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Entries in cetv (5)


Is it 2pm yet? ..FOMC minutes, CETV at $60

Likely to be a 'real' sleeper till the minutes are released, then maybe just a sleeper...volume will drip in the book of stocks we are following, the drip is a 'green' right now..................there is always a BTJ re-entry to figure out


IAAC $24.5, GROW $24.85 entry

It just doesn't feel like it's the last trading day of this summer.     

IAAC (24.50) -believe it or not, we started playing this one exactly three months ago.    Kudos to Demi, we started following it on another msg board since $12 and it's really been an on and off affair for us.    Thanks to GROW, this one is catching on some heat lately and it just took out the old high with very good volume.    Imo, this one has better growth compare to GROW and it also has good IBD exposure.    The reason why I mention IBD in about every paragraph I write is that about all of our past big winners would eventually turn up on the IBD100 list.    The recent surge in volume tells me that interest is picking up and momentum is building up.    Right now, it's no where near the climatic volume phase and so I'm not worried about a blowoff top anytime soon.   In fact, GROW is starting to set up nicely also which leads me to believe that this sector might be in play.


DJIM week review/ list #5

If we had a mission statement...the mention in last weekends review of providing the best trading opportunities right here and now is what it would be. No need to throw 50 stocks at anyone, a $2 buck scan will do that...A few choice cuts will do us all good. Last Friday we mentioned FNET, by Monday morning it was at the top of our trading list if you are following. By mid week we had our first 2X here and told of a possible top premarket at $18 following the footsteps of ANGN premarket top at $10 the previous day. Yep, ANGN was provided midday in the mid $7's before a quick 25% run. We will keep these on watch and recycle if we see fit. FNET has a date on the 21st and there should be some action before and after. We don't need to short but if we can explain the possibility of a top and if you can find the shares to short, all the best...RFIL in MC is also an example of sharing a possible top and the reasons we thought the enthusiasm for $10 that evening was not warranted. We didn't exactly say FNET, ANGN was warranted..instead we told you this was clearly, purely in- play. We follow the volume, we don't create it.  Mid- week we finally got to trade a real stock of sorts.....EDU throwing it out on DJIM at $22, ..the rest is history now as it jetted to the $27's. we will keep close watch over it. TWLL an add last weekend played BT's chart to a T...backing up to mid 13's and later in the week breaking out to new highs and a $15+ close on friday. Not all are runners, a few crawlers will do just fine...AMIE at 29+, CETV at $60 here. This is the only diversification we know. Momo stocks and a few crawlers that drag quality earnings along. CPY is another crawler added to the list last week, at these levels care is needed as mentioned before. A few things out of our control, such as oil, big boys chattering it up, a financing knocked a few off close watch. The BTJ's,ALY's...the GRB to a Dgrade, IAAC to a convertible all now struggle beneath the 9ema. That's fine as they provided early profits after mention, plus we found others to trade. We're sure these will come back in the future to the DJIM table as might FNET, ANGN but only later. We want to see IAAC get back to the 9ema before making another move on it. WBD made a quick return to our buy list last week after EPS, so you know we keep many DJIM's around ..they just go to another screen for the corner of the eye. GROW is another one that has come through the DJIM compost quickly. This one makes us a little nervous, maybe its the high perch of #1 on IBD..but its also b/c the latest entry price isn't just below $25 like the first mention here and we don't want to giveaway any of those early trade keep your eye on it. UIC had a pullback after going $50-55+ here and has trended up again...a break of the recent high will be needed for further attention. We are adding the SYX to the list....we might add another later, check for follow ups to this headline post before the open....Do we need a spinach stock?..Well...we have one we will put up Monday morning if there is still a story. The market was such last week that Baskin Robbins stocks, flavor of the day/week catch on quickly, most likely this will continue..If you pull up the charts you will see our DJIM highlighted all trade over the 9ema. If any of them break this moving average on good volume it's a good guess we won't be following it for a bit and probably sold if we had it in our book.


Some Update

Ok lets jus get right to it...

SYX, this stock is just following through nicely.   We didn't do any addition but have traded it a couple of times already.

EDU, this quiet action to us is a prelude to another leg up perhaps?  We'd like to think so and once the volume picks up on the right direction, we'd be adding more.

CSH, this stock gapped up and amazingly it held the gap most of the morning.   We added some when it looks like it just wants to go higher.

CETV, analyst day and Demi was quick to point it out.   Action looks good.

NGPS, most of us have probably had this one on watchlist for a while.   If the breakout today holds, we are adding it to the DJIM list for top trading prospect.

SIM, this is a steel stock btw, in case anyone's wondering.   It's definitely in an IBD mode but we would caution ppl that it does trade in tendency with the rest of the steel sector.   Our feeling is that if it can hold at least high 14s through tomorrow, chances of it going making it to IBD is pretty good. 

ICE, after a couple of days of pullback, this one may be setup again.   We are watching this one closely today for possible entry.

one last thing, people don't forget to go check our "market chat" section often since many ideas, charts and news are posted there periodically throughout the day.




