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Waiting and Picking cherry one at a time...ANGN ($7.50), FNET

Market is tough!   It's a fact and we already know that.   But since this is the only thing we enjoy doing for a living, we still have to make some sense out of it.  Lol      When it comes to this market, seeing is believing.   No matter what we think  how the scenario is going to play out, what the stock ACTUALLY does overrules any opinion we had or may have on a play.      Picture is worth a thousand words, as we often remind each other.    So, no arguing with the chart and moving on is a necessary habit when it comes to playing this market.

FNET, which was mentioned here on Friday, got the approval news for mobile gambling from Nevada state gaming control board.   This is a story stock which we had followed since its IPO day for those that read from our former home.   We are putting it back on the top trading list as we think this one will get some addional legs on the back of this news, if its history proved correctly.


ANGN, this one got some unthinkable boost after its earning report today.   We don't think this would get this kind of a reaction if it wasn't for the fact there's really just nothing else to play.    Earnings isn't spectacular but the reaction is nothing short of that.    We are treating this ANGN as a day trading candidate and are not holding any hope of seeing another double or any meaningful percentage gain from it.   Even if it does double, oh well and so be it but the main trading theme around this one would be very short term.

MFRI, it seems just about every small cap stock we played before gets recycled a couple times every couple of years.    Earning isn't too bad but more importantly the action is holding up.   We are putting this one back on the list too and will trade accordingly.

one last note on BTJ,  it's getting dragged down by sector and there's nothing we could or want to do about it,  along with ALY of course.    Keep an eye on BT's chart and it usually gives you a good clue when to avoid these kind of things.