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DJIM Market today...

Maybe it's not a good thing, but days like this we are completely oblivious to the market shenanigans.  It seems there is only one market today and that's a DJIM market. Supposedly...the market was resting today, probably got a little fat since Fridays run began.  This didn't stop many of the DJIM stocks, they just kept on rolling along...

GROW, lets not greedy folks!!..that's a 17% trip off the latest alert to the $60 top...Yes, we said in a possible short term top. So, not to be greedy we were unwinding our position. We've left enough to call ourselves happy GROW investors and we won't be far away to load up again.

JST, this one said.. hey I have a passport too and joined the Asian stock run-up. This was simply a case of the chart catching up to the rest of the action in DJIM land.  If you stared long enough at BT's JST chart, you probably had the idea of a potential big break coming soon.

EDU and HMIN...these two looked like they had a bet as to who was going to get to highs first. These two have added on about 10% each since Friday, today EDU ended with a NCH.

We have been pulling some profits off as any good trader/investor should as they go along...especially if its a quick 10-15% here and there in just a few days...But..instead of sitting on it too long, we've been putting it back to work. Opportunities are presenting themselves every day..sometimes its earnings, sometimes its the look of a potential set up. Today, we added a small starter in a couple of familiar names in AXR and DLB (comments in DJIM alerts). Other strong stocks of interest today were also familiar names from around here..ALY  FTEK  BIDU  IAAC.


DJIM hold/hit list #17

No denying last week DJIM concentration of stocks outperformed the indecies once again. By mid-week the major indecies ran into some resistance from the rally that began the previous Friday, this is clearly seen in yesterdays charts on DJIM Journal. You can also see the market rise early last week was met with some profit taking on the Nasdaq as the money flow diverged.  What also diverged was the action of the DJIM stocks as many closed with NCH(new closing highs), some were mild but still NCH's by fridays close while the market did little to add on gains late.  These include ALY, BTJ, DLB, JST, HMIN, ZOLL, EDU and a nice tick off the 9ema on MR.  Last weekends DJIM #16 concentrated on the 3 segments we have been riding the uptrend with...China/Asian stocks, Russian telcos and the baby oils and of course the always ready to go,  GROW.  

Interestingly, the baby oils services continued to roll on Friday after the oil sector reversed around noon and oil went from the mid 63's to low 62's, but did not take ALY, BTJ with it.  ALY tacked on about 15% and BTJ another 6% on the week.  

Besides GROW's seemingly fast and climatic rise from 50 to $60's, it managed to create the usual buying opp on the dip as witnessed Friday. We have stated, GROW is in trader territory more than ever and you need to be on constant watch at these prices or at least have buy in dip points in place for another possible trade and push up.  The Asian stocks continued their march with MR, EDU, HMIN up 8% on the week, we cannot forget the cheaper JST which provided a 20% trip with a few bumps in between. The other group we have built around is the Russian telcos which we jumped all over at MBT's earnings.  VIP started the week at $76 and climbed to high $81's and now has been basing with MBT in the backseat.  GLDN tacked on about 3 points and ROS continued its steady crawl.  As always, we look for new opportunities to sandwich in between the heavily followedDJIM stocks in good and bad market days. 

Also this week, we again introduced AXR off earnings and a quick trip from 98-107, BIDU is another one we are trading right now.   Unfortunately, many still think a $100+ stock is not capable of producing nice quick returns and prefer to buy the speculative MAMA's that wear army boots.  

For many all the action in the 3 segments might have been irrelevant if they caught the VNDA moon shot. After mentions December 1st and 4th in DJIM alerts, we and many of you early risers caught the morning alert at $21 -22.  If not maybe some of you were accumulating some with us in the $15's.  This launch was enough for many to call it a week, some a month if you are confident in DJIM words that this was capable of catching the MOMO and jumped at the opp to load up pre market.  We enter week #17 with the same cast, holding many, ready to hit on and add to others..(eg. russan basing telcos like VIP, MBT) as many DJIM's finished the week at or near NCH's, which could be a passport to further gains if the market does not a pull one over eyes early on. 

