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..How high can they go?

The better question might be... is how high can you go with some these solar stocks?   Remember the trip down can get pretty trippy when you are dealing with momentum stocks that have powered up as much as some of these have lately.  Still, a new twist to these big plays is that a few of them produced contracts today to help push them. FSLR got the ball rolling announcing deals worth around 1.3 billion with renewable energy co's out of Europe and TSL followed up with more deals. So are these deals enough to push these even higher or do they just tap the recent run?. Time will tell, but the best thing is to have these on a tight other words trade them, get in and get out with the tide.  Another positive for FSLR and JASO today was the intervention by a few firms to raise price targets.  A RJ up to $48 really got JASO clicking later in the day.  Are these firms late to the party or are they going to push these higher?.   Lots of questions, lots of momentum and even some secondary solar plays are putting up charts at the close that can't be ignored.  LDK, HOKU are two examples of NCH's, nice charts that can't be overlooked even if they are solar powered.  It's really up to the individual on some of these as to your comfort level. If you've been following them daily off the Journal since the 25th of June, you likely took some of the table today or plan to tomorrow into any morning strength or maybe not and you'll keep riding the momo for as long as it lasts. Just be on guard is all we can say on some of the flying solars.  Hopefully, the contracts and firms getting involved further at these lofty heights is enough for this to continue.  Lets hope for more contracts and more firms upping the estimates/targets. These stocks are not going away in the long run, they came back from the early part of the year when we were trading them hard and now is just another opportunity to capitalize. There will be others down the road if this detours any time soon.

Now..back on planet earth this Monday. We didn't wake to a slew of M & A deals, but you have appreciate the huge buybacks today by JNJ/COP.  Besides, earnings/ M&A action in 07', buybacks have a been an important catalyst as well.  If the firms are buying back at these prices, well then the investor asks why shouldn't I?. It also didn't hurt a 20% premium was put on the head of FDX by a weekend publication.

CMI, this is the 2nd time we hit it nicely off an alert in the past of months. We liked how the stars were aligning with a breakout on the heels of a Bear Stearns upgrade. What you can't ignore is a 10 point move and that it is best to take profits along the way. A steady move such as this allows for entry almost at any point to then take a few points off.  If what you had hoped for in a few days happens within hours...all you could do is take profits somewhere within todays price range and look to re-enter another time.

SPAN, this was highlighted a few weeks back in DJIM #26 as a potential play from around $24. Today it tacked on another 5% to a NCH at $30.60. Buying the pullbacks has been a profitable trade in this one. Maybe we'll get another one later this month.

PENX, TBSI, CUB, DDUP ..usual suspects had nice days again.

And if there is ever any reminding needed of why we trade BTJ the way we do (this sort of came up recently on forum)....well, today's action is the simple reason why.  This is also they type of action some of the solars are capable of sooner or later.