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Shaky Start and a Steady Finish

Although it's still a little too early to write off last week's action, we are definitely off to a pretty good start this week.    Monday always sets the tone for the week, doesn't it?    Ok, superstition aside, we are glad to see that there was no follow through to last Friday's sell off today.  Another big fat red candle would not have been a pretty sight.    Even though some of the names on our watchlist felt a little shaky in the early going, many of them all ended in a very rosy way.    This is somewhat reassuring because we didn't want to see last Friday's ugliness get carried over into this week.   Momentum can get built up on the downside just as easily as on the upside.    Honestly, we still couldn't see the reason why the market was sold off that hard last week.    Many of the issues the market pundits were calling for were known for a while and there is really no quick fix to them.    Still, we have been managing to live with some of those issues(credit crunch, high oil, low dollar) for a while now and most importantly, fed has been willing to pump liquidity into the system and adjust the monetary policy when any unfavourable situation does arrive.   What's the big worry?    If you believe the entire stock market and corporate profit are centred around the housing market and high oil price, then you may have already parked your money in t-bills and shouldn't even care about this market.    For those of us who trade names like AAPL or RIMM GOOG BIDU , things don't get any better than now.

The point is, this market is not just about the 3M or CAT or BAC.   There's a bull market in quite a few other sectors and that's what's keeping the game alive.    You can also argue that there's just so much liquidity out there that there's always institutions looking for some hot (growth) area to invest.   We just have to be on the same page as those money managers.

AAPL delivered a nice report and should benefit quite a few momentum names.

CRNT, this plays has been on our watchlist for quite sometimes now.   Today the company reported earnings which beat the estimate and it also raised guidance for next quarter.   Stock saw a flurry of buying and ended near the high of the day.   We really like this kind of earning reaction and we are playing it fairly aggressively.

LULU JASO ISRG HMIN, these three have traded to their recent highs today and we particularly like their action compare to some of the other names on our list.    For the sake of momentum, we think as long as the market shows some favourable action, you'd want be trading these names aggressively.



Momentum stocks

"For those of us who trade names like AAPL or RIMM GOOG BIDU , things don't get any better ...AAPL delivered a nice report and should benefit quite a few momentum names".  Nothing could've have been closer to the truth as momentum stocks ruled yesterdays action.  It all started with a gap up open and then after some shake and bakes midday,  the momo carried into the close.   What we wanted to see yesterday was the follow through that occurred late, the reason being we somewhat feared a repeat of the GOOG earnings.  Seemingly, we were not the only ones as the NASD gave a few shakes before exploding in the afternoon after it took out the morning highs.   Unfortunately, as we all know this market is a jittery one and could turn on a dime with new headlines and this will likely be the case early today as Merrill Lynch will put the credit crunch back in the headlines early on.   It also won't help a few familiar names couldn't keep up to the AAPL's and disappointed after the close.   If you were trading the momo names yesterday,  the action we got was a weeks worth and there would have been some profit taking either way this morning after the big 2 day reversal.  The action yesterday was reaffirmation of why we trade the stocks we do, momentum stocks rule and it is not only the big familiar names that grab the headlines.  The action in the BIDU, FSLR, DRYS's was incredible the past 2 days and the rebounds in the EDU's CETV WBD have not been that bad either.  The melt up to a high of $110 from SPWR was pretty good as well.

Today...we will get a clear indication if the market wants to play the credit crunch game or move on and feed off the many good reports yesterday and maybe give us a rally of sorts during earning season.  No doubt the yo-yo day to day action will continue, but that is something we all should be prepared for after the last few months.   A wait and see this morning... we won't be looking to add positions, but we also won't be selling the ranch at the open.

A trading note,  no matter how well a small cap acts one day as in the case of CRNT...a downgrade the next morning by a small firm should be taken seriously as it can burst a bubble quickly.   It doesn't have to be a tier1 firm, it could be a firm you've never heard of.    It is always better to exit such things early before the news spreads and the selling hits harder.  You can always get back in the game after the dust settles.