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No time to blink...

Despite the fact this kind of market action smells like holiday trading, it is still the kind of profitable trading environment that we absolutely cannot ignore.   So what if this sort of action only lasts till the end of this week?   Given what we've gone through the last month and half, it's about time we take some from the market.     It's true that this sort of action does not change the overall picture, but do we really care at this point?    We can spend endless hours debating what the overall picture may look like but it's more practical to get down to the nitty gritty of things and take advantage of what's given to us and make the best out of it.     In all honesty, someone can probably make enough returns last couple of days and next couple of days to call it a year.     The point is that we simply have to treasure what's happening out there and really take advantage of the situation.     When market is in a good mood, we'd always forget how tough the market is during the rough times.     The bottom line, we can't take this rally for granted and we really have to do good on our part.    Lets get right down to business...

GROW +11.8% JSDA +6.7%, it's important to note that selling is just as important as buying when it comes to trading these type of momentum stocks.    We are not here to debate the future prospect of each company and we are simply trying to give our play-book here on how we make the most of these plays here.    A rosy market coupled with a good close with those momentum names usually give a high probability that they'd act good the next day.    One unknown that we always have to deal with is if the stock goes up next day, "how high will it go and when do we sell?"   If you treat stock trading as much as a game as we do here, the decision is much easier.     To us, it's not about how much profit we should take, it's all about what we should be doing as a right move or wrong move, much like a game of chess.    We sold quite a bit earlier and the price is no where near the day high.   Why?   We wanted to close out yesterday's play that was intended for this mornings pop.   We get it and we closed it.   It's something we've been doing for a long while and it's more of an automatic habit and it's always been in our playbook.   If these stock withstood the early selling, and market keeps on rolling with no sign of weakness, then we buy a little bit back, usually at a higher price than we sold at.     Well, this is how we trade and every little bit of surge we'd just add a bit more.     Closing would provide an important clue as to where these stocks may go tomorrow and today's no exception.     We are holding some overnight and we'll repeat the same process for tomorrow with a smaller amount.  One thing... after getting a 5%+ open is when/if you decide to buy again as we did today, do not let that first 5% slip away. Simply..don't let your additional buys during the day slip into the red. Just call it a day and leave with the original 5%+ gain.  We noted early yesterday we'd be looking at GROW later and noted our add.  This open action is what we were planning for and it happened to script.

HOT ,+3% where OEH is taking a rest from the endless downgrades, HOT is taking over as the new takeover target in town.   Guess what?  They are in the same biz too.    This just tells us that this sector is hot and we can't afford to write off OEH either as it behaved really well in spite of a downgrade from a major firm.

CYNO, we think stock is ready to challenge high and given the shortened week and "light" volume trading according to other gurus, anything goes.

SMCI, do we like the close? No!  Is this the end of the world? No!  Did you all get weak hands and sell?   Hey, we're not here to judge anyones style.  We can't blame anyone taking up to a dollar profit on our lead.  We are adding this one to our daily watchlist and as well onto our long positions.   Other than the fact this one is a relatively new stock with good growth, we feel it has potential.   One thing is we don't load up as others with subscriptions for days and then let their readers get the remains before they unload their batch on you.  You are never far off our entries, especially in time and many times will get a better price if you are a little patient. Still depending on your experience some DD is essential before entering into a position.

CIMT, finally, we threw in this little speculative cheapie into the mix at 3.80's.   Sometimes plays take some time to materalize, this could be one of them.  They reported a profitable quarter recently and news they are expanding office in China got some traders excited, including us.    Who knows, given its float just under 3mln, the special holiday trading week, the China effect, this one may turn out to be the best holder for us. AH 4.23.

This is the Briefing write up in mid-march. We're guessing they will follow up very sooooon on this if CIMT continues up..."CIMT is trading up 122% following the co's early morning earnings report that showed CIMT's first full year of profitability after several years of losses. Specifically, CIMT reported Q4 EPS of $0.07 vs -$0.22 in 4Q05 and revs that rose 11% YoY to $6.0 mln (no estimates). FY06 EPS was $0.07 vs -$0.59 in 2005... CIMT is a small Israel-based co that provides design software tools for manufacturing, toolmaking and N.C. Programming. The co's CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) products are used by mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts... The co said its business and financial results reflect the turnaround of the last two years, in which it focused on new product development and reorganization of its global sales and marketing force. In addition to being a developing earnings story, CIMT could be viewed as a China play, as the co said its Chinese subsidiary achieved 80% revenue growth in 2006. CIMT also noted that the Chinese market is its fastest growing target market, and they continue to invest and expand operations there... Although the stock is seeing decent volume of 267K shares on today's move, CIMT is normally pretty illiquid, with average daily volume of only 2.8K shares. Also adding to the momentum is the stock's small float of only 2.7 mln shares... Mkt cap: $20.5 mln"

Some other DJIM stocks did extremely well and/or closed well include...

