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EXLS, Exlservice Holdings Inc.

We've had great success in the IPO market market, following the likes of EDU, TWLL, MR, SNCR and trading the likes of RVBD,DIVX in the tech field from scratch.

We are throwing a new name out in Exlservice Holdings (EXLS) based on its report.  It is easy for a IPO to show growth in year over year comparisons, why else would they have gone to market unless they are showing very good growth rates the big boys will like.  EXLS has done this with 35 Mln vs. 18mln revenue growth, .19 vs .5 c EPS, but the thing the got our attention is the guidance for another excellent Q.  EXLS is projecting to do about 118 mln in revenue for 2006, this equates to something like 36mln next Q which is in line with this Q's after management said this one had benefits that would not continue.  There is an acquisition tossed in most likely this year, so what...thats a good thing.  Next Q the revenues ramps to this Q's, the benefits most likely excluded.....It's good enough to give this co' a second look, today or down the line.  Net income is projected to be 4-5mln next Q, this after a Q with the benefits in tow is quite respectable, putting the EPS in the mid teen to high teens again.  IPO's are difficult to cut and sometimes difficult to trade initially right after earnings, the reaction of the market is hard to gage as we saw with EDU. They spiked it down after what looked like a stellar Q, well we all saw the comeback and more to the $34's yesterday with it. There is just too many unknowns with the functions that come with the IPO, including potential profit taking after the run into earning which seems to be more common lately with IPO's than the usual let the market tell you today..or down the line if this a good deal.  Some stocks you waste no time getting in as in a AAON, ATNI, which are just plainly under radar initially, others well knowns that get bid up with a gap aka DAKT are better to let settle on earning day before getting in.  

What does this co' do?..this DD is irrelevant and a waste of time at this point for us. It's got holdings in its name. Assuming they hold things is sufficient...okay, we actually looked..EXLS is a BPO.. whatever!. hey a Park Avenue address..that's more interesting;), they can pay their rent most likely.  Yeah, we do funky DD work around here..oh yeah, the chart is quite the funkster too...

We also looking at ZOLL, Zoll Medical Corp. as a possibility. RIMM gifted another price tgt lift, this time 160 from UBS...Markets a little happy premkt, day 5 here we come it seems..

Hey..the 'Big Hurt' is a Jay!?   ...WSeries here we come...NOT!

Alert follow up. One does not work without the other, so keep updated to DJ Journal activity.


Preserving the gains......DJIM style

Even though this market seems like it's going up forever, we still have to remember the good habits of being a disciplined trader.   Some stocks, are simply overextended, whether you like it or not.   We are not saying to get rid all of our shares and wait for a nasty pullback.   What we have been doing is paring back our position sizes as the stock goes higher.    This is simply a good habit because you are constantly in a good flow of things.    Going all in into a position and going all out all at one shot would not smooth out the trading results.   In fact, it's just more stressful when you trying to nail the bottom or top with a one shot deal.     In a rising market, it pays to buy stocks on a 9 ema pullback.    But more often than not, a strong stock will simply not pull back to the 9 ema level.   What can we do then?   We buy break outs!   Anytime a stock takes out the previous high, there's a good chance a rush of buying and new money would follow through, and it works extremely well in a rising market.   This is why we are putting up alerts of this nature of DJIM stocks as they come to this stage.  How about the EDU, GMKT, TWLL just the past few days!  Come to think of it, we are probably responsible for many new 52 week highs in the past. ;)    Here we go...

ZOLL, we can conclude that this stock is being discovered.    Well, many of you have probably known this stock for a long time but we are sure not many expected this kind of reaction from its report today.    Valuation was way cheap for this stock at the beginning of the day, and what follows is traders bidding up on a good report in a very forgiving and generous market environment.    We can guarantee that if this happened in July, it'd probably go up no more than a couple of points.

EXLS, this is an IPO that came out with what we considered as very good earning.   Again, this stock is in play as of today and many traders will have it on their list as the top candidate.    The trend, of course, is to the upside. We didn't write a novel with morning goggles on for something we didn't consider a good bet. With it we provide the thinking behind of what could and what could not happen. You need to cover all the angles and we try to show our thought process.

GMKT,  just last night we said ...keep cool, think of buying the dips....ok Briefing, we know that you can pump a stock.   This sort of thing happens way too often and it's almost expected after we get into a sexy play.   Coincidence?   We'll just have to think of it as that way for now. lol

GROW, we hope most have taken a nice chunk of gains out of this one today or yesterday.   Is it topping out?  Who knows and who really cares at this point?  After all, we made the most out of the 31% gain in less than a week.    Trade this one with caution and there's always plenty of fish to catch in a market like this.

