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Hug me...I'm tired

That’s basically all the SPX said to the flatline today as the tape rested after ripping nearly 50 handles in a few hours the past few days.   Surprisingly,  the selling/ profit taking was very orderly,  despite the second day of financials lagging.   After a break of over a week on issuances, the banks- brokers began tossing new supply out due to new rules by Treasury to exit TARP.   Shorts are trying to paint a picture of this lagging group in the advance as a fuse to breakdown,  but it’s not working as the market is saying the banks-brokers got this rally started and it’s healthy that we can move 50 SPX handles and than rest today without their participation. Still, watch carefully if all this new supply and more becomes a noise 'concern'

One of the big leading groups has been the commodity linked stocks as the PMI #’s and a collapsing USD are responsible for the latest advance and the high beta group of stocks we follow surely would be the first to take a breather.   If this is all the breathing space they need today, we’ll ..then we won’t get our welcomed pullback to buy cheaper.  But, we doubt that.   You have to be realistic here, no matter the PMI #’s forward look for the sectors, the USD has sunk about 12% from March highs and unless it’s dropped as the reserve currency overnight the equities can only rip so far before resting.  The USD, strength in it will most likely put pressure on the linked equities, so we’ll wait for such to re-initiate positions.

Some defensive posturing was underway today, but as we said a few weeks ago when those disbelievers tried to get a defensive rotation going,  we’d hang up the phone on you if you tried to request such from us.   Look back now and see what you would have missed if you let Briefingcom and such to your talking for you at that point. “ garbage rally..signs of froth”,  May 12th…The DJIM safety/ defensive trade has been a focus on earnings linked stocks,  you may say.

Today gave an opportunity to look around and what we found was quite a few plays, only now possibly setting up for moves such as SAFM, ARUN  that really didn’t participate in this latest rip because they have been consolidating their earning reports.   Both pressed to 2009 NCH at close after notes today. The best rip and right out of the gate today was the 17% shuttle from CVLT ,  last Wednesday we alerted it as DDUP connection and today this was highlighted by a firm and led to the burst.  A 25% move since.   Again, this pinpoints selective stock picking, we think we have accumulated an excellent group in May that has been safe (meaning you’re not losing money holding) and with good pullbacks, they pay back well if you want to book profits.   Of course, most are earning related.

On a group we haven’t covered for awhile is the Haynesville Shale grp, E&P stocks. GDP  had very strong well results Monday night and stock outperformed energy linked stocks.  PVA, last night had v.good drill as well and may react similarly off the bell.   So, we'lll monitor this theme for any further potential in days to come as well.

If today is any indication of the next 2 days leading into the NFP -employment #'s,  we`ll take it, but realistically after this rip we need to digest more than what we saw today and a stronger $USD (commods’) & possible concerns on more supply issuance by banks- brokers may provide such.


Day 5 ahead?

We mailed in our request Wednesday afternoon for a bank-brokers led reversal and today it was stamped as the group followed through in the morning bringing along the rest of the SP tape.   An impressive ~3% SP Financial rally tacked on to yesterdays 30 minute move accompanied by Crude (yesterdays E&P plays PVA GDP  tagged along) and slowly commodity stocks began to bounce as the USD weakened. (becoming too closely related the USD moves).    Was yesterday’s big sell off just the usual hiccup?   Maybe, but Shippers stayed red into close.    If all this action wasn’t your scene,  the DJIM earnings/ story scene is enough as more Q’s plays,  DDRX  OGXI  EJ  (co’ cnbc guest) all had 10% -20% intraday rips higher.    A few others were on the cusp of/ and breaking monthly/ recent  highs  EBS TSL SAFM ARUN.    The buy pullback theme remains pretty clear on all DJIM plays.   Basically with the majority of these you can use the ‘hit and run’  play by taking profits and switching between names while waiting for a pullback to get back in something you sold.  

Chart: SPY move/ SPX reversal off 200ma

Once again the shorts are thwarted as they can’t get enough downside days to get cocky and initiate new positions to press the market lower, but this has been one of the bullet points we’ve pointing out since SPX ~800, so it’s nothing new!.

Ahead of NFP  #'s tomorrow,  we have a few things roaming in our crystal balls.  As we know the ADP # (532K losses) handicaps the NFP (-520K consensus),  so you’d expect a similar number, right!/?.   Well,  we’re feeling a little squirrelly and think we may get under 500k.    Something also interesting is the Banks-Brokers, we’re seeing and using the XLF  here.   Considering the action in the group in the last few hours, if this is only the beginning of a move,  it would soon be kissing the 200MA.   The last time this occurred was in prehistoric times;)..2007!.    So, is this the missing link to push the tape higher as most indices are over 200ma now?. 

