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Entries in EDU (9)


EDU entry at $22

This is a recent IPO($22.00).   The company is based in China and it provides  locals with english lessons and prepare students for all kinds of academic tests.   The growth is great and the potential is there.   In addition, the company is profitable. We bot some earlier today as it may begin to move out of the range.    We'll add if it strengthens up.

We are also trading some GROW(32.20) today as the action start to look a little interesting now.

No FNET for us today as the day trading opportunity is just not there, but who knows it may come later on but so far it looks a little toppy.


Keeping Focused...

Even though it seems every low floater with better than average earning is getting played as if it's the next big thing, we still have to be focused and catch some real opportunities.     Stocks like ANGN RFIL FNET in our opionion are just runners.   When you catch them, great, if not, no biggie.     Here's some update on stocks we are trading today....

EDU,  what began as an accumulation/chart play for us turned into a spectacular show throughout the day and right to the end.   We like the story and its action and this is looking to be a beginning of a leg up.       The beauty about these IPOs, there's no resistance and we can literally ride it as high as it wants to.    It's a profitable Chinese IPO with a relatively low float that happens to trade on NYSE, and it has decent earnings growth, and any more fundamental research is redudant at this point.    Hopefully this one will do some wonder for us.

GROW, they shook the tree and alot of players fell off.   Well you basically have to see it to believe that the play is not over.    We are not arguing about the earning quality here, just stating the fact that the action today and yesterday looks good for a long trade.

IAAC, as Demi mentioned before, the selling may be overdone due to the commodity selloff, we bought some and looking for a bounce.

other stocks looked strong today include ANST GRB WBD CETV ANGN...


DJIM week review/ list #5

If we had a mission statement...the mention in last weekends review of providing the best trading opportunities right here and now is what it would be. No need to throw 50 stocks at anyone, a $2 buck scan will do that...A few choice cuts will do us all good. Last Friday we mentioned FNET, by Monday morning it was at the top of our trading list if you are following. By mid week we had our first 2X here and told of a possible top premarket at $18 following the footsteps of ANGN premarket top at $10 the previous day. Yep, ANGN was provided midday in the mid $7's before a quick 25% run. We will keep these on watch and recycle if we see fit. FNET has a date on the 21st and there should be some action before and after. We don't need to short but if we can explain the possibility of a top and if you can find the shares to short, all the best...RFIL in MC is also an example of sharing a possible top and the reasons we thought the enthusiasm for $10 that evening was not warranted. We didn't exactly say FNET, ANGN was warranted..instead we told you this was clearly, purely in- play. We follow the volume, we don't create it.  Mid- week we finally got to trade a real stock of sorts.....EDU throwing it out on DJIM at $22, ..the rest is history now as it jetted to the $27's. we will keep close watch over it. TWLL an add last weekend played BT's chart to a T...backing up to mid 13's and later in the week breaking out to new highs and a $15+ close on friday. Not all are runners, a few crawlers will do just fine...AMIE at 29+, CETV at $60 here. This is the only diversification we know. Momo stocks and a few crawlers that drag quality earnings along. CPY is another crawler added to the list last week, at these levels care is needed as mentioned before. A few things out of our control, such as oil, big boys chattering it up, a financing knocked a few off close watch. The BTJ's,ALY's...the GRB to a Dgrade, IAAC to a convertible all now struggle beneath the 9ema. That's fine as they provided early profits after mention, plus we found others to trade. We're sure these will come back in the future to the DJIM table as might FNET, ANGN but only later. We want to see IAAC get back to the 9ema before making another move on it. WBD made a quick return to our buy list last week after EPS, so you know we keep many DJIM's around ..they just go to another screen for the corner of the eye. GROW is another one that has come through the DJIM compost quickly. This one makes us a little nervous, maybe its the high perch of #1 on IBD..but its also b/c the latest entry price isn't just below $25 like the first mention here and we don't want to giveaway any of those early trade keep your eye on it. UIC had a pullback after going $50-55+ here and has trended up again...a break of the recent high will be needed for further attention. We are adding the SYX to the list....we might add another later, check for follow ups to this headline post before the open....Do we need a spinach stock?..Well...we have one we will put up Monday morning if there is still a story. The market was such last week that Baskin Robbins stocks, flavor of the day/week catch on quickly, most likely this will continue..If you pull up the charts you will see our DJIM highlighted all trade over the 9ema. If any of them break this moving average on good volume it's a good guess we won't be following it for a bit and probably sold if we had it in our book.