There are definitely lots of other stocks that are looking good today and we are not going to get into specifics with each one.   The bottom line is, we are taking the opportunities to take some gains off some of the huge winners and paring back some position size.   We are still very optimistic about the trading opportunities and the overall mood of the market.   New plays are popping up everyday and we are not slacking off just because we've done well recently.    Keep focused and disciplined, all the effort we put into trading these days will be well worth it when a bad market does eventually roll around.



DJIM hold/ hit list #14

Up until this point, we have to say that we got more than we bargained for during the last few weeks.    Market has been extremely good and we had no shortage of good runners and a few super runners.   A quick glance at BT's charts, DJIM list#13 from last weekend and you see what a week DJIM had.  We introduced some new blood at the open during the week, EXLS, ZOLL to go with the GMKT, EDU, DLB, GROW, EFUT, AAON, ATNI already on the DJIM list from last weekend. These days are the reason why we trade, this is also why we have no problems going 100% cash when our gut tell us to.  Animal instincts, pile a stash for the harsh weather.  Some of these DJIM stocks definitely need to consolidate but new opportunities are popping up left and right,  so it's best we/ you do not have your cash wrapped in something not participating or moving. Thanksgiving trading week could add some fuel to the fire, this is why we've kept the charts of EFUT, CAAS up for more trading opp's...maybe this is the week...You see when the gnomes leave for turkey, the retail kids like to take charge of the house on a few names and run them up...basically taking a turkey and stuffing it with MOMO for a day or two.   A good chance is the theme of the C-team, China stocks continuing on.  Many of them provide a nice float to move.  You spend lots of time trading and learning and going through countless emotional roller coaster throughout years of dealing with this market.   Thankfully, a month like this would make all the hard work you've done in the past seem worthwhile.      We are going to highlight just a few stocks that stood out going into the weekend concentrating on the Asian theme.

JST, we played this stock a while ago and someone lit a rocket boost behind it on Friday.    Is this all because of the asian theme?  We definitely think so to go with the earning thrown in.    What may added fuel to JST is the IBD rating and it's not a total surprise to see it show up on IBD 100 this weekend, #73.  Unlike the other IBD plays floating around in the last few weeks, MEK BTJ ALY,  we think JST may have some more momentum to go.   Why?   JST is not oil dependent, and it's in a sexy region!  This is something we pointed out Monday, a look from the oils to China stocks, well now its spread to Japan a bit.  But most importantly from the trading perspective, it's being discovered by momentum crown based on its volume on Friday.    Ok, so momentum doesn't go up one day and die down the next day and we definitely don't think JST is one of those one day wonder either.    How are we gonna play this one?   The bias is definitely on long side and we will be trading it aggressively. We are also seeing a trade around CHDX and BIDU, primarily we are interested in the CHDX action.

MR, if the earning reaction isn't exactly explosive, then we can say that we are glad that the earning thing is over.    MR went up on its own Friday and had a NCHigh after being mentioned early in DJIM Alerts.  We like this one very much and added on its advance. Again...why hold a stock into earnings, better to have free cash and possibly dig up a EXLS the same day. You can always buy the MR back, we've been doing it since introducing it late September at 16.40. It was a frustrating stock at times but now up 30%.... it's all forgotten with the possibility of more on the horizon!

GMKT, hit $25+ Friday after getting a DJIM headline November 9th has provided many opp's to enter in the 19's-20 since. Late last week buying the dips was a buying opportunity as well.  The stocks price and daily volume keep riding the tide... higher.

TRT, this might as well be a foreign stock as it does the majority of its business in Asia. The stock has been in a tight range since exploding off earnings with DJIM in tow from the $12's. The thin market might be the right recipe for another leg up this week. Although a quick dip to the 9ema is a possibility with TRT, a  potential buy point again. The other choice is to buy a confirmed breakout which is not far off either. Volume is key here, both ways. You want it slow and easy to the 9ema, you want it hard and fast into the high.


Thanksgiving week...

