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DJIM #39  2007

Last week was payday(s),  sitting on quite a bit of cash into Tuesday's helicopter drop was painstaking but very fruitful as it turned out..."only thing we are doing is being patient and not trading for the sake of trading".    This was the mentality for the prior 5-6 trading days heading into the FOMC due to what we saw as a lack of any meaningful set ups.   The FOMC provided a black hole for all of us to be sucked in and put that sidelined money to work!!.     Simply, the subdued action heading into the meeting turned into a wild and crazy trading week.. Even though the market pretty well consolidated for the next few days after the record day...,eg.. the Friday open gap led to the Nasdaq trading within a 10pt range, this did not stop the DJIM stock universe from having a great day on Friday.   Our DJIM index, if we may call it that of our closely followed/traded stocks outperformed everything in sight on Friday.  Take the stocks from the previous weekends chart section that we have you following and add a MELI or two late in the week and you can see the results if you stick to trading our book of stocks.  The 1 day returns are only surpassed by the 1 week return on this group of stocks.

The strategy continues...stick with winners and ones making strong breakouts and hitting new 52 week highs/new closing highs.  We won't be listing them, you know them, it is visible by a look of the charts up this weekend.   The Shippers, the Solars.. these two sec's are leading the way, but let's not forget the other flavors we beat on and that is the Chinese stocks and IPO's of choice. ..As we have been saying for days and weeks, months...'you can't ignore a strong sector'.   Still....never forget to take profits home with you, you can always reload and recycle these DJIM plays.    We've been doing it for months.   EJ, as an example was a 2nd time around in a month and it played out just like we wanted with the recent action a forward to the MLynch initiation.  No matter what it does now,  Friday move to almost $23 was as good as any reason to sell.    Just like a pre-earnings run, we had a pre-coverage one that we thought was worth trying.    By Fridays close, the list of these stocks at highs grew with a few DJIM names coming back back onto our closely followed trading mix...LXU, GTLS, VMW (coverage by book runners initiated today, should be quiet volatile).  We'd also include ANW ,a Barrons note this weekend and ATHN an IPO, on your potential trade list for Monday.   Btw.WBD initiation friday includes a $136 tgt. 

A seemingly perfect storm is brewing in late September and it's not a tropical one.  It is the trading vibe created, it is the end of Quarter that should bring in the buying from institutions to fudge their Q books and it is the 14000 chit chat.