to see what this one could do with some volume. Could easily be a 2-3 point day in store for it if the volume actually showed up.

TTPY, this newbie from last week pushed hard early to mid 26's on the heels of its late day push Friday.  We'll see if this action puts this IPO on some trading screens by watching the volume before adding more.

TBSI, DRYS, this incredible action continues. We`ve outlined previously how we`d approach trading these at such lofty levels.

LDK, we talked about the targets this one got, well today at least one of them got hit. Unfortunately, it is really the only solar doing anything at the moment.  Maybe this is the way it will be until FSLR reports on the 31st.

PENX, looks to be back in the game as it closed with a NCH.

CMED, tacked on about 6% and could be the beneficiary of some of the ISRG action.  Reason being it has been mentioned as the next ISRG.

With AAPL to report on Wednesday, we`d put good ole`SNCR on top of your trading list for the next couple of sessions. Today it gapped off an upgrade related to the iphone.