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Not sure what we have left for tomorrow.  Maybe another high flying micro cap biotech will emerge and we can play some of the extra dollars earned this week for fun.  Everything, we could have imagined has already happened and we're extremely pleased with the results before earning season has even kicked off!.  Simply, we didn't lay any eggs and had everyone in the right spots at the right time.   What we think we provide at DJIM is plenty of action without the need of our readers to go look for potential plays.  Instead, we give out we think should be sufficient to play, to trade and make a dollar or two on.  We share the toys in our sandbox and don't think you really need to stray from what we dig up.  Of course, this is a big stock universe and our plays are not the only thing going on, but for those not full-time in this gig we think we provide all you need..this includes stocks on the forum from other traders.    Hey, why not trade what ones in this 24/7 trade?.  That's a huge advantage to be in the loop, the in crowd... but it comes with quite a bit of responsibility.  The biggest is understanding you're playing with a lot of 24/7 momentum money and it does not care if you made 10% in the morning cause it will turn on you while you go for your liquid lunch.  Your responsibility is to protect your winnings.  There is one calculation a member did and that is DJIMstocks rarely slide to the red in the beginning stage.  What this means is there is a great chance you will make money if your timing is right and procrastination does not take you over.   If you haven't noticed we MOVE ON and go after the next play after nice moves or if something simply lags.    Please understand... this is what we preach, we believe and have shown we can get on and find the next egg to crack.   As far as we are concerned,  we are in this together with you and so why be here if you don't follow our methodology.   We just don't understand why some get such crushes on stocks that they try to live in the hope of a bounce cause their pretty stock was pretty once.  MOVE ON.  Also, don't ever ask us if we're still holding a GROW back down to $30 after seeing it climb to $35, don't ask if we are still holding JSDA a week from now, if it is 3 bucks lower.  Honestly, this is not extreme!.  Some just love getting in on a GROW at $32 and then wondering what our opinion is if it falls to $30.  If you are buying a stock a bit late and had made a $1 or $2, don't led it slide beneath your buy point.  This is part of we noted last night when you keep adding to a position or starting all over. Don't let your original gains slide away.

The Alerts- Comments page is a 'LEAD', again not a license to buy. Every stock is different and the less seasoned need to understand the differences between the types of stocks we trade.  Sometimes, we hit the clock unintentionally as in the case of SMCI.  We didn't want it to move a $1 after our note, we had hoped this would take time.   We just don't want people chasing after they see a reaction to a trade and assume if they chase the next one that it could happen again and you make 10% in a hour.   KIDS, it just don't work that way!.  Accept it.  Actually if we wanted that, us and our friends could do that.   But, creating a move and dumping on our readers is not what we are about.  This is part of the reason we started this as we have seen this in the circles we have found ourselves in.  It's unfortunate, but its out there!.  Think about this ...if we wanted to make money this way, we could have kept our site public with readership at 10X what it is now with Yahoo's scalping on each other.

We are making an effort to be more educational as we continue forward and so tonights Journal and the recent follow ups in the Forum.  The stocks speak for themselves this week and we will leave them to this weekend...GROW JSDA DNDN momo, WBD OYOG BW NIHD TSL AMAG HOT  breakout moves. A great week proving that readers calculation. 

Have a great holiday!


Bold trading...

Folks, this is the kind of market that rewards bold, aggressive trading.    Yes, it's how ironic that as little as a couple of weeks ago, we'd be hard to imagine carrying more than a few positions overnight.    These days, you just have so many choices to add at the end of day.    Good times are here it feels like.     This is the kind of trading environment, the kind of participation and the kind of opportunistic crowd we'd been looking for.    We have been very aggressive into this market last couple of days and more so today, largely due to the good actions we are seeing from the market and continued flow of new plays.     There's really not much else you can say to describe this market.   For those of us who have the luxury of playing every single play out there, don't take this for granted.   Market movements like this only come a few times a year and we simply have to fully take advantage of this sort of action.     Regardless the kind of plays you are in, whether it's  DNDN, TSL, MTRX or GROW, the common feeling out there is that mood is good and plenty of money is chasing some hot names and we as traders, HAVE to deliver on our end.

