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Fun filled day...

for the Democrats?   Or is it in this case for the DJIM followers? lol    So the last piece of news that caught our eyes isn't CSCO's superb earning or guidance, it's GROW's split announcement.    It's definitely not a good way to PR pump your $30 stock.   But hey, we are just mere mortals and if the announcement gives action, and action creates opportunity, we'll trade it.    Now to some real movers....

EDU, we don't know the reason why it jumped this much but we are glad that we held our shrs last few days and added promptly on the break of $26.   It pretty much gathered strength throughout the day as traders tried to play catch-up.    Can it break its old high?    It's definitely setup to do so and it'd be very interesting to see what happens after it does.

RVBD, is this a sympathy to CSCO's earning perhaps?  We think it probably will be come tomorrow.  Oh, it also broke out nicely today on good volume.

BTJ, OIH is definitely trying here.  This kind of sector move benefits some of the little ones the most.   There's also of course MEK and ALY and all three are running for various IBD100 spots coming this weekend.

TRT, a few readers emailed us on this former mover today and we think it has potential.   As we said many many times before, if the insiders stay out of selling, we can get some sustained movement up.   Believe it or not, those insiders always tend to pick the "best" time to kill its momentum.   Maybe they should run a short fund or something since their timing is just so impeccable.

RIMM, well, you can put this one in the book now.  Another 25% gainer for us (see DJ Archives) and it may not even stop here.  For a large cap where you can literally buy millions of dollars worth, this is not a bad return for a month of work.

SRVY, this one came out with earning this morning and what caught our eyes is the trading action.   The number may not seem spectacular but it's apparent that there are some who really like its story. Lehman for one who raised estimates immediately.

AAON, finished up at the high of the day. More below.

Other stocks that we are trading/watching today include recent DJIM stocks SNCR DIVX APLX AMIE FTEK plus GDP BIDU OMRI TRMS and CMT off earnings.



Boy...this old song and dance is a bore. Have we not seen this before?.   Well, it wasn't too long ago, August 9th..the day after CSCO's shiny earnings that the Nasdaq did a 37 point dive off the top to the close.  Let's go through the two step today...early morning in MC we said.."P.S..a good time this morning to take some profits in your gaps".  Sometimes you are given a gift, unwrap it and leave.  We can't stress it enough here, take..lock in your points, profits. The Nasdaq proceeded to give up 30 points from highs to lows of the day.  It was just last night and many times before these names were profiled and /or talked about as trade bait on DJIM...from yesterdays close to their highs today, MR up 9.4%, RVBD 6%, DIVX 5.5%, BTJ 5%, SNCR 9.5%, SRVY 8.3%, EDU up 3%, RIMM 3%...10% since note in MC on the perfect conditions for a kick from 118's. Throw GDP 5% and even TRT from $12.70' alert time was a 10% ride to the close and yesterdays list glows.  If you're not taking profits of these type of gains, DJIM is not your bar!  

As per MC, we were ready to rotate more new found cash into more BTJ, GDP etc. This turned out to be no more than a intraday sector trade...they perked up quickly and just as fast gave it up. We did the same as the tide turned for the day, but the day was far from over as TRT, GMKT, GLDN (MC) were added along the way. The G's are earnings releases within the past 48hrs with charts that were looking for new highs while the market was selling off.

A few notes...

GROW- as per market chat comments,  we waited out the CC after a morning trade. This was too funny!. Is this a Asset management company or a PR firm?. We're sorry but taking 7+mln OS and turning it into 15mln shares via split is not going to lessen the "trading volatility" in GROW.  This is not the usual reasoning for a split and we can't believe GROW's team believes cheaper shares won't bring on those that like cheaper shares to trade. This stock has a reputation we've seen grow since the beginning, its not going away with a split. They are traders themselves, you know.  The fact they stated they have been on IBD #1 for 8 of 9 weeks is over the top. These guys should be promoters not Asset managers. The ironic kicker is they might need the extra shares to pull off the closing stunt today another day.  GROW was about to finish below the breakout point under $35, but then the painters came in and with a stroke of the brush made it a mid $35 close. The ugly candlestick was spared, but the smell of it all you can't hide with a paper bag.  We believe nothing will change with GROW the stock, it will remain a volatile trading stock and nothing more. Care should be taken with any position going forward, just like its always been recently.

TRT...what TRT gives out mid-quarter reports?;). Didn't we just introduce this at $8.50. gave a pleasant surprise with the unexpected early earnings release. We applaud this management, no doubt this was to stick a fork into the inside sellers side. You see there is a difference between the companies people selling and a Hedge fund aka Zeff doing the deed with a large stake in the co'.  We feel they were a little ticked off and today's early surprise was the pay back. This stock was almost ruined, now this DJIM stock has life again. We look forward to IBD refreshing the rating.




Houston, we've got a problem... CAAS, China Automotive Systems Inc, EFUT, eFuture Information Technology Inc,

We couldn't go to the bathroom today.  Literally!  . plus, should we be writing our note in Chinese?.   Oh just in case anyone hasn't noticed, there was not one, but TWO, 40%+ gainer for DJIM today.    EFUT/ CAAS ...Lock these up as 2 more DJIM benchmark 25% + moves.  As we have stated and stressed during the weekend, this is the kind of time where you make your double digit gains in your portfolio and clean it up around turkey time.     For a couple days back in October, we were joking that this November may not be compared to the Novembers of the past.   Boy oh boy, we definitely got more than we bargained for last few days.    And, we are not even half way through November.     Ok on to some obvious and not so obvious plays...

EFUT.jpgEFUT, we were fortunate enough to start trading this one at the beginning of Friday, about 13 points ago! . You've made a pretty penny even if you bought the close with us Friday when we were adding.  Simply put, we haven't seen a mover like this for quite some time now.    This in some way rivals the TZOO of the past.     Breathtaking, stunning and spectacular finish.   Can this gap up tomorrow and pull another good move?   It's possible and we think it's more than probable that it will.    The only drawback about this one is that you have to be there on every tick, literally.

caas.jpgCAAS, this one was noted in pre-mkt off earnings and frankly it's not a bad thing just to get your feet in this one in the early going.    What it did during the last half an hour is another display of EFUTistic move.    By the way, both CAAS and EFUT had one very ingredient in common, tiny float.   Once again, gap candidate as we pointed out before the close.  The action AH is the gap at work, this is what we were expecting. The same reasoning behind introducing EFUT 10 minutes before close on Friday. There is nothing wrong with adding to strength, we almost always do it near the close.  Sometimes the strength turns into a nice move the next day, sometimes into a crazy run like seen in EFUT today.

DLB +3% / CMT, good follow-up from both stocks.

RIMM/BIDU , so RIMM had its move and now we think BIDU may get its turn.   

other stocks exhibiting strength from the DJIM bin include AAON 5%, ATNI  RVBD 4% SINA 3% DIVX  GROW  FTEK SRVY.

MEK made a nice recovery, still be careful with this segment now.  Go with stronger sec...china stocks