Oh yeah,  we are moving into a possible day 5 with SPX over 200ma.   This is crucial as this confirms for many the breakout,  we‘d actually probably just prefer this occurring to close off the week to avoid excessive bullishness setting in and instead take baby steps.

Chart: DAY 5 SPX?


DJIM #23  2009

Market’s behaviour Friday morning brought back memories of past FOMC/statements where the market behaves wildly in both directions afterwards.    Even our squirrelly possibility of a NFP # below 500 was off the mark as we got a very low 300K number that melted up the SPX futures +15 pts premkt.   Unfortunately,  we saw this market get too bullish (recall we said end of previous Journal, we wanted to avoid excessive bullishness) and most importantly have the report take the $USD for a ride up.  We warned before the open to be ‘careful’ and hopefully, we all avoided chasing and just watched the big fade job of the tape begin immediately at the open.    The highlight of the the day became the very strong USD, unfortunately for many this was too late before the consequence of a low NFP # was figured out.    Still, we finished a 5th day above the 200ma which is quite important as it confirms the breakout for many with a technical view of the market.   We’re still going to be hesitant here for the broad market tape as the market is showing 950 level is formidable, we’d start the week maintaining Fridays premkt note to be ‘careful’.

So..that’s’ one market, the broad market!.    Meanwhile back at DJIM farm, the underlying market of small caps was outperforming as some of it’s animals continued to run freely.  EBS  noted at the beginning of the week as one setting up finished the week up 25%, other notables +4-7% gains Friday..ARUN, STEC, EJ, BWY. 

Despite the commodity linked stocks reaction to strong $USD, a clear trend emerged and that was the early strength in Steels..AKS, SCHN, NUE, CLF, X  held and outperformed the coals, ferts. Oil/ energy.  A little digging and we figure the RIO/BHP deal is beneficial to the US steel producers bottom lines (EPS..especially X) as higher iron ore prices are on the horizon from this massive deal.   We say horizon, not tomorrow or next week.  Right now, we may continue to be at the mercy of a USD bounce in the very short term.

One scenario we possibly see ahead is on a ’psychological’ level that may just rhyme with the technical picture at this point.   We have 3 weeks till Q end and we may have a ‘Little Blue Pill’  theory to keep this market strong and potentially take out 950 to 970-980 range.    The LBP theory is the performance anxiety that must be felt by money managers who have refused to ‘believe’ and will have to show something on their books for this 40% rally.   They are still very underinvested!.   One way to do this and what we would like to see is a ‘sharp’ decline to 200ma  very soon and have them hammer this mark with vigor and vitality.    Once again, we would than see our premise of an underlying bid prevailing as has been the case since March.   Once MM’s are given this entry level they would have even more reason to buy push this market higher to squeeze out better numbers for their books by Q end.


Good trend in tact...

Every couple of trading days,  we get a day where the Bears seem to have an upper hand in the early going,  ONLY to give back all their gains in the final hour.    In fact,  this isn't a new episode we witnessed today, but a pretty consistent show that comes every few days for a couple of months now.   Since March,  we’ve been pointing out an underlying bid at 20MA coming in,  now it’s seemingly ~200MA levels  on day 6 over this important technical level.   We were still quite short of the 919SPX present day 200ma (7pts).    Today, overwhelmingly an underlying bid came where the breakout occurred last Monday‘s (200ma level).   Even on those days where the Bears do claim victory, a failed follow through day puts the ball right back into the Bull camp.   It’s never-ending and frustrating to say the least, for those Bears.    If this hasn't been a continuous classical buy on dip kind of rally, we don't know what is!.    In fact,  all these little mini back and forth action simply put this rally in a much healthier state than the Bears would ever hope for as we grind higher.  

Still, as we said 950, even 940+ is quite formidable for the Bulls for now without a positive catalyst.  Also,  putting the move 3pm move into context,  it was following a very low volume day to that point and the ensuing move was purely SPY  and a few other ETF’s related.    You will understand this as you look at your ‘shadow list’ and see little follow through/ little movement in individual stocks/ sectors after 3pm.   One sided move so far,  we would like confirmation by seeing some follow through action in Asian/ FTSE mkts in am before getting too excited for more, just yet.