Traditionally, this has always been a good week for traders.   With a shortened trading week and many people left for holiday, there's really not a lot of action going on, unless of course you knew which buttons to push.    This has always been traditionally a good week for small caps.   Less trading volume means the retail traders can push some thinly traded or low float plays around.    Well, we think there's not so much of a difference between a retail trader or an institutional trader anymore.  You can either be a professional retail trader or an amateur institutional trader.  Either way, we all balance each other out in the heat of the action.      Today we had some consolidation among some of the runners from last week and we also had some new breakouts and follow through from some plays as well.    It's never a dull day in November's as we say.    Here are some highlights...,  it's definitely one of our favourite stocks today as basically the whole Chinese theme is just getting more momentum one play after another.   This one definitely broke out today and we added a few to anticipate some further upside. This one was a DJIM alert mention as a watch off earnings last week and again today.

GROW, talk about a stock that just wouldn't give up any gains.   Once the traders figured it wouldn't go down, the natural instinct is to bid it up, without hesitation.

EFUT, what a late day run it had.   If you are quick enough, then you'd probably caught a couple of points off this already.  It's interesting to see how this one plays out tomorrow, but the probability is high that it'll have a run some point over the next few days.    Again, this play has absolutely nothing to do with fundamentals, purely demand vs. supply,  traders against traders kind of deal.   We pointed EFUT out last night as a trademark play for this week.

EXLS, we are using the opportunity today to add back some on weakness.   We feel that it's a matter of time this one gets some good action going forward.

ZOLL made a move to last weeks highs before retreating...hey its TKG week and you can get nice advances on average volume all over the place.

RIMM, the big firms are trying to outdo each other. Last week, it was UBS with a $160, today it was MLynch with a $165 target.

TRT, If this was a reco. before the open and if you bought the reco. you really have to question the timing and if you're being toyed with .  Unfortunately the same that chase ruin the day. This was the case here as TRT ran out of gas.

What's so odd about this week is that we are actually coming into this week with some huge gains off this market... it really makes this week kind of unimportant in a way.   But of course, there are always those who haven't made most out this market last couple of months and are dying to make it up somehow this week!


DJIM hold/ hit list #15

Despite a shortened trading week in which the indices basically consolidated on light volume, DJIM heavily followed stocks produced quite a week again. Add the early introduction of JCG, alert on CMT low $9's and there was more than enough to feast on this past holiday week.  With the mid week additions and the strength of DJIM stocks,  there is really nothing new to add going into the week. Again, as the gains marched on last week it is never a bad time to pocket some points.   In 3 days and 3.5 hours, JCG, MR, RVBD, GROW, CMT all posted gains of more than 10% on the week, throw in another 5-6% from the RIMM'r...DIVX, mentioned last week as the only other DJIM small cap tech worth a trade tacked on 6% the last 2 days.....even the crawler ATNI closed friday at $28 and another NCH.  Some like ZOLL, EXLS are slowly coming off, consolidating those huge DJIM opening day runs and might be ready to participate, especially if we get a good market.  The action in the DJIM stocks made it unnecessary to seek out new flyers for a quick holiday trade, we mentioned EFUT last DJIM #14 as a possibility for last weeks probable enthusiasm and it didn't disappoint with a two day run of 30% or so. We don't know the mood Wall Street will come back to their desks with...we really don't care and either should you.  If you are practising taking your points and profits like us the last few weeks, well actually the last 10 or more are in a great position to end the year!. If so... now is maybe becoming the time to be more selective, which could be just reducing your positions or the lot sizes of your top performing DJIM stocks.  If we get a pullback before XMAS, you will be thankful as you sit in extra cash and shop for the familia,  while others may find there is nothing even for themselves in the Markets Store.  The Market is quite the resilient one, but you never know if and when a crack will appear at these levels.


DJIM hold/hit list #17

No denying last week DJIM concentration of stocks outperformed the indecies once again. By mid-week the major indecies ran into some resistance from the rally that began the previous Friday, this is clearly seen in yesterdays charts on DJIM Journal. You can also see the market rise early last week was met with some profit taking on the Nasdaq as the money flow diverged.  What also diverged was the action of the DJIM stocks as many closed with NCH(new closing highs), some were mild but still NCH's by fridays close while the market did little to add on gains late.  These include ALY, BTJ, DLB, JST, HMIN, ZOLL, EDU and a nice tick off the 9ema on MR.  Last weekends DJIM #16 concentrated on the 3 segments we have been riding the uptrend with...China/Asian stocks, Russian telcos and the baby oils and of course the always ready to go,  GROW.  

Interestingly, the baby oils services continued to roll on Friday after the oil sector reversed around noon and oil went from the mid 63's to low 62's, but did not take ALY, BTJ with it.  ALY tacked on about 15% and BTJ another 6% on the week.  

