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Entries in CAAS (5)


Houston, we've got a problem... CAAS, China Automotive Systems Inc, EFUT, eFuture Information Technology Inc,

We couldn't go to the bathroom today.  Literally!  . plus, should we be writing our note in Chinese?.   Oh just in case anyone hasn't noticed, there was not one, but TWO, 40%+ gainer for DJIM today.    EFUT/ CAAS ...Lock these up as 2 more DJIM benchmark 25% + moves.  As we have stated and stressed during the weekend, this is the kind of time where you make your double digit gains in your portfolio and clean it up around turkey time.     For a couple days back in October, we were joking that this November may not be compared to the Novembers of the past.   Boy oh boy, we definitely got more than we bargained for last few days.    And, we are not even half way through November.     Ok on to some obvious and not so obvious plays...

EFUT.jpgEFUT, we were fortunate enough to start trading this one at the beginning of Friday, about 13 points ago! . You've made a pretty penny even if you bought the close with us Friday when we were adding.  Simply put, we haven't seen a mover like this for quite some time now.    This in some way rivals the TZOO of the past.     Breathtaking, stunning and spectacular finish.   Can this gap up tomorrow and pull another good move?   It's possible and we think it's more than probable that it will.    The only drawback about this one is that you have to be there on every tick, literally.

caas.jpgCAAS, this one was noted in pre-mkt off earnings and frankly it's not a bad thing just to get your feet in this one in the early going.    What it did during the last half an hour is another display of EFUTistic move.    By the way, both CAAS and EFUT had one very ingredient in common, tiny float.   Once again, gap candidate as we pointed out before the close.  The action AH is the gap at work, this is what we were expecting. The same reasoning behind introducing EFUT 10 minutes before close on Friday. There is nothing wrong with adding to strength, we almost always do it near the close.  Sometimes the strength turns into a nice move the next day, sometimes into a crazy run like seen in EFUT today.

DLB +3% / CMT, good follow-up from both stocks.

RIMM/BIDU , so RIMM had its move and now we think BIDU may get its turn.   

other stocks exhibiting strength from the DJIM bin include AAON 5%, ATNI  RVBD 4% SINA 3% DIVX  GROW  FTEK SRVY.

MEK made a nice recovery, still be careful with this segment now.  Go with stronger sec...china stocks


DJIM index outperformed

most of the day big time....You know you're in a groove when AH a DJIM neglected shoots up 20% as you're about to call it a day. Only this afternoon TRMS was setting up after a great EPS. Everything else has been so hot, this one has been placed to the side as it consolidated.  We thought TRMS had the earnings and a story to go with it, today management decided to reveal a new direction...the story behind the new found EPS strength....You also know things are going for you when you're not scouring for the next EPS gem, pre market or AH. Why?...Because we already have them for ourselves and DJIM readers since their first trade after earnings!. Has anyone noticed AAON (nice day), ATNI are probably up 20% since getting space on DJ Journal.  Not bad in a week to two.  A lot of you love the juice of the runners, the EFUT, the CAAS's but for a complete healthy diet, we strongly recommend only one thing around here ( besides not holding into earning).  That is spread yourself out a bit, one day you'll get flushed by a runner and you won't have anything to buy these crawlers with. To us they are crawlers, to the funds that accumulate ...these are sound investments.  The daily speed might not be there for you, but the gains of 25+% in a month, a quarter is nothing to sneeze at. We doubt many places can offer you the experience of finding, trading the momentum stocks as well as the ones your financial advisor might find suitable for your family book. The best thing is we hate "RED" and avoid all to see such in one of our buys. The worst thing we could ever do is procrastinate, its not extensive DD'ing, its the action, the volume that gets us in most stocks. The time lapse between finding something we like and the time we pull the trigger, is quite short... but this doesn't mean chasing a stock without getting the 'feel for it.  This is how we avoid the "RED".  It is also the confidence in seeing and doing it all over again. This is the same confidence that rubs off on many readers of DJIM that have been with us for what is probably 3 years now.  BT is one of them we're happy to say. Charts paint a history, the stocks characteristics are embedded. This is why we recycle,(TRT most recently) our hitlists/ watch lists rarely take up more than one screen to get the job done.     So what happened today........Confidence, experience told us we'd have probable gaps for EFUT and CAAS...we've seen it and crazily feel it sorry to have no life...Its never too late to buy in the last 10-15 minutes, it is actually the best time for us in adding a position.  CAAS was $10.30 or so when we said a gap was probable, a gap is not the thing you see only in the morning open.  It is a stock running to 11.70 AH as well.   EFUT, we were confident in putting it up back to back on closes at DJIM.  We said this was something else, tonight we're glad to say its someone else's.  This is not the bread and butter of DJIM, we wrestled the idea of even mentioning it Friday..but felt comfortable with the gap idea end of day.  A $2 track or lotto ticket is all we would place on it short term as of this afternoon(MC).  Incredibly the insanity of watching, dealing with EFUT didn't take away from watching, trading other DJIM stocks. The super ninjas muscled out their cheaper cousins, the C-team of Chinese stocks. EDU, MR outclassed the bunch and finished the day with NCH's..each up about 10% at the highs. There was GROW getting the 'volatility' management just loves;)...DLB a quiet 3%, TRT unfortunately gave up the highs..guess its best to see the charts for the rest of the story of the happenings around here...oh AXR recently mentioned as part of DJIM A-team with AMIE, APH (back to $69), we were a little too full today to enjoy this ride, hope some of you caught it!


DJIM- Just one reminder....

