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here comes the earning season...

Perhaps we just forgot how much fun it is to trade during the earning season the last few weeks.    Good thing is, earning season is almost upon us and in fact, we even got a taste of what may be another opportunistic season tonight.    RIMM set it off tonight with a very strong report and the AH action more or less confirmed people's belief.     This is something all of us have been looking forward to for a while now.     Well, enjoy the weather and the up coming holiday because we need to buckle up right after that for some potentially intense trading afterwards.

Today's the Fed day!    Did most people even set this event on their calendar?    We certainly did not!  We felt the action today is more or less in line with what's been happening past few days, Fed meeting or not.     In terms of individual action, we have to conclude that it's a productive and positive day for the most part.    Here are some notables from today...

PENX, this chemical co. came out with a very strong report in the morning and we felt the report is strong enough to warrant our attention.   We bought a starter in the early going and added as it strengthened.     Given the volume and attention it received today, it's very likely that this one is being put in play by many traders.    Just like KMGB, LPHI in the past, we are going to be chasing PENX aggressively on strength.

LDK, ok, the closing price may be a little fishy but this one did stay relatively strong for the most part.   We added some during the day and will look to trade it higher as long as the solar sector is still in favour.

TBSI, this one definitely is trading a lot better the past week and two compare to the time when we started trading it first back in mid May.   It notched a new high today and we added a little to go along with it.

SNHY, this play has been consolidating for last while.   It broke out today and stayed strong till the end.   We are not sure if this breakout can generate a nice follow through but we are willing to bet that it can.   


Calm before the (earning)storm..

Undoubtedly, the next couple of days will be very quiet as we imagine most of the market participants will be away with their family.    This is not to say that opportunities will not be present during next couple of days.   On the contrary, we think there will be plenty of opportunities and the main concern for us will be the liquidity.    The lack of liquidity means that some already volatile stocks will be push to either direction with less volume.   This may create some "false" move but as long as we are aware of what's going on, we can take advantage of it.     What we are going to do is to keep our eyes on those that have been active during the first two days of the week.   Stocks such as TNH FSLR JASO... and even the ones that have been hot past few days BTJ PENX SNHY etc. will also be on our menu.    Just make sure that you are aware this is just holiday trading and take advantage of it but not over extrapolate things too much.

oh yeah, Happy Holiday!