This is, in fact, is a Bull run that gives us plenty of opportunities.   As long as you trade with the trend, not with your feeling, and not with your disagreement with the state of the economy or policy makers, you'd be doing fine so far.    Is there manipulation in this market by the market makers eg. JPM, GS or policy makers as cried by the Bears?   So what if there is!!   If you are a trader and consumed by visiting blogs to clog your mind,"blogs that clog",  you will see these useless cries.   Think about for a second,  if you have another gig to worry about other than trading and come home in the evening, what do you see?.    You see a market going up and up,  that’s all !!.  Sonner than later, you call your broker to buy!.   If you read the WSJ, your local financial print or just tune into CNBC,  you don’t hear this manipulation noise.    We are simply here to trade with the majority (trend), regardless of what the minority opinion is on the 'net'.   The most ridiculous aspect of these ‘conspiracy’ theorists,  is if they believe it sooooo’ much and are so sure it is pushing this market higher for weeks now …why do they not just trade this trend up and make money off it!.     It's a daily laughing matter to us to visit these characters when we don't have nothing better to do sitting in front our platforms for hours on in daily.  

In this market, it's not our personal opinion that matters on the bigger picture,  it's the majority of everyone else' opinion (money) that matter. 

As far as individual stock action goes, we are still finding a lot of good dip opportunities from our earnings plays.   SAFM ARUN STEC BWY GMCR.. all were making fresh highs today, some dip a little, some don‘t.   Most of the Chinese plays look buyable too on dips.   If you are uncomfortable or unsure about some of the commodity dips, then it's ok not to buy them.    After a few days of strong $USD ruckus,  we may have a good commodity linked trade back very soon.  Not counting Oil/energy plays related to(if) higher crude prices,  we'd stick to 'steels' over the other linked commod' groups.    In the meantime,  we have plenty of "sure" plays on our list that can be justified as safe dip buys, only problem is some don't dip and that's why it's essential to do quality 'stock picking' early to make the bigger dollars as has been the case with our small cap 'earnings' plays this Q.

In AMC newsflow, TXN  guided higher on a optimistic call.    We are wondering if this is a sign to come for many tech' companies.   After all, if there's some growth business segments from a big one like TXN, it has to be the same case for many other smaller players.    Basically, we don't expect TXN to be the last one to pre-announce good guidance, we already had CREE  be the first recently.   Bottom line,  the ball is seemingly never in Bears' court for long.   It’s hard to press new shorts lower and lower because it's hard to get their brothers and sisters to do so when the declines only last a few hours, or a day.   As we said, the volume is light across the tape today indicating the shorts are not confident to press new positions even when down big for a few hours.    We are hoping for some more grinding action in order to set up a more powerful leg up down the road.   Yup, still...that's our 'bullish' plan.


Earning coming into focus...

In the premarket newsflow,  OECD  raised the economy outlook for U.S (alert posted).  This is the first time they've done it in 2 years.   This is actually a direct forecast contrast of what World Bank said a couple of days ago, which we stated we had problems with and it would go away once/if digested properly.   Regardless who's right and who's wrong, we always feel that it's up to the market to decide the outcome.   In the econ. data dept.,  we had a unexpected big surprise Durable Goods #  that further excited the market in the early going.   Although the market ended up giving up most of its gains, we'd still like to point out a few positives.

Earnings do matter! Tech giant ORCL came out with better than expected report last night and the stock/ sector was greeted with some positive reaction.   Despite the late day weakness, both ORCL and JBL (another one reported eps last night) held up most of the gains by the close.   The responsible culprit for today's late day weakness is the FOMC statement or better, the lack of it in regards to more purchases which caused a $USD lift off and commods' took it on the chin.    Still,  you can say that everything they decided during the meeting was pretty much expected.   The bottom line is that we are back at SPX 900 w/ 50MA crossing 200MA.   Buyers are present,  just more discriminating with purchase prices than in the previous months of the rally.    As more and more companies line up to release earnings, we are feeling more confident about buying on the dips, (STEC another perfect 9ema move today).   Given the weakness we've endured the last week and half,  some of the plays on our watchlist are no longer in the "overbought" category.