Basically, it all sounds pretty simple when it comes to making a living as a full time trader.   We try to make a killing when market is good and stay low key when the market is poor.    This time around, there's no exception that we have to way outperform an average investor/trader.     How do you stay ahead of the game in a good market?   If you have limited capital to trade, the key is to stay in the hottest names and cut the laggards the minute. the momentum slows down.    The reason for that is that since there's always a steady supply of good setups/new plays coming into the market on a daily basis, there's no reason to be hanging onto a laggard.   This kind of tactics can be very stressful but nobody said being good in this game is a walk in the park.    If you have somewhat of a big portfolio and more capital to trade like us, we'd simply play everything/anything that resembles a good setup.   The key in this case is get a starter position in an play and add aggressively to those that have the higher momentum.   Again, we cut laggards as often as we add new names to portfolio so the laggards do not drag down the overall performance after a while. is some new action we are involved in today and some initiated last week...

TSL, in our opinion this is the only solar play that mattered today.   Other solar plays may tried to give it a go but this is the only one that really shined.    Remember last week there was a block for sale at $49.80 and stock backed down after it was revealed?   Many of us are definitely eyeing it as the resistance/catalyst for a breakout.   Once it was taken down, the rest is just history and we just had to follow through.   It's looking great. Last week this was alert in the 46's, then add in 48's and today another alert around $50. BOOM..BOOM..BOOOM to 54's and almost 20% in a few days.  Recently in the forum we said liked TSL better at that time because of the set up.  There's no rule in this trading camp to how long we keep the 'one', the fave.  Simply, if we like how you behave, we reward you with capital.

MTRX, we added a little of this one and we are actually pleasantly surprised by its follow through action today.   When it came out with earning last quarter, its follow through action is nowhere near its action today.    Again, action always speak louder than words and we just have to respect it when it comes to trading.

CIMT, this little one seemed to sat back in the classroom today cuz other kids have stolen the highlights.   With us, we gave it extra attention by adding to our existing position.   The key for this one is its 2.69 mill float. To highs this alert is over 20%, we like to think there is more to come.

USAP, nobody expected this one to gap over the weekend. We expected a new high in hours, just not in minutes, but nobody expected SCHN to come out with a rosy guidance either.    NCH and potentially with other co. reporting good earning, this sector may be in vogue again as said last night.  Right time, right place.

VIP, simply the idea repeated in last nights Journal has started to pay off as it traded to over $100.

USAT, if it was 3 weeks ago, this one might just close poorly and we'd stayed away from it.   This says alot about the kind of trading environment we are in.    This stock flat lined most of the day after the initial surge and last 10 min. showed why we have to go BOLD in this market.    Speculative money is pouring into this market in force and we have to take advantage of it. The idea was to go after USAT, if the flat line didn't break down. It didn't and popped another $1 after alert in the last 3 minutes.

ISH, this is similar to USAT but with a better chart, minus the news.   Why do we play these?  Well, it'd be stupid not to.   Probability is high that this one goes higher given today's volume/price action.

URZ, not to confuse with the gold play GRZ, this is the uranium play which we are putting on our watch list and got a starter position with.    Chart is looking good and we are adding some flavour to the mix.

Others behaved well include NIHD OYOG WBD BW...

Apr142007 Alerts blooming in April..

What are DJIM Alerts-Comments?. They are up to the minute "leads' to members available on our site or via email delivery. These are stocks we are closely watching for a trade, a heads up of sorts and ones we have just bought.  This section is mostly for the trader during market hours and those who are familiar with the DJIM trading methodology and the stocks from our nightly Journal.  We only send out 'only' 1-3 Alerts-Comments a day, which some days includes some of our plays for a next day move.  In the evening, we follow up in our nightly Journal blog on most of the activity that day in regards to our buys/ play listed stocks.

Here are a few examples of the DJIM Alerts-Comments feed in the first two weeks of April.


