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DJIM hold/ hit List #19

In most cases, stocks have continued retreating during the second last week of the year.   This is understandable given the kind of market we've been through.   For many people who are making their year end tax moves, the last couple weeks of the year is the time to get it done.   Both of the profit and losses needed to be realized and both will have to come in a way of selling.    So, a pullback in the indices may be the indication that people are just doing that.     We at DJIM here are doing just exactly that, taking a breath from this market and resting ourselves up for what could be a busy earning season.    Yup, earning season is almost upon us again and the coming quarter is considered to be typically the second strongest quarter of the year.

One thing we feel that we have to point out to our readers is that we DO NOT hold through earnings with our DJIM stocks.   Most of our plays are considered IBD type of earning momentum plays and the one very thing that can break them is THE earning.   During the past week, we've seen it with IAAC and MIKR.    So what happened if you get caught holding through, whether intentionally or accidentally, we think the best thing to do is to just move on.     There are just gonna be tons of new plays on the horizon and there's absolutely no reason to hold onto a broken pipe.     How about playing for a bounce, or 50 ema bounce, as some of you may ask?    We think it's better to leave the leftovers to those who actually enjoy them.   For us, playing with the best setups, and playing with the current plays are the only things that matter and from which we get the biggest rewards on.   As you can see, we have no problem coming up with new and exciting plays every week and even every day in a good market.      Our mentality and our approach to this market has always been that we let the plays "come to us" and the nature of this market is such that there'll always be new plays coming to us.    We just have to be there to catch them, early.     So digging up old beat-up plays, leftover plays, and other "left for dead" kind of plays, are not worth our time, effort and capital.     This is the very reason that got us to this point and why this site exists.

In the past week, we had some wild action from ESCL and some steady action from OPTM, FSYS, ZOLL, GLDN, POWL, ROS....   Even though some of those gains did not hold till the end of the week,  it's just down right silly not to take advantage of some of the intraday gains.   Think about where you have started trading them and where they had been during the week and how long it took for those gains to realize.     To cap the week off, we had a super strong close off a Chinese IPO FFHL and our second timely alert on it.   Most of us are probably excited to be back tomorrow just to trade FFHL.     In any case, FFHL may be the focal point for many traders for this shortened trading week.