Looking at various sectors on our shadowlist link,  there's no doubt that some of the strong ones came from Steels (most up 5% early) + Tech  area,  as well as some China  plays.  In fact, overall breadth is superb today with only a few red names on our entire watchlist.,ADY,AKS,ARUN,ASIA,BIDU,BWY,CVLT,DDRX,EBS,EJ,EQIX,FCX,FSLR,GMCR,GNK,GS,GYMB,HES,HOT,ICE,JPM,JOYG,JRCC,LVS,MA,MOS,MYGN,NEU,OIH,PENN,POT,PWRD,RIMM,RVBD,SAFM,SCHN,STAR,STEC,STP,TSL,WFC,WMS,WYNN,WLT,X,&ta=0&p=w&o=-change


Before the actual earnings season starts in full force sometime in July (now we have May ending reports), our trading strategy is simple.  So called "technical weakness" continues to be a buying opportunity to us,  just as we noted this week if we approached 880SPX.    We just don't see a major breakdown to a much lower level without some major negative catalysts coming into EPS.   Given the recent positive earning trend and econ. data points,  the probability of a breakdown is even less likely.   Right now, we are still in a process of working through some overbought levels since March and it's likely to continue over the next couple of weeks.   This shouldn't concern new standout EPS plays coming.  

In the meantime,  enjoy the good trading action that still exists out there,  you just have to be selecive or just tune in to the soap opera as one congressman is smearing Bernanke with a cover up, while another Senator is confessing his adultress- marriage cover up all at the same time.  Oh, what a country!



DJIM #26

The only trepidation you may have in trading this market is if you’re consumed by technical analysis of the SPX on a daily basis in making trade decisions.   If this continues to be the case,  traders will continue to miss opportunities heading into this earnings season.    Fortunately,  since late March on TSY news from the FED,  we said we’re going back the DJIM basics and going back to individual stocks/ sector picking concentration.  Back to our roots, yep.. back to the days of the Swamp with Lizard King and eventually as moderators for the trading forum in Rev Sharks (    Up to that FED intervention almost everyone was consumed by and fixated on the daily activity of the SPX, including us,  as long opp's were few and far between.    Many traders have stuck to this SPX trade and have missed a beautiful run in individual stocks/ sectors.   The reason we bring this up now is it has become tiresome hearing this is a boring market with little chance to make money due to the trading range last 2 mths.     Besides putting on the commodity linked stocks trade,  we thought if the market continued to act right,  enthusiasm would come back to micro /small caps, focusing on earnings.   Well,   it definitely did as the BWY  DDRX  ARUN  GMCR  ADY  EJ  CVLT  ICE  STEC  EBS  etc. dominated our DJIM platforms with big gains during the recent Q, while supposedly the market produced nothing but a chop trade.    What we’re saying is the market may become more boring in the next 2 months for many traders ,  but we’re looking forward and excited for new opportunities as companies begin to announce earnings for their June ending Q’s.    If things were better for the names listed above last Q,  we expect a slew of new stocks to come on radar with better bottom lines from a recovering economy.  

Until July 13th or so,  you should be drying up some powder in readiness for new stock buying.  You don’t want to be holding stocks that are losing steam or holding any losers if it takes up buying power.  You want to have cash on hand for fresh meat and /or continue for now to be very selective in buying. Your trading proficiency is not measured by how much trading you do,  but by your profits!.   We don't expect any fireworks until next holiday weekend,  we probably did not trade more than 3 or 4 stocks last week with PWRD, DDRX  heading into the week.    It made for a long week,  but at the end of the week it is only your P&L that matters.


Not just any 3 pt(gain) day...

Normally, on a day where the market rises 3 whole pts,  there's really not much to talk about other than a big yawn.    However, today's a particularly interesting day for both the Bulls and Bears.    Well, lets start with the Bear camp.    The Bear argument here is that we have stalled at SPX 1030, based on this weeks reaction to good eco' reports,  a sizable pullback was imminent.    They got their wish, at least for about an hour or so it was sizable in comparison as the market dipped as low 1015 ( between the 1013-1018 on our chart as support), which is also 200 mth MA important support level.   As we said beginning of week…” use exaggerated weakness to pick up those most affected from our core“.    Once again,  the shorts couldn’t aggressively and/ or simply didn’t want to press positions. We’re left with another brief and still shallow correction.   Again, ”all talk, no action” , by all the recent naysayer’s!
From the Bull camp,  the only thing they have to say today about market after it touched 1015 .. "the rest is history" as the underlying bid prevailed once again!     As bulls, we welcome these kind of dips,  especially on low attendance days and when it's not a news catalyst related event.   You never sell a dull day/ week.   In the current rally environment, you never sell, period!    Ok,  perhaps this is too extreme of a statement, but we are pointing out the fact rather than theory.    Same thing happened when the market was meeting with stiff resistance at SPX 955 and 1k.    While each scenario was different, market was able to overcome with some shaky pullbacks and broke to new highs at the end.   By the way, we aren't talking about distant history here as those levels were taken out just within the last two months.