JSDA, this was not first week we issued some timely alerts on JSDA. The latest was with this Thursday morning note with JSDA around $24 with our ready trigger fingers...
Apr 12, 2007 at 10:53AM ." Everyone seems to waiting on JSDA/9ema break yesterday,ibd mention today. We're waiting for volume to re-enter".
Apr 12, 2007 at 03:48PM    "we noted JSDA early and is our only add this afternoon/today.
Friday the 13th, JSDA exploded for another 10% and a AH's price in the high $28's


UXG, rallied Friday to a high of $6.79 before closing up 16.2%

UXG was a DJIMstocks buy alert a few days before in premarket at $5.60's." UXG, a gold stock w/ results yesterday. Not a one day story we think, will look to buy dips here and some premkt 5.60's.for a first try"  Apr 11, 2007 at 09:27AM

The night before the BIG move, we noted UXG in our nightly Journal blog. ".....quickly climbed to over $6 at the open and a a quick 6-7% for the flippers here.  Well, we actually did some of that and as we said we will look to buy the dips, which we did later again.  Having some gold rather than the Nasdaq stuff seemed like a better idea later in the day.  We are traders and if we get 6-7% in the first 10minutes, we will take it.  It finds itself there over $6 in AH's today and we think it goes higher..."


MFW,  a DJIM stock buy in and closely followed stock since $26-28 area.  An Alert was issued on Apr 5, 2007 at 09:41AM...

"MFW, Harland deal news last night seems to be liked".   This lead was issued with 4300 shares in the books with the price around $52.   The stock spiked to $61 high that day with volume of 1.8mln and biggest play of the day as strong momentum came to this closely followed stock by DJIM readers.  A possible 8-9 pts in one day or 15%+


DNDN, we were prepared the night of DNDN news to play it the next day!.".....we'll most likely take a position with some funny money as in a $2 ticket at the races.  Its all about being at the show, like the Kentucky Derby and not about winning.  This is the fun of trading, you could really make some money but you must be prepared for every other possibility. This won't be a one day trade, so once in it's probably better to stick through the jumpy action. "

The next morning we were there from the start, Mar 30, 2007 at 07:24AM , issuing an alert as it traded in the $16's saying it will probably hit the $19 high. did for those wanting a quick trip.  For those buying the jumpy action and buying the idea of this being not a one day trade and holding through has paid big time as DNDN has traded over $25.

"DNDN up and running already, high of 19, now 16.60..will probably hit high again premkt..
Probably surprised a few getting up with halt released so early the chasers will most likely be in bloom come 8am or so
GROW, Apr 2, 2007 at 01:42.  First we issued an Alert in the morning that included. "Oh yeah and potentially for a piece of GROW later" and then another that we  "also added GROW here" at 03:52PM with the stock around $28 for a breakout play.
We got a nice move the next day and then on 7 million shares the following day GROW shot to a nickel short of $35 and we were all there with our readers for a potential 25% move in 2 trading days!!
TSL,  Apr 3, 2007 at 02:36PM,ALERT..."We've bot TSL mid 46's and will add if it gets to 48's "
          Apr 4, 2007 at 10:25AM , ALERT.."as per yesterday buy note of TSL, we've added more here in 48's "
           Apr 9, 2007 at 11:47AM ,ALERT..TSL,remember that block of 50k or so asking at $49.80? it's gone now and the march is on. We added on the break of $50 .    The next day TSL hit a high of 56.94 and on April traded up to $59. A potential 10 or more points as we took our readers through our TSL buys.

WBD, a DJIM followed buy since September came back to our books recently in our weekend update March 28 and then alerted again the 29th.-

Mar 29, 2007 at 03:49PM-ALERT, WBD, mentioned this weekend in DJIM list. Earnings are very good and no usual sell off has happened. Looking for confirmation, might come soon over $79 to take a piece.

In 3 trading days, WBD shot up to $86+ . Another 6 point potential play in a few days!



See preview section 2006 for the set up inside  (navigation bar to the left).

Above is some of the action you'll find available inside member section.  Many more plays inside including those from our fellow traders in our daily message board forum.  For those into technical analysis/charts or wanting to take a class, we have our plays regularly updated by an experienced chartist, who just picked off a beautiful move in ASTI this week!

 Happy Trading!