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· Our daily Journals encompass our trading methodology allowing you to interconnect with us by ‘Shadowing’ our trading platform watchlist. A 'Shadow'list of 50-75 stocks is tailored and fragmented (outperforming SECTORS, MID-SMALL CAPS, EARNINGS/ GROWTH (EPS) linked stocks, IBD 50, MOMENTUM STOCKS) to gauge single stock action and the broad underlying market for SP 500 direction to go long or short. New plays (stock/sector) are added, especially during earnings season through Journal updates.

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Entries in AAPL $51 (1)


VOL,VOLT INFO SCI at $51, IPGP, IPGP Photonics Corp. at $25, NWK, Network Equipment Technolgies Inc, at $6.80

What has DJIM been up to so far in 2007?.  Same as 2006, we are rolling along!.  Here are some of the plays recently enjoyed by members, but it is not all!.  Of course, many new plays happening are for our members eyes only.  Our FORUM is kicking with participation from other traders giving heads up to potential moves intraday...Our ALERTS/Updates are cranking, our nightly CHART analysis updates on closely followed DJIM stocks are giving our readers another way to look at a potential trade, entry and/or exit for the next day and beyond.

DJIM ALERTS, VOL- ''....Trading a little VOL here'....' was part of an alert 3 pack inc. AAPL to DJIM members at $51. STOCK RUNS to 64 by 3rd day!

Nightly Journal   VOL-"This  is a volatile play but when it gets momo it can give you a helluva a ride".  January 9th....."Again, have you forgotten to take some profit today?   Strong move this one exhibited always pauses quicker than you can blink", January 10th after 2 days of run...VOL, this one probably overwhelmed the most optimistic traders given its 3 day action.   Again, we are not saying today is the end of this run-ups but it does feel a little tired at this point ...and walk away with another 3-4pts today on the full lot you played.  This is what we did reducing our exposure and now are in a wait and see mode with a very slim position, January 11th after day 3.  DAY 4, the drop from $64 to 53's. !!
IPGP-   January 9, 2007 at 01:29PM  $25 in DJIM alerts,  recent ipo, accumulating some for sunnier days . Lasers, triple play broadband angle following OPTM today idea...even if is not the majority of business" ..........FORUM section..."IPGP has held ground at IPO day prices and this 'triple play' broadband hype is creeping into some names. IPGP might get some of that attention. rather accumulate some before"..before a breakout!.    STOCK breakout and runs over 10% from 24.90's  to 27.96 the next day. A 3 pt move in a day and half.
Forum, Cramer liked it at IPO time....IPG Photonics (IPGP:Nasdaq), pull the trigger. Buy your first tranche. This is a laser company that could work here because it is industrial with growth, and that's awfully hard to find. I was thinking that this stock could open at $24 and then trade down from here, but I don't know how much it can go down. I'd bet this stock will get a lot of focus as a replacement for a Parker Hannifin or an Eaton or even an Illinois Took Works, because people want growth badly and they want it in the factory.   We like this stock at DJIM and the growth story it represents.  An undiscovered stock so far that got some attention last week on the breakout.
NWK- Monday, January 8, 2007 at 09:46AM in DJIM alerts

Put this on your watch for a potential trade, raised revenue guidance for this Q and year Friday. Its a tech with about 70%instit. but has a nice chart.  6.80's     Journal     NWK was one that had what many like.  First, it quietly pre-announced a very good Q revenue based and upped the years growth to 17-20% from 10%.   Well, we know what we would do if this was a EPS report, we'd jump on it if it included a similar EPS growth prospect.   We also know these don't last a day, so we thought a second day follow through might happen and it did very nicely on what looks like a volume high day.   Everybody likes a stock under $10, this was the other factor in thinking this had more space to run.  These stocks are not what we look for in a long term DJIM relationship, it's simply a date and one you got lucky on! 

NVX climbed  to $7.50's as a short term trade idea, those that have held beyond, $7.80's has been in the cards and another 10%+ trade.