Never dull in DJIM

Crazy action in SNCR, big bids came in...CPY getting attention and bot more this afternoon. CTCM another one we use for bounce is having a good day.


Post FOMC Meeting...

This is actually one of the least volatile FOMC meeting day for as long as we can remember.   From hours before, minutes after the announcement, and right through the end, the index probably hasn't moved more than 10 pts in either way.    Obviously traders are complacent about what they are hearing and most people liked this action enough.

For the DJIM stocks, of course we are having another great day.

SYX, this one was posted last week b/c we thought it has the potential of making an IBD run.   The stock hung in tough in the 13s during the last few days despite some intraday weakness here and there.   Alas, it's almost inevitable that these 99 99 rating stocks will always come through, given the appropriate float.   It definitely didn't disappoint and busted through that all important $14 psychological mark.    The rest, is just history.   We added quite a few today welcoming the change of pace of trading.    The volume today indicated there's more(positive) things to come.   Momentum again is in the air and we can definitely smell both greed and fear(of not getting in).    How high will it go?   Nobody has crystal ball but if you trade according to the action, these kind of stocks usually give you more joy than pain.

EDU, we added some of this one here and there throughout the day.   We like its action and think it may put in a bottom around $26.50.   This may not have the IBD kind of momentum but the buzz and story behind this one is more than enough to make this one to go significantly higher.

We are also adding BDC SIM(IBD play)and CSH to watch.  


DJIM hold/hit list #13

Back in October, we stated that November is seasonally a strong quarter for small caps.     Near the end of October, we stated that we just could not wait till the small cap earning season to start.    Well, we aren't disappointed, so far.       Maybe  it seems that all we had to do is to come back from a 8 month vacation and trade from November till February.    Now that would just be too easy plus we could have missed all the DJIM action from late August..just go to the Journal Archive.  The truth is, without the hard grind of the summer, without going through the emotional roller coaster with the market from the first trading day of the year, none of us would stay as focused, or sharp when the time mattered the most.     Well, here we are now.   We have had literally a stream of awesome small cap action last few days and we are trying our best to make the most out of it.    It means all out for us.    Folks, if you hadn't committed much time, energy, capital or effort into the market last few days, we'd say you are gonna be sorry a few months down the road.     Here are some plays we really like that showed up last little while...

ATNI, this is definitely not a flashy stock like some of the other heavy hitters.    It has very good earnings and it moves in stealth mode.   Before you know it, this thing can move 20% without making any kind of headline.    It broke out on Friday and we are keeping a close eye on this one. We added back. Friday looked like the day it would break all those candle wicks on the daily.

GMKT, this stock had a very powerful move on its earning day and it smelled lots of institutions stepping in to bid it up.    A very sexy business and a dominant player in its area and with the holiday coming up, we think this one is gonna be in play for a while.

DLB, wow what a report this one had.   Ok, this isn't exactly a small cap but man you gotta give those guys a thumb up on their execution.   It took out multi year high, literally in one day of trading.    Now it may not give you another 33% gain day anymore but we bet it caught lots of people's attention on Friday.

Reports Q4 (Sep) earnings of $0.22 per share, $0.11 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.11; revenues rose 29.4% year/year to $102.1 mln vs the $83.8 mln consensus. Co issues upside guidance for FY07, sees EPS of $0.83-0.92 vs. $0.75 consensus; sees FY07 revs of $420-450 mln vs. $405.67 mln consensus.

MEK, it made it to IBD #5.   How will trade from now on?   We think it could trade with the group but with a better beta action.   Other plays we also consider in the same genre include BTJ ALY FTK. 

TRT, ah ha!    This one is not an unfamiliar name, far from it.     The latest quarter simply confirms the status of the stock, it's not going to be a micro cap anymore.   Bring it on Zeff boy!.  Nothing new to say, just scroll down our pages or go to the archives to get your TRT fill.

EDU, didn't we say this one could make some easy money?  Lol  Ok, nothing is easy in this business.   What this stock did the last few days, is simply giving back to all the believers and followers of DJIM site. Same as TRT, you can find your fill of EDU write ups as it seemingly has been with us since day one.....3 rides now!..Recycle, recycle we say. If EDU doesn't cut it one day....MR has picked up the slack and vice versa.  Late this week MR hit a new high 20.57. DJIM's Super Ninja's are sure to provide more excitement.