Besides GROW's seemingly fast and climatic rise from 50 to $60's, it managed to create the usual buying opp on the dip as witnessed Friday. We have stated, GROW is in trader territory more than ever and you need to be on constant watch at these prices or at least have buy in dip points in place for another possible trade and push up.  The Asian stocks continued their march with MR, EDU, HMIN up 8% on the week, we cannot forget the cheaper JST which provided a 20% trip with a few bumps in between. The other group we have built around is the Russian telcos which we jumped all over at MBT's earnings.  VIP started the week at $76 and climbed to high $81's and now has been basing with MBT in the backseat.  GLDN tacked on about 3 points and ROS continued its steady crawl.  As always, we look for new opportunities to sandwich in between the heavily followedDJIM stocks in good and bad market days. 

Also this week, we again introduced AXR off earnings and a quick trip from 98-107, BIDU is another one we are trading right now.   Unfortunately, many still think a $100+ stock is not capable of producing nice quick returns and prefer to buy the speculative MAMA's that wear army boots.  

For many all the action in the 3 segments might have been irrelevant if they caught the VNDA moon shot. After mentions December 1st and 4th in DJIM alerts, we and many of you early risers caught the morning alert at $21 -22.  If not maybe some of you were accumulating some with us in the $15's.  This launch was enough for many to call it a week, some a month if you are confident in DJIM words that this was capable of catching the MOMO and jumped at the opp to load up pre market.  We enter week #17 with the same cast, holding many, ready to hit on and add to others..(eg. russan basing telcos like VIP, MBT) as many DJIM's finished the week at or near NCH's, which could be a passport to further gains if the market does not a pull one over eyes early on. 

The only recent DJIM names we are ignoring for the most part is the tech names which have shown distribution with the rest of the Nasdaq..RVBD, DIVX.  

If the Grinch takes a peek and starts up, we will gladly sell some of these top performing DJIM names and take the profits to buy new and bigger toys on the market before the year is up!.  We're not finished yet!   We hope after 16 weeks here, many of our new readers are seeing the joy and potential of trading stocks with a earnings base under them...90% of the stocks we have put up on DJIM that have produced great returns are just that...quality, growth producing companies.  If you are longer term investor, doing some DD on the stocks discussed here and buying months ago could have made your year without calling your FA or pressing the sell button ONCE yourself......BTJ,ALY,MR,EDU, AMIE, TRT, RIMM and so on.  There's a little of everything here to suit a variety of investing needs.


All the familiar ones...

This has been the theme throughout the the day, and throughout the month, so far.    Stocks that are going up today are those that have been trading near the 52week high during the last little while.    It definitely pays to have a watchlist full of strong stocks.    In our case, it's the DJIM list.   Here are some highlights..

ZOLL, this looks like a clear breakout today with respectable volume.   We added a little and feeling the move up is far from over.

MR, we are simply too tired to mention this one every other day.  This is a good stock, period.

EDU/HMIN, chinese stocks are definitely catching some fire today.   Both had a new closing high and that always spells potential momentum.

AXR, yes it's volatile and it can drop a few bucks intraday, but it can also be rewarding and trade up 15 bucks.    The key to trade a stock like this is to recognize the trend.   The trend is up and then it doesn't take a genius to know what to do, the rest is up to your experience and instinct.

There are quite a few others that made new highs and we are trading some of these moves.   Interesting movers include HRT LXU FRD GRRF CAAS....

ALY, BTJ,  we discussed their failure to avoid the trend Friday, well today it couldn't it fight it and $61 oil any longer, we reduced our exposure for the time being. $63+ is again showing its resistance.



..did you think we were going to get the CRASH...SPLAT too?.  Come on, you did!...Well, if you didn't, we did with the NASD down 20 and the FOMC a few hours away.  Our belief has been the closer we get to the holidays, the farther we are from a correction.  We just don't see Bernanke and his Posse stealing this Christmas after giving us such a ride.  It just wouldn't be fair, would it?.   The problem early was NUE and the NUEsami it could cause that rattled the market...the ripple effect, the wave hitting other steels..metals..titaniums...oh no maybe all the way to China and our dear DJIM China stocks!.  Oh yeah BBY didn't help the cause.  The 2:15 FOMC was almost a pause, nothing too actionable as expected yet it gave the market the little bump it cried for. The NASD spread was 25pts from open to lows, finishing down 11 was just fine.