NIHD hit 78.50's  WBD hit 86  AMAG up 3.3%  BW hit 52.70's  OYOG.hit 78. CSV nch

Last night we said we thought we had you in the right stocks , today was the pudding



Bold trading...

Folks, this is the kind of market that rewards bold, aggressive trading.    Yes, it's how ironic that as little as a couple of weeks ago, we'd be hard to imagine carrying more than a few positions overnight.    These days, you just have so many choices to add at the end of day.    Good times are here it feels like.     This is the kind of trading environment, the kind of participation and the kind of opportunistic crowd we'd been looking for.    We have been very aggressive into this market last couple of days and more so today, largely due to the good actions we are seeing from the market and continued flow of new plays.     There's really not much else you can say to describe this market.   For those of us who have the luxury of playing every single play out there, don't take this for granted.   Market movements like this only come a few times a year and we simply have to fully take advantage of this sort of action.     Regardless the kind of plays you are in, whether it's  DNDN, TSL, MTRX or GROW, the common feeling out there is that mood is good and plenty of money is chasing some hot names and we as traders, HAVE to deliver on our end.

Basically, it all sounds pretty simple when it comes to making a living as a full time trader.   We try to make a killing when market is good and stay low key when the market is poor.    This time around, there's no exception that we have to way outperform an average investor/trader.     How do you stay ahead of the game in a good market?   If you have limited capital to trade, the key is to stay in the hottest names and cut the laggards the minute. the momentum slows down.    The reason for that is that since there's always a steady supply of good setups/new plays coming into the market on a daily basis, there's no reason to be hanging onto a laggard.   This kind of tactics can be very stressful but nobody said being good in this game is a walk in the park.    If you have somewhat of a big portfolio and more capital to trade like us, we'd simply play everything/anything that resembles a good setup.   The key in this case is get a starter position in an play and add aggressively to those that have the higher momentum.   Again, we cut laggards as often as we add new names to portfolio so the laggards do not drag down the overall performance after a while. is some new action we are involved in today and some initiated last week...

TSL, in our opinion this is the only solar play that mattered today.   Other solar plays may tried to give it a go but this is the only one that really shined.    Remember last week there was a block for sale at $49.80 and stock backed down after it was revealed?   Many of us are definitely eyeing it as the resistance/catalyst for a breakout.   Once it was taken down, the rest is just history and we just had to follow through.   It's looking great. Last week this was alert in the 46's, then add in 48's and today another alert around $50. BOOM..BOOM..BOOOM to 54's and almost 20% in a few days.  Recently in the forum we said liked TSL better at that time because of the set up.  There's no rule in this trading camp to how long we keep the 'one', the fave.  Simply, if we like how you behave, we reward you with capital.

MTRX, we added a little of this one and we are actually pleasantly surprised by its follow through action today.   When it came out with earning last quarter, its follow through action is nowhere near its action today.    Again, action always speak louder than words and we just have to respect it when it comes to trading.

CIMT, this little one seemed to sat back in the classroom today cuz other kids have stolen the highlights.   With us, we gave it extra attention by adding to our existing position.   The key for this one is its 2.69 mill float. To highs this alert is over 20%, we like to think there is more to come.

USAP, nobody expected this one to gap over the weekend. We expected a new high in hours, just not in minutes, but nobody expected SCHN to come out with a rosy guidance either.    NCH and potentially with other co. reporting good earning, this sector may be in vogue again as said last night.  Right time, right place.

VIP, simply the idea repeated in last nights Journal has started to pay off as it traded to over $100.

USAT, if it was 3 weeks ago, this one might just close poorly and we'd stayed away from it.   This says alot about the kind of trading environment we are in.    This stock flat lined most of the day after the initial surge and last 10 min. showed why we have to go BOLD in this market.    Speculative money is pouring into this market in force and we have to take advantage of it. The idea was to go after USAT, if the flat line didn't break down. It didn't and popped another $1 after alert in the last 3 minutes.