The only recent DJIM names we are ignoring for the most part is the tech names which have shown distribution with the rest of the Nasdaq..RVBD, DIVX.  

If the Grinch takes a peek and starts up, we will gladly sell some of these top performing DJIM names and take the profits to buy new and bigger toys on the market before the year is up!.  We're not finished yet!   We hope after 16 weeks here, many of our new readers are seeing the joy and potential of trading stocks with a earnings base under them...90% of the stocks we have put up on DJIM that have produced great returns are just that...quality, growth producing companies.  If you are longer term investor, doing some DD on the stocks discussed here and buying months ago could have made your year without calling your FA or pressing the sell button ONCE yourself......BTJ,ALY,MR,EDU, AMIE, TRT, RIMM and so on.  There's a little of everything here to suit a variety of investing needs.


All the familiar ones...

This has been the theme throughout the the day, and throughout the month, so far.    Stocks that are going up today are those that have been trading near the 52week high during the last little while.    It definitely pays to have a watchlist full of strong stocks.    In our case, it's the DJIM list.   Here are some highlights..

ZOLL, this looks like a clear breakout today with respectable volume.   We added a little and feeling the move up is far from over.

MR, we are simply too tired to mention this one every other day.  This is a good stock, period.

EDU/HMIN, chinese stocks are definitely catching some fire today.   Both had a new closing high and that always spells potential momentum.

AXR, yes it's volatile and it can drop a few bucks intraday, but it can also be rewarding and trade up 15 bucks.    The key to trade a stock like this is to recognize the trend.   The trend is up and then it doesn't take a genius to know what to do, the rest is up to your experience and instinct.

There are quite a few others that made new highs and we are trading some of these moves.   Interesting movers include HRT LXU FRD GRRF CAAS....

ALY, BTJ,  we discussed their failure to avoid the trend Friday, well today it couldn't it fight it and $61 oil any longer, we reduced our exposure for the time being. $63+ is again showing its resistance.


...Triple play!

Just your typical DJIM triple play;)... ..What was the question today about a 3rd wave in chat?.  Well, we really don't know what it is either and are thankful we have BT to kick it up in picturesh what we feel...  A 3rd wave seems to be wax up your 'board Bodhi...we've got a killer big wave to ride on DJIM's 3rd  FFHL   Today was pure adding on STRENGTH all day,  if you see 'it' forming in the HMIN, FFHL, GROW's should be attacking it!!!.  This is all we were doing today literally, we are oblivious to the market outside of our DJIM index.  Some of you must think we are nuts adding late in the day on stocks that are up 5% already like yesterday with GROW, lesser extend HMIN...but you know what!..Don't knock till you try it!..

Anyways last night,  we highlighted GROW and wanting to go 3 for 3 on the last 3 buy calls...$67's to todays $72+ is a damn good start!. There will be some hiccups along the way, but we definitely still think this baby has lots left in her.

HMIN......"No...but we did stay at a HMIN express last night"...we must've cause our dreams of HMIN being discovered were answered at the bell from last nights Journal.   Actually....last night was hardly the first time we were lovin' HMIM.  We truly think this must wear the DJIM China championship belt for a while..MR EDU can rest. Speaking of ...

MR...we think it might be ready to resume and we started adding back today.

FFHL..what can you say?.. Here come the $20, 30, 50 dollar  The worst part is we aint getting a day off in 2006, we thought maybe tomorrow we could sleep in on the last trading day....but ...nooooo ...this thing will be busy premarket but we have sold some us crazy after 4 points

You are always gonna get pullbacks , profit taking after nice runs and this will happen with these, but if you believe in your stock and its story you should be accumulating some for the next bump up.....

FSYS is a good example today of maybe picking some up you might've missed yesterday. Very nice day for it!. Sometimes the profit taking will will happen the next day as early today with FSYS,  sometimes the same day as you all saw recently with FFHL. 

Hopefully the last 2 weeks went to plan, the premise here was ADD to your gains of 2006 and not risk it foolishly...We think we've provided what we promised to look for...hopefully your accounts show it. 

We're sorry we haven't got back to those requesting email of the doings on DJIM.   We will have an update on this and more on DJIM 2007 tonight.