DJIM hold/hit list #11......MOBO hiccups the MOMO..

How convenient that earth shattering news was!...The market with 2 strikes against it yesterday....GDP and TGIF having little effect on the market, and then conveniently and timely GS decides to rile up the market with a blackberry file from an analyst whooping it up on a Friday night in Taipei with 'old news'....Did this tech rally really miss the fact that Vista delay troubles and 8 million Sony crisp and toasty batteries might dampen 4th Q holiday orders/sales and that corporations would take their sweet time incorporating Vista into '07.  Is it breaking news that many would go for something else this holiday season instead of a new MOBO' system?  Well...with a sensitive market after GDP#, profit taking Friday and with the market needing a rest period, it didn't take much to get the profit taking ball rolling without giving much thought. Is this really anything the market didn't know about or expect? . We wonder who was buying the selling on the 'demand has fallen off quickly in October" headline?.  You also have to wonder about a market that takes 'YUCK' GDP so lightly, yet gets shaken on MOBO growth prospects/shipment declines for October.   The market looks like it wants go higher into the last quarter to us, the GDP short term reaction helped this idea....but of course we need a healthy pullback ...consolidation, maybe this is it. The charts below show the lines in the sand for a pullback and/or some more. The SP on the upper line, the recent break outs of the indecies, the possibility of the Dow transports getting closer to highs which could be the last straw if it breaks out for those thinking this market will implode in 2006. Our gig at DJIM is not to get into the scenarios, there is enough info and talking heads giving their take. We don't want get into this ever on DJIM and we wouldn't expect many to ever agree with us or would we care if they didn't... so we don't.  We are traders first and as we always say....we will trade accordingly to the action we see. Yesterday, it was taking some off as we thought the GDP was enough to cause a needed pullback, the late tech action told us to sell but there were a few pieces we were still buying late in the day..   There are a few techs in the DJIM bunch..

TRT saw the brunt of the GS note. In our notes, we have been cautious on the TRT action pointing to the recent move without volume and waiting for the insiders to stop the selling. We talked off wanting a pullback to add before an attempt at the highs. Fridays was a little extreme to add, we will wait to see if the insiders helped the cause.

We added some DIVX again on the late day dip, we still think there will be some action like in RVBD the day of earnings before the release.

UCTT seemed to have survived the GS note and even closed higher than the much talked about pricing of the 1.8 mln share exchange.  Not bad action considering this is a semi with a cloud over it from that large transaction for some.

APH was looking so sweet as it broke the highs and toyed in the $70's  Then it got taken down with the rest. As we've said before, we expect this one to be on DJIM for a while.

RIMM..DJIM's after hours pick up at $99+ on earnings day had a nice breakout this week. We noted to look for one at $114 early on. TD research gave it a glowing report with another tgt in mid $100's on Friday. Our goal is still the 25% gain which is DJIM's benchmark we strive for in our buys to join the wall on our DJ Journal Archives page.

MR had a terrific week after driving us nuts for about a month. Last friday, we focused on the MR move and what it might bring the following week. Seems the break out move caught on as we went from low 17's to 19's. At this point we would like it to pullback closer to 9ema for another move into it. The volume dropped off thur/fri and so did our position. We will keep watching this closely and hopefully catch another move up.

ACOR is just a marvel to watch, it has bored the momo traders yet they all wait and watch for a move(including us;). This is now a hold long term for many as it has churned here in the 17 range endlessly. Are 3 or 4 firms wrong with the $24-25 targets on ACOR, we don't think so and patiently wait for any news to spark it again.

BTJ, the possibility we spoke of Wednesday for a late momo run into IBD didn't play out. The positive of this is the stock is becoming more attractive off the pullback after stellar earnings will move heavy into BTJ on such sector moves but this will only occur with a volume push, so far BTJ is not trading like the BTJ we know...the volume is not there but we still bought some into the close as it closed in on the 9ema(15.80) level. The August run we followed had BTJ reach 9ema on day 6 (including earnings day) and then it continued forward.... Friday was day 4 this time around.

Some of the best trading opportunities this past week was from the stocks mentioned in the Extended trading thread in Market Chat...

FTK, ZIGO, CTCI and a few others on consecutive days.  We expect this to continue as the small caps begin to roll out their numbers. As the EPS small cap show and tell begins, we will still keep the charts refreshed for some DJIM stocks we have little or no shares of now. We don't expect these to test highs until EPS is out or some news propels them to break highs. This includes CETV, CPY.   On Thursday,  we said we dwindled BVX (DJIM since low 7's).. this follows DGIT (low 10's). BVX seems to be only for the chart players now, another play might be formed with those 3 last daily sticks, DJIM needs another catalyst to move back in. Both have been profitable DJIM plays but we see more exciting things coming up with a fresh earnings season. Like all DJIM listed stocks these will be watched for a possibe entry. IAAC,CTCM,GROW continue to provide nice intraday moves for traders.