FSYS, this play is new and we think it can get some legs out of its report. We put an eye out on it early Friday morning in MC, its action perked up and we entered.Reported Q3 EPS of $0.22 vs -$0.63 in 3Q05; (est.$0.13c), revs rose 13% YoY to $55.4 mln vs.44.1 mln est. Co' raised 2006 rev guidance to at least $210 mln, up from previous guidance of $200 mln.  This alternate fuel segment needs some new trading blood, maybe Fuel Systems Solutions will be it.

AAON, we introduced this earning gem Wednesday morning. Not only did it take out the $25 we spoke of, it took on $26 Friday. Definitely, a A-Team member!

GLDN, we also introduced back some Russian blood with this Telecom/Internet provider. Volume has really picked over October and into early November with its earning release. 35% revenue growth, 40% net income YOY, 16% revenue, 7% net sequential growth.

RIMM, yep...we raised the RIMM flag as it became the 11th 25+% move in 12 weeks of DJIM. The action Thursday left it with a little toppy action. Every other day they seem to have a need to strike a blow into RIMM, Friday it was MOT's deal with Good Tech. This has been going on endlessly and RIMM just keeps making new highs. Nothing is wrong with RIMM for those wanting to play it out further, but we feel there are better chances of a finding another 25% move elsewhere...faster. We'll still keep a close eye on it as it's in the Constitution of Canada to do so;)

EFUT, is one we are trading as the Yahoo's are all over it. Definitely not for those that plan to have many bathroom breaks during the day.

It was just on Halloween that we took a cautious stance as many of the DJIM stocks felt toppy, by the close of Friday November 3rd we started to use up the cash with 6 or 7 buys. The names are changing, growing fast and furious during the past week. Buy the strength and don't sit on the UCTT's that are clearly lagging the uptrend.  Honestly, what are you waiting for?  You also have plenty of oil/energy names to rotate in and out of depending on the oil picture. If you have your DJIM list close by and have created a watchlist/buy list of these stocks, last week was a very fruitful one.  For more DJIM names read the commentary of the past week plus glance over the charts for ideas to trade.

Jon/ Demi



DJIM hold/hit list #17

No denying last week DJIM concentration of stocks outperformed the indecies once again. By mid-week the major indecies ran into some resistance from the rally that began the previous Friday, this is clearly seen in yesterdays charts on DJIM Journal. You can also see the market rise early last week was met with some profit taking on the Nasdaq as the money flow diverged.  What also diverged was the action of the DJIM stocks as many closed with NCH(new closing highs), some were mild but still NCH's by fridays close while the market did little to add on gains late.  These include ALY, BTJ, DLB, JST, HMIN, ZOLL, EDU and a nice tick off the 9ema on MR.  Last weekends DJIM #16 concentrated on the 3 segments we have been riding the uptrend with...China/Asian stocks, Russian telcos and the baby oils and of course the always ready to go,  GROW.  

Interestingly, the baby oils services continued to roll on Friday after the oil sector reversed around noon and oil went from the mid 63's to low 62's, but did not take ALY, BTJ with it.  ALY tacked on about 15% and BTJ another 6% on the week.  

Besides GROW's seemingly fast and climatic rise from 50 to $60's, it managed to create the usual buying opp on the dip as witnessed Friday. We have stated, GROW is in trader territory more than ever and you need to be on constant watch at these prices or at least have buy in dip points in place for another possible trade and push up.  The Asian stocks continued their march with MR, EDU, HMIN up 8% on the week, we cannot forget the cheaper JST which provided a 20% trip with a few bumps in between. The other group we have built around is the Russian telcos which we jumped all over at MBT's earnings.  VIP started the week at $76 and climbed to high $81's and now has been basing with MBT in the backseat.  GLDN tacked on about 3 points and ROS continued its steady crawl.  As always, we look for new opportunities to sandwich in between the heavily followedDJIM stocks in good and bad market days. 

Also this week, we again introduced AXR off earnings and a quick trip from 98-107, BIDU is another one we are trading right now.   Unfortunately, many still think a $100+ stock is not capable of producing nice quick returns and prefer to buy the speculative MAMA's that wear army boots.  