ISH, this is similar to USAT but with a better chart, minus the news.   Why do we play these?  Well, it'd be stupid not to.   Probability is high that this one goes higher given today's volume/price action.

URZ, not to confuse with the gold play GRZ, this is the uranium play which we are putting on our watch list and got a starter position with.    Chart is looking good and we are adding some flavour to the mix.

Others behaved well include NIHD OYOG WBD BW...


DJIM #16  2007

The week closed on a high note for DJIM stocks as they outperformed the market in the morning. The spillover from the markets move Thursday came into our stocks early and in bunches.  As we said the night before...there's still tomorrow!

JSDA, what can you say about a trip from $23's to a AH price of $28.70?.  Well, we talked about our buying enough last week, how about thinking about some selling strategy heading into Monday's trade and perhaps a gap open.   One way to approach this runaway is if it gaps Monday use a mental stop at around Friday's close so you don't blow your winnings.  Some may give it some more room and use the open price area Friday for an exit.    If it keeps going up, you just go with the flow and keep it a hold.  There will be more trade in this and taking some off sooner than later will not hurt you.

BW, incredible what one buy rating by First Albany can do for a worthy earning DJIM stock.  Volume was nearly a million for this Friday as it opened at $54 and climbed all day to $58.  If you got your play-watch list screener set to the top recent plays at DJIM...then you had a potential 8% move on your hands.  Same goes for TSL and it's 6% move. There is only so many times or so many plays we can alert-comment on a day without confusing the lights out of our readers.   Hopefully..these are on the top of your trading play list as they are on ours.   Both put in NCH's again and we will be selling what pieces we gathered Friday into a hopeful nice open off the NCH's.  After...we will again look to buy a dip in these.

TNH, recently when we added this to DJIM, we spoke of the rewards possible if you get on the right side of a TNH trade.   Even if you plucked it off Friday after our mention Thursday night off its NCH, you had 5 points by noon.  How many stocks do you know that can get you up to 10 points the following day if you bought the day before.  $60-70!.   We'll look for another entry after selling into this fast ride .   A note, there is a relation to TRA , which made a NCH Friday, but to us TNH is the play here!.

UXG, this was definitely a sweet winner here Friday as it climbed and climbed to almost $7.  We are buying the dips here as we are in the GRZ and URZ.  These are providing nice trades off the dips over and over again of around .50c.  Once in awhile, you might get a move like UXG's which is a just a bonus.  These are our speculative bleacher creatures and we will continue to trade them.   The other cheapie around here...

CIMT is holding just fine since our $3.80's intro on it.  It seems quite safe and we are looking for another leg up soon.

If you want to get real cheap and speculative...

PAE,  came out with earning late friday.  It reported .06 vs. (-0.04) +250% EPS change,95 RS, following a break even Q with revenue over20mln+11m in the previous Q.  It closed at $1.65 and has market cap in the 50's mln. Even if you take out a 1 mln legal gift, they still made over a 1.2 mln in net and are now profitable.   Usually a stock turning the corner on profitability gets some attention sooner than later.  It actually got into IBD's top earning announcements column and might get a look Monday or simply crawl slowly upwards from here.   It can be a complete bore or its numbers and float and price will get some cash into.  We'll watch early, you never know...

JASO,  we tried to include this early in the solar play here, but it never materialized as the FSLR, TSL and ASTI were the clear plays.  Well..this has changed the last few days as it has gained some momentum.  It reported 'swell' earnings, March 30th and was trading at $19 when mentioned last in Alerts.  Looks like some newsletter hype job has gone into this, so trade with care if in at this point over $24 and 20% in a couple of days.  Our money is still for the FSLR TSL ASTI plays, but we will look to buy lower prices in this one most likely.  Time will tell....

ASTI,  has done a beauty of a job flying off the 9ema and closed with a NCH Friday. We are there and are looking for higher prices in the short term.

MTRX OYOG keep making NCH's.  BTJ is one we added back Friday as far as these sec plays go.

What else in DJIM land...scattered notes on recent stocks around these parts...

AFAM..might have turned back up Friday.  CYNO, has shrugged off the D-grade in sector and is a few % points off highs.

USAT, SLP.  Waiting on these to move over recent highs for us to move into. 

SPEC, is looking like another potential IBD play that has lost its papers to cross the $15 border.  We'd only be chasing these last 3 on a definite show of buying momentum at this point.