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Entries in JCG (2)


Three and a half hrs left....

Still 3.5 hrs left to feast on this holiday trading you have it in you?.

Wednesday premarket we noted JCG, J Crew which has been undergoing a turnaround since 2003 with a new CEO.  JCG came out with stellar earning and raised "G". We're not big on trading retailers but this one had a nice chart and the flavor of IPO still over it as well.  Hey, its not Limited Brands inc, (LTD) that we could do some serious due diligence work on over the holiday up here in Toronto... but with XMAS shopping season around the corner, this preppy clothier might stick around the DJIM books if it continues to gain interest. Of course, its Black Friday weekend so you have that to consider all the upcoming news into a potential retail play for your book.  The stock traded up to $38 AH's Tuesday, the open dipped into the high $36's..a surprise with nothing really behind it, this definitely looked like a buy opportunity to us..  Soon the stock picked up and it was not too much later that we entered as it started to catch some air. There are 100's of releases this time of the year, we are selective in putting things up you might want to look at during extended trading hours, DJIM alerts as well.  JCG was one you should have been watching early on with us.   CAAS's crazy one day run recently might have given you reason to check back into this Market Chat feature.


Another highlight was the move in the heavily followed DJIM stock MR.  Not much you could say about it except it managed to tack on another $1.50 after being alerted to with the follow up on JCG in the morning.

CMT, this late day alert Tuesday in the very low $9's put in a very good day closing in on $10. The chart looks excellent for this steady mover and it's IBD #'s are getting interesting enough to get some attention in our books.

GROW, GMKT continue to provide the best trading opportunities while climbing higher, buying the dips is not going out of style with these G's.

RVBD is providing the best opp in the recently followed DJIM tech names and is really the only one we have interest in trading...DIVX might be shaping up but the SCNR, TWLL, TRT, UCTT need further consolidation and/ or a breakout for us to get interested again.  Be careful tomorow, false breakouts may occur on small volume, best to pocket some gains because they can evaporate quickly come next week.  

EFUT, CAAS are teasing and might be playable tomorrow again, we just wouldn't be holding them into the weekend.




DJIM hold/ hit list #15

Despite a shortened trading week in which the indices basically consolidated on light volume, DJIM heavily followed stocks produced quite a week again. Add the early introduction of JCG, alert on CMT low $9's and there was more than enough to feast on this past holiday week.  With the mid week additions and the strength of DJIM stocks,  there is really nothing new to add going into the week. Again, as the gains marched on last week it is never a bad time to pocket some points.   In 3 days and 3.5 hours, JCG, MR, RVBD, GROW, CMT all posted gains of more than 10% on the week, throw in another 5-6% from the RIMM'r...DIVX, mentioned last week as the only other DJIM small cap tech worth a trade tacked on 6% the last 2 days.....even the crawler ATNI closed friday at $28 and another NCH.  Some like ZOLL, EXLS are slowly coming off, consolidating those huge DJIM opening day runs and might be ready to participate, especially if we get a good market.  The action in the DJIM stocks made it unnecessary to seek out new flyers for a quick holiday trade, we mentioned EFUT last DJIM #14 as a possibility for last weeks probable enthusiasm and it didn't disappoint with a two day run of 30% or so. We don't know the mood Wall Street will come back to their desks with...we really don't care and either should you.  If you are practising taking your points and profits like us the last few weeks, well actually the last 10 or more are in a great position to end the year!. If so... now is maybe becoming the time to be more selective, which could be just reducing your