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Almost identical...

The index action today is... you guessed it.. almost identical as yesterday's.    The only difference is that today's point range is not nearly as dramatic as yesterday's.    Individual action, however, is not as bad today compared to yesterday.   As you can tell, this is somewhat comical that we are actually analyzing and comparing daily movement.    Such is summer trading, unfortunately.    If we really want to sit inside an air conditioned room on a hot day like today, we just couldn't help but trying to digest every little bit of volatility.    Is the earning season almost here yet? lol

Lets take a look at some of the strong plays out there in what is otherwise a very shaky, on the edge of its seat market....

TNH, some of us may actually get tired of even looking at this one on a daily basis.  The truth is, it's up 45% since our latest alert of around $90 about 3 weeks ago and it's just been a monster ever since it broke $100.   Folks, forget about those cheapies that may get you a "sizable" position.   Park a few hundred shares in this one and you'd be all set for this summer.    Ok, it isn't that simple but we do want to stress that this is the kind of play we favour the most.    So eventually this one will get sold off so we are keeping our stops very tight.   

LPHI, ok, so we don't have any clue why it's doing what it's doing ever since the earning report.   We liked this one a lot back when it reported a few weeks ago but nothing stuns us more than the latest action this one is getting, irrespective of market environment that is.   Now for a stock to pull a double from $20 range in as little as a month, is just something we have to give our highest respect for.   Even though this one has been on our play list for a while, we do feel that we haven't given it enough attention/time to fully taking advantage of its performance.   So what is our game plan now then?   The higher it goes without a pullback, the more cautious we get on any slight downtick.   In fact, it does feel that a strong pullback is imminent.   So if you are still in this one from day one, make sure you monitor this one very very closely.

RCCC, one of our favourite plays the past few months, came back and got a nch today.  This one, unlike LPHI above, has had its share of consolidation last little while and we are just not as cautious when chasing this one.    For what it's worth, we think there's potentially some more upside on this one.

TBSI, those darn shippers just can't all move together.   No matter, the idea of playing sector is always go after the top performer.  In this case, we feel this one is the best performer in that sector, much like TNH and FSLR in their respective sector.    This one made a new high and we followed through with some shares.

HOKU, some of our readers have brought this one up and we just want to say that when looking at a play like this one, it is crucial to understand the players behind the action.   This one has traded twice its float two days in a row and there's no doubt this belongs to the day trading crowd, for the most part.   If you really want to try this one, make sure you keep your eyes on the 5 min. chart and as well as the volume, and hope somebody else buys it higher from you.