On the earning side, we again have some very firm reports from the likes of DELL, MRVL, OVTI (alerted AMC) and ARUN.   This is important because these are JULY-end reports and it bodes well for those who reported at the start of earnings season as July business was not included.  These simply show things are even better for those June end reporting companies.  Tech should finally help Financials and lower dollar should help commodity linked stocks tomorrow, especially.   Likely, a trifecta building to melt up over this recent rally cycle high of 1037.

Are we simply waiting for the end of summer trading before the rush of crowd to push this market even higher?.   Perhaps.   What's happening out there isn't the result of a temporary bounce or squeeze, we do have folks putting money at work here.    With the recent change in economic outlook and pickup in production/activity, it's hard to imagine everything would turn around 180 degrees and we head for a double dip recession.    It in theory can happen, but at this point, we'd imagine Vegas bookies aren't taking the bets.

As far as the broad market picture today, we simply had an impressive rally off the low.   What's interesting is that after spending much of the day in negative territory, both techs and commodity group staged a strong come back joining the Financials (led again) who are keeping the market stable.   Late action has a lot to do with the slide in USD, which of course is good for equities and as we push up early tomorrow, the profit taking on moves up this week may turn to buying looking forward to 1044 as buyers stop taking a breather.   Notable plays off our list, paper stocks RKT SWM  made another new high.  PRE, as well.  Techs such as STEC ATHR also inched up as well.  

Bottom line, what's not to like about this market?  Nothing!.  Have a nice weekend!


...NCH for SPX coincides with 10+ earnings plays

We'll start things tonight with this little biotechnology company called Vivus.  Some speculation into our diet. Some of you may have heard of this company at one time or another, but we are sure that most of you have heard of this name tonight. What's so special about this play other than the fact it's finished up 70% off 75 million shares? Here's the thing, take a look around you and see how many of your own relatives or friends that are overweight? Ok, we are just going to stop right here. Basically, VVUS  came out with their phase 3 trial results on their obesity drug Qnexa showing significant efficiency in reducing patient's weight. According to many analysts, they've set the golden standard for this type of drug. This ought to get people very excited because at this point, at little over $800 million market cap, there sure is a quite a bit of room on the upside considering also this was stuck under $10 for years now. We have seen it with DNDN, and we have seen it with HGSI. In our opinion, this VVUS story is better than both of other stories. Therefore, we started a somewhat sizable position today and will continue to add off any dips. One thing about this company though, is that it's also heavily followed by institution.  From what we hear 'holders' were adding longs even with 70% lift. Once the initial fever is gone, the play will trade much more stable and have the potential to move much higher. We are currently treating this one as a longer term play for our portfolio.

Now onto the market! Ok, here's the thing, it takes not ONE, but TWO attempt of correction to make most people realize how powerful and vigorous this bull rally is.The most recent pullback, despite that one day massive volume, is over with on higher lows. Right now, we are expecting new highs to be breached on any given day now. As we said Thursday night, it will be inevitable once ~1020 reached.

Many plays on our DJIM earnings linked watchlist screen were showing some impressive individual action that are moving in tandem with the index. Most impressively, COMP, or the technology index has broken out today.  This strength is displayed throughout our technology linked names, including many bolded into yesterdays trading, CTSH +4% , ARUN +4%, ROVI +2.5, STEC +5% ININ +4% . Also making news highs on our list including  EBS +11% EMS CTRP WYNN PWRD FSYS CVLT. So, is this the type of market worth chasing at this point? If we do break SPX 1039 , we think it's worth every bit to chase this market. When you have a consecutive blowout report like HITK (we bought some) had today, its making alot of players to look forward to the next round of earning season. 

As far as commods', we've turned our eyes from coal to steel as SLX looks to breakout.  Still, we'd caution at this stage for the whole group and keep positions small and on a tight leash to turnover.  As we saw late in day, they can rollover quickly as the USD rallied off lows.  The correlation is very strong now between USD and these stocks.


China  linked stocks, slew of key data coming up Thursday night.


All of a sudden, Sept. is looking to liven up trader's screen for a change. If August proved to be somewhat boring, we sure aren't getting any of that drowsiness from the market so far this month. Bottom line, we are looking to add more stuff if we get some mini dip opportunities next few days as the breakout of this market just seems imminent.