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Is it Friday yet...

Now we know where the Bulls are refueling these days to push this market higher and the looks of it is at BWLD and CMG!  We won't go further tonight on the indices as that pretty well covers it,  we've bantered enough the last few days about remaining Bullish.  The favorable bias returned yesterday afternoon and continued nicely into today.

CPY, the incredible run continued today with a gap open of a couple points and a dash for $79. Yepper, thats about 22 points since Sundays note on it...or 16 more points to play within since yesterdays alert note.  Either way you slice it was time to get out of this ride.  We said something was up last night....somehow, the news today of CPY buying up another co' in bankruptcy for 100mln today doesn't totally gel with us for the rocket trip.  We say this only because when we had this here in the low $40's there was some quiet speculation that CPY was going to be taken out.  We'll give it a breather and watch if it can do more...but with 700k volume it could have blown its top today.

VOXW, we knew from watching this trade previously it could be a wild ride and therefore gave a warning of sorts. The reason was evident in the first 5 minutes of trading as it went from $4 to $8, lol.   Once the rush was over, it actually traded well and gave plenty of opportunity to buy between $6-7 before a trip to nearly $9.  What we knew about this company was its tiny float and it's ability to run.  Many probably looked at the Yahoo line and thought it had 6mln float and so it is probably still passed by some.  We think the float is 1/6 of that or so.  Throw in this line, Q1 EPS of $0.10 vs ($0.34) ir yr ago period; revs $3.62 mln vs $1.87 mln in yr ago period and we thought we had one for the traders here.  It actually calmed down and stuck to a range most of the day without any big sell off on profit taking.  We traded it and kept some end of day and we will monitor closely if it has some legs or not.

MA, every Q we talk about picking this up, this time we did with idea of getting into the 130's with it.  We expect more than a 10% gap with it and think it will squeeze to 130's as it's more than 10% short.  The report was a blowout but of course the shorts will look to the economy prospects to try to knock it down.  Hey, if BWLD and CMG still take MA, we'll take some MA for a starter.

ADPI, noted last night, showed it's pearly whites today for another possible 2 point day.

What you have now is new earning plays taking center stage while ones as recent as last week are consolidating their early gains.  So be on your toes for fresh names every day.   Sooner than later, the earlier names will begin to move if the market keeps humming along.  There was excellent action in small caps/ RUT today, but a few names we are holding didn't join in.  Not the first time our DJIM stocks behave like the Black Sheep only to come out strong the next day...we'll see if that's the case with IDSA, NGA...maybe they just have a IBD attitude problem and want to play on their own terms.  We do think for the most enthralled by these to understand you're missing opportunities if this all you have now.  We know the crushes some get on high reward plays with speculation of IBD attached, it is also never a bad idea to not forget the risk still attached to these trades.   If you've been asking all week, "Is it Friday, yet" because you're waiting for IDSA to move, you might be heading for a disappointment come Friday 4pm with some opportunities missed in other places as well.



This market definitely feels like there's high level of complacency built in.   We kicked off the week with a hostile bid offer from AA for the good ole Canadian Alcan.   A potential deal like this always spurs activity in the sector and we are seeing the spill over effect into a few stocks.   This and other M&A activity is definitely good news for overall market.   What this means is that since market has been getting constant flow of fresh bullish catalysts, participants are willing to throw money into other secondary plays.   This, in turn, props our index higher and makes every trader feeling positive and optimistic, and willing to commit capital.

SYNL, technically, this one looks really good given the volume + price action today.   For those that may not know, today's action is the result of Louis Navaliier recommendation, so we heard.    The last L.N. play we touched was UIC which was actually quite a while ago.   However, it did give us more than a dozen points added on.   How do we play this then?  Well, we are willing to give this one some room to move so we'd be looking for continuation of strong volume in order for us to continue the ride. This is no different than a Briefingcom profile, a Cramer blurb that picks up on a DJIM stock long ago discovered.  We'll take it all and have an advantage of already cashing in once or twice and knowing the trading habits of the equity in question.

FSLR, perhaps the easiest points, or the safest points, have already given to us by the end of today.    What does it mean then?   We think once the earning fever dies down with this one, it may trade back to the old form again.   We are keeping a close eye on this one and especially on the volume.  Still this report is more optimistic than the last and might make FSLR a better long term bet for new money.

NGA, this one needs a pullback badly, we think.   Why?   The stock looks more tired each day compare to the previous one.    We don't think the run-up is far from over and we are here to buy the dip aggressively.   De ja vu!     We have probably pointed this approach out many times before.  For an EPS momentum stock,  the FIRST pullback should always be aggressively bought.   This to us is not a wait and see play at this point.   We are simply trusting our own experience and instinct to play aggressively on this one.   We like this one a lot.

VOXW, just last night we said not to lose sight of this one. Today's range almost 2 points or 30%.  Volume was higher than the last weeks big day, so some money is discovering the run-up potential in this name.

Some other notable plays we like today include VDSI TNH SCHN and BTJ and these aren't strange stocks to DJIM.   At this point, we are just curious to see how broadly this market can participate so we can find diversified opportunities to trade. Since capital preservation is key here, not meaning doing nothing but rather taking profits when we get a nice ride.   Today, we were glad to have our capital securely away from DNDN, IDSA.