For many all the action in the 3 segments might have been irrelevant if they caught the VNDA moon shot. After mentions December 1st and 4th in DJIM alerts, we and many of you early risers caught the morning alert at $21 -22.  If not maybe some of you were accumulating some with us in the $15's.  This launch was enough for many to call it a week, some a month if you are confident in DJIM words that this was capable of catching the MOMO and jumped at the opp to load up pre market.  We enter week #17 with the same cast, holding many, ready to hit on and add to others..(eg. russan basing telcos like VIP, MBT) as many DJIM's finished the week at or near NCH's, which could be a passport to further gains if the market does not a pull one over eyes early on. 

The only recent DJIM names we are ignoring for the most part is the tech names which have shown distribution with the rest of the Nasdaq..RVBD, DIVX.  

If the Grinch takes a peek and starts up, we will gladly sell some of these top performing DJIM names and take the profits to buy new and bigger toys on the market before the year is up!.  We're not finished yet!   We hope after 16 weeks here, many of our new readers are seeing the joy and potential of trading stocks with a earnings base under them...90% of the stocks we have put up on DJIM that have produced great returns are just that...quality, growth producing companies.  If you are longer term investor, doing some DD on the stocks discussed here and buying months ago could have made your year without calling your FA or pressing the sell button ONCE yourself......BTJ,ALY,MR,EDU, AMIE, TRT, RIMM and so on.  There's a little of everything here to suit a variety of investing needs.


All the familiar ones...

This has been the theme throughout the the day, and throughout the month, so far.    Stocks that are going up today are those that have been trading near the 52week high during the last little while.    It definitely pays to have a watchlist full of strong stocks.    In our case, it's the DJIM list.   Here are some highlights..

ZOLL, this looks like a clear breakout today with respectable volume.   We added a little and feeling the move up is far from over.

MR, we are simply too tired to mention this one every other day.  This is a good stock, period.

EDU/HMIN, chinese stocks are definitely catching some fire today.   Both had a new closing high and that always spells potential momentum.

AXR, yes it's volatile and it can drop a few bucks intraday, but it can also be rewarding and trade up 15 bucks.    The key to trade a stock like this is to recognize the trend.   The trend is up and then it doesn't take a genius to know what to do, the rest is up to your experience and instinct.

There are quite a few others that made new highs and we are trading some of these moves.   Interesting movers include HRT LXU FRD GRRF CAAS....

ALY, BTJ,  we discussed their failure to avoid the trend Friday, well today it couldn't it fight it and $61 oil any longer, we reduced our exposure for the time being. $63+ is again showing its resistance.



..did you think we were going to get the CRASH...SPLAT too?.  Come on, you did!...Well, if you didn't, we did with the NASD down 20 and the FOMC a few hours away.  Our belief has been the closer we get to the holidays, the farther we are from a correction.  We just don't see Bernanke and his Posse stealing this Christmas after giving us such a ride.  It just wouldn't be fair, would it?.   The problem early was NUE and the NUEsami it could cause that rattled the market...the ripple effect, the wave hitting other steels..metals..titaniums...oh no maybe all the way to China and our dear DJIM China stocks!.  Oh yeah BBY didn't help the cause.  The 2:15 FOMC was almost a pause, nothing too actionable as expected yet it gave the market the little bump it cried for. The NASD spread was 25pts from open to lows, finishing down 11 was just fine.

We liked IPSU's numbers and expect a few follow ups from the analysts they surprised. We were looking for a breakout from days tight range after the FOMC showed all was okay for todays market, but never got it.  Sometimes, stocks need a little time to give it another leg up...recently we wrote on DJIM about POWL and wanting to give it a few days to settle...well, today we alerted to that note and the rest is history from $28 to a $30 close. Sometimes it takes a good stock a few hours to move again, sometimes a few days to be discovered again...sometimes a few weeks.. REXI which hasn't done much since our 1st day run off earnings, maybe will turn now.

If you've been kicking back with some DJIM Russian telcos, you enjoyed the volatile GLDN hitting a NCH with another move. The chart, the volume are all there. If you're in the crawler, got a new high $40's as it announced a fast fiber deal with KDDI from Japan-Russia.

Really nothing too exciting today, mostly a bunch of stocks, including DJIM's hitting off new highs early on. This could be a short term top that just provided a higher exit or it could just be a small turn before catching more momentum. The market will let us know soon enough.... EDU smacked 37.96, DLB 31+, MR 27.20, ZOLL 56+  Is this it?. We don't think so and will keep to recycling the best DJIM names and sandwich new plays around the core.  A stock in a uptrend, including the previous days action coming to a new high... might continue a downtrend if it breaks that previous days lows...something to watch and help make exit decisions.