Take some profits!    That's what we have been doing with some of our holdings today, bet you were too. Those gains in GROW, EDU off the breaks are hard to ignore and not pocket.  Why now and why not tomorrow or yesterday?    Well, in fact, we have always been taking profit-points here and there and taking profit has been a big part of our trading strategy.   Simply put it this way, when you have millions of dollars of merchandise, the most logical action is to take profit into strength.    At least that way, you'd appreciate the kind of work you've done during the last little while.     Ok moving on with some action...

EFUT/CAAS,  Ok, in case you haven't noticed, these aren't the typical DJIM holdings and they belong to the "euphoric trading arena".   Those that remembered the mkt in the hay days, this kind of play isn't uncommon.   The key is, know what you are dealing with.    CAAS gave a second jolt yesterday into the $11's, everyone had time to exit off Tuesdays premkt watch from as low as 8's.  EFUT, like we said last night...somebody else's now. It was here since the riot started, not our problem now.

GMKT, it took a few days of consolidation to get a move like today.   If you think the move is unconvincing, don't sweat it.   The stock is definitely on a right path and use the dipping opportunity to trade this one higher.

EDU, very very powerful move the whole week and again, we are letting some go here as per note in DJIM alerts.   This is not to say that we think it's done moving up but we just want to protect what's already ours.  MR has earnings in the morning, so we have let this go the past 2 days in reaction to this event.  We're sure these will be back in full on our books, shortly.

GROW, whatever the management did in their recent cc, it's working.   Maybe the stock will get to a level for a split to make sense.     Again, this one has a tendency for pullback so we are trading with the action accordingly. A little extended off the break at 38's(earning day high), so we reduced quiet a bit.

FSYS/SRVY, these two perked up a little and are setting up nicely and we are watching closely.

TWLL, though no complain about the chart move here, the only question we have is why it didn't move the last few days when the mkt was basically making new highs every hour. Like TWLL's today, we're just not that excited with the most recent breaks in the likes of UCTT, SNCR  and think its a good time to reduce exposure in some of DJIM tech names.

USAP, this one had a very nice report a while back but we didn't bother playing it.   It broke out today and we are following with some action too.    THS, the same. 

Order of the day for us was definitely profit taking, we have taken some profit more aggressively today than the last couple of days.   Since we've had just so many winners in our accounts recently, and with new ones popping up every day, it'll eventually get to a point where we can not look after each play constantly and at all times.   So in order to avoid a situation where a general mkt pullback occurs and you are still heavy with your positions, we decided that selling some huge winners here, aggressively,  is a good idea.  There are new set ups forming and we are looking for those lagging a bit to make another move.  We're not negative on the market, we just think we all should take an early Xmas bonus when it's handed to you.


Three and a half hrs left....

Still 3.5 hrs left to feast on this holiday trading you have it in you?.

Wednesday premarket we noted JCG, J Crew which has been undergoing a turnaround since 2003 with a new CEO.  JCG came out with stellar earning and raised "G". We're not big on trading retailers but this one had a nice chart and the flavor of IPO still over it as well.  Hey, its not Limited Brands inc, (LTD) that we could do some serious due diligence work on over the holiday up here in Toronto... but with XMAS shopping season around the corner, this preppy clothier might stick around the DJIM books if it continues to gain interest. Of course, its Black Friday weekend so you have that to consider all the upcoming news into a potential retail play for your book.  The stock traded up to $38 AH's Tuesday, the open dipped into the high $36's..a surprise with nothing really behind it, this definitely looked like a buy opportunity to us..  Soon the stock picked up and it was not too much later that we entered as it started to catch some air. There are 100's of releases this time of the year, we are selective in putting things up you might want to look at during extended trading hours, DJIM alerts as well.  JCG was one you should have been watching early on with us.   CAAS's crazy one day run recently might have given you reason to check back into this Market Chat feature.


Another highlight was the move in the heavily followed DJIM stock MR.  Not much you could say about it except it managed to tack on another $1.50 after being alerted to with the follow up on JCG in the morning.

CMT, this late day alert Tuesday in the very low $9's put in a very good day closing in on $10. The chart looks excellent for this steady mover and it's IBD #'s are getting interesting enough to get some attention in our books.

GROW, GMKT continue to provide the best trading opportunities while climbing higher, buying the dips is not going out of style with these G's.

RVBD is providing the best opp in the recently followed DJIM tech names and is really the only one we have interest in trading...DIVX might be shaping up but the SCNR, TWLL, TRT, UCTT need further consolidation and/ or a breakout for us to get interested again.  Be careful tomorow, false breakouts may occur on small volume, best to pocket some gains because they can evaporate quickly come next week.  

EFUT, CAAS are teasing and might be playable tomorrow again, we just wouldn't be holding them into the weekend.




All the familiar ones...

This has been the theme throughout the the day, and throughout the month, so far.    Stocks that are going up today are those that have been trading near the 52week high during the last little while.    It definitely pays to have a watchlist full of strong stocks.    In our case, it's the DJIM list.   Here are some highlights..

ZOLL, this looks like a clear breakout today with respectable volume.   We added a little and feeling the move up is far from over.

MR, we are simply too tired to mention this one every other day.  This is a good stock, period.

EDU/HMIN, chinese stocks are definitely catching some fire today.   Both had a new closing high and that always spells potential momentum.

AXR, yes it's volatile and it can drop a few bucks intraday, but it can also be rewarding and trade up 15 bucks.    The key to trade a stock like this is to recognize the trend.   The trend is up and then it doesn't take a genius to know what to do, the rest is up to your experience and instinct.

There are quite a few others that made new highs and we are trading some of these moves.   Interesting movers include HRT LXU FRD GRRF CAAS....

ALY, BTJ,  we discussed their failure to avoid the trend Friday, well today it couldn't it fight it and $61 oil any longer, we reduced our exposure for the time being. $63+ is again showing its resistance.