We liked IPSU's numbers and expect a few follow ups from the analysts they surprised. We were looking for a breakout from days tight range after the FOMC showed all was okay for todays market, but never got it.  Sometimes, stocks need a little time to give it another leg up...recently we wrote on DJIM about POWL and wanting to give it a few days to settle...well, today we alerted to that note and the rest is history from $28 to a $30 close. Sometimes it takes a good stock a few hours to move again, sometimes a few days to be discovered again...sometimes a few weeks.. REXI which hasn't done much since our 1st day run off earnings, maybe will turn now.

If you've been kicking back with some DJIM Russian telcos, you enjoyed the volatile GLDN hitting a NCH with another move. The chart, the volume are all there. If you're in the crawler, got a new high $40's as it announced a fast fiber deal with KDDI from Japan-Russia.

Really nothing too exciting today, mostly a bunch of stocks, including DJIM's hitting off new highs early on. This could be a short term top that just provided a higher exit or it could just be a small turn before catching more momentum. The market will let us know soon enough.... EDU smacked 37.96, DLB 31+, MR 27.20, ZOLL 56+  Is this it?. We don't think so and will keep to recycling the best DJIM names and sandwich new plays around the core.  A stock in a uptrend, including the previous days action coming to a new high... might continue a downtrend if it breaks that previous days lows...something to watch and help make exit decisions.


No complaints with NCH's...

...the NCH's, new closing high list is long today for DJIM closely followed stocks...AXR ALY BTJ GROW JST REXI ROS ZOLL..intraday highs for POWL,FTEK

If you had to find some faults of today's action, you can say that FTEK reversed hard intraday and IPSU or POWL did not follow through the way it did the day before.    Have those three plays met our trading objective?  Hell yeah!    It's apparent that up until now, we can conclude with everyone that the key for each and every one of our plays is to find them early and get in early or wait for the next leg up.   When it comes to selling to take profits or cut losses, unfortunately everyone has their own threshold and emotional tolerance and discipline.   We like to take profit a lot and trade along the trend.  When a stock stalls or reverses, there'd be lots of sell signals and plenty of time for us to act, and such is the advantage of sitting in front of the screens all day.   Only you know when you've had your fill and its time to move on.    Ok,  here are some stocks that didn't disappoint...

ATNI, volume perked up considerably today and half of it is due to a block trade.  Nonetheless, we like its action and its strong move above 9 ema may suggest that it's ready to challenge its old high.   We got back in some.

ABM, what a surprise!...well, not really as its a blast when institutions (80% in ABM) want to play your side and buy as today.   This one was alerted yesterday due to their earning but today's action felt as if the earning came out today.   This one had strong action throughout the day and we like this one and thinking this one may no longer be a sleeper mover. Again..this is a lesson in not chasing the open, if you are not experienced enough to make a call, don't do it.  Let the market tell you when and if its worth a ride.  patience paid of nicely with IPSU, ABM

OPTM, we alerted this one earlier today and even though it did not close at the high, the late push was encouraging to see.   Say what you want, this one is also an attention grabber today.

GROW/JST/ALXA,  why do we group these three together?   Because really, those three only trade off momentum, nothing more.   Since momentum trading is what we do the best, of course we had to alert them late afternoon to all just in case they close well.   And they all closed well.

The bottom line is, if you get into some of these plays early enough and apply a proper selling strategy, a hard reversal intraday should not hurt the play that much.    Even if you did get caught and took some losses, there's really no need to get hung about it and just accept it as part of the game and move on.   There's always plenty of good action waiting for you here,  and that's also the reason why we rarely bring back our past plays (TRT) to our watchlist, unless they come back and challenge the high again or have some PR to kick it up. Too many of you fall in love with a stock and miss opportunities day after day because your money is tied up.  We can see by how many clicks the TRT chart gets compared to a flying AXR.   Move on people, TRT was here at $8 and then 12+ , AXR is up 25% since alerted here 8 trading days ago, what has TRT done the last 8?


Short term bets into '07..

No M&A activity is going stop the distribution, profit taking we touched on last night on the NASD.  Add on head banging resistance and you get a 42 point swing from hi to lows of the day.  Some of this showed up in DJIM stocks and a lot of it didn't. You could say a few deserved some profit taking.  AXR and GROW shot to $137+ and almost $70 respectively, both about 5+% above Friday's already somewhat extended close.  You could throw JST into the mix.  Basically the 3 biggest runners exhausted themselves as the NASD turned late morning.   Excluding the oil related issues, AXR/JST sustained the most pain.  There was little pain elsewhere among DJIM names as most finished green..barely ...but green is green!.  The great thing about that is if you scare easily, today provided you with an opportunity to sell your stock near a top while the rest of the market struggled ..

ATNI ZOLL OPTM and almost all the NYSE stocks closely followed at DJIM...DLB MBT VIP closed green.

The best of the day were ABM, which kissed $24 and finished up 2.5% with a NCH.  The other is ROS which tacked on another $1+ and a new NCH. These two definitely have some new found interest out there, we're not the only ones liking how these are trading.

Todays action started with a decline in the small caps but eventually the large caps took over.  If this round of selling continues, never forget your stock could be next.  In small cap land,  they sometimes fall like dominos. The best performers take it hard and those are most likely here at DJIM.  Luckily, this market has had the dip buyers at every turn to support any tumble. It shouldn't be any different into the end of '06 if this was to occur.  We are just leaving it to short term bets now, not too many sleep overs for us.




..and getting nowhere!...Selling remains the order of the day on the indices as we close off the week.  Despite the Nasdaq now closing on a weeks low, DJIM closely followed are holding up quite well.  Unfortunately, any further breaks are stopped in their tracks by the bigger picture. If we do get a late bump up, these might be the first place to look for an extension of their highs.

OPTM is one the best acting out there and finished with another NCH after testing $27. Not a bad run from the recent alert buy at $23. We 're still adding along the day.

GLDN has been doing some xmas shopping this week and looks poised to move on. A little volume and we could see new highs again. It's slower cousin, ROS made another NCH and big bidder is still lurking around slowly walking it up.

ZOLL made another NCH and continues to slowly creep higher. It to just needs volume , but thats a hard thing to find in holiday trading.

FSYS picked up on yesterday late day spurt with more volume today. Maybe this base it broke out of yesterday is similar to the one it broke out of in early November. This one has a way of disappointing, so we're cautious here.

OEH flat lined on nice volume after its big day,  FFHL is turning over the inventory, you're in it to trade it.  Having WBHambrecht at the IPO helm should provide a trade here. They of the pump FNET circuit can get this in play.

RIMM, want to see the analysts price targets go up buying this back at the high 140's.

One last good day is not too much to ask for tomorrow, is it?.   You can't live on the ESCL daily.. that sort of trading stuff wipes, drains you out !


DJIM hold/ hit List #19

In most cases, stocks have continued retreating during the second last week of the year.   This is understandable given the kind of market we've been through.   For many people who are making their year end tax moves, the last couple weeks of the year is the time to get it done.   Both of the profit and losses needed to be realized and both will have to come in a way of selling.    So, a pullback in the indices may be the indication that people are just doing that.     We at DJIM here are doing just exactly that, taking a breath from this market and resting ourselves up for what could be a busy earning season.    Yup, earning season is almost upon us again and the coming quarter is considered to be typically the second strongest quarter of the year.

One thing we feel that we have to point out to our readers is that we DO NOT hold through earnings with our DJIM stocks.   Most of our plays are considered IBD type of earning momentum plays and the one very thing that can break them is THE earning.   During the past week, we've seen it with IAAC and MIKR.    So what happened if you get caught holding through, whether intentionally or accidentally, we think the best thing to do is to just move on.     There are just gonna be tons of new plays on the horizon and there's absolutely no reason to hold onto a broken pipe.     How about playing for a bounce, or 50 ema bounce, as some of you may ask?    We think it's better to leave the leftovers to those who actually enjoy them.   For us, playing with the best setups, and playing with the current plays are the only things that matter and from which we get the biggest rewards on.   As you can see, we have no problem coming up with new and exciting plays every week and even every day in a good market.      Our mentality and our approach to this market has always been that we let the plays "come to us" and the nature of this market is such that there'll always be new plays coming to us.    We just have to be there to catch them, early.     So digging up old beat-up plays, leftover plays, and other "left for dead" kind of plays, are not worth our time, effort and capital.     This is the very reason that got us to this point and why this site exists.

In the past week, we had some wild action from ESCL and some steady action from OPTM, FSYS, ZOLL, GLDN, POWL, ROS....   Even though some of those gains did not hold till the end of the week,  it's just down right silly not to take advantage of some of the intraday gains.   Think about where you have started trading them and where they had been during the week and how long it took for those gains to realize.     To cap the week off, we had a super strong close off a Chinese IPO FFHL and our second timely alert on it.   Most of us are probably excited to be back tomorrow just to trade FFHL.     In any case, FFHL may be the focal point for many traders for this shortened trading week.