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What can we learn from today?..

Basically, on a day like today, we have to identify clearly what's working and what's not working.    So lets start with what's working.    The two domestic stocks that stand out the most are the two that just reported great earnings.  Of course, we are referring to CCF and USAP.   In our opinion those two had the best earning report, so far in the earning season, among the small caps.   But then again, the earning season for small caps stretches a couple of months and we are pretty much still at the beginning of it.    So the point is that it still all comes down to earnings.   Plays that are great earning driven would have a much better chance to withstand the kind of market today.   Sometimes, as it's prove, they would even go as far as going the opposite direction of this market and shine.     So what else is working today?  DJIM Foreign stocks!    Yup, that's right, and we don't even have to point them out.     So what's not working then?   Just about everything else.     The market was quite the red, but if you have a screen of DJIM was pretty green today.   What's good about today's action is that it's very easy and obvious to pick the good ones from the bad ones.    When you can easily identify the winning stocks, then you can choose the setup that you are most comfortable with, or perhaps the safest setup to enter for a trade or two.     Let's go over a few stocks here...

CCF,  we made it very clear on day one that we really like its earning report.  In fact, we think the combination of its earning and its market cap gives this play a valuation mismatch.    Of course, we think it should be worth a lot more than what's currently trading at.    Since we don't have a crystal ball, we still can not just rely and act on our beliefs alone but rather we have to focus more on the action.   The action of a stock behaviour has to confirm our belief before we can truly comfortably act it out the way we wanted.    Once we have identified such play, then it's up to your trading instinct to make the best out of it.    In this case, it's clear that we all should be adding last couple of days.    Last night, we noted the line up might form in 9 ema area, today it did with a nice volume stick.   With 2.33 million in float, we think it doesn't take many 80k to 90k volume "up" day to give this one a reasonable valuation.   The trend is definitely up and we are playing aggressively on any dips.     

USAP, this is another low floater which perhaps has a valuation mismatch.   Today's advance does not surprise us and we are also playing aggressively on the dip camp.    Keep in mind, no stocks go up forever and we are less inclined to chase in this weak market environment unless the stock is fresh out of a breakout.    What we meant is that compare USAP to CCF, USAP is a bit stretched at this point and we are sure there willl be opportunities to add at a good price.  The sell off Friday provided such this morning for many.  Well if it goes up another few points from this point without stopping, we won't be upset either with our current position.   The point is, no need to be greedy when the mkt is seemingly in a bad mood right now.

AMK, we alerted this one late in the day b/c we feel this one is setting up nicely.   With less than two week before the earning date, we feel this one has a chance to get a pre-earning run-up going.    We have seen what this stock is capable of and we are willing to give it a chase here.

IPGP, we've talked about this stock being discovered, today was the start you could say as the brokers came out with their initiations on it. Some big names behind this IPO, one of them MER gave a BUY rating as well.  We're still out but we are watching.