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EML was developing a latch for Humvees in '05, last week was the pay off as they received a first order and then a second from Armor Holdings (AH) to retrofit humvees. The 2 contracts worth "31 mln" will be split between the next 2 Q's (sales to hit between SEPT-MAR).. Eastern makes about 100mln in Revenue a year....hmmm nice bump coming as soon as next report.  The stock is extremely thin but moved nicely late last week due to a 3/2 split announced. The real news is the contracts that were not released in a official PR but sit quietly in the sec. filings. The chart is nice, the split works and the potential for thousands of more HV's to be retro-fitted and therefore revenues climbing. Added to DJIM holds....wanted to intro this on a dip but now not sure that will come soon enough. This falls into our crawler category we've had some luck with..AMIE,CPY

this on AH today from PRUD...Firm says the FY07 bridge Supplemental included funding totaling $1.6 bln for Up-Armored Humvees and $794 mln for medium trucks. Firm believes some of this amount would have been included in the baseline FY07 Supplemental. Firm says the fact that U.S. troop levels should be sustained at current levels through the spring of 07 could entail additional Humvee and FMTV funding in the next Supplemental. Firm says AH provides the FMTV trucks and is one of two suppliers of armor kits for the M1151/1152 Humvee. Firm says the change in their est is due to higher assumed deliveries of armor for the Humvee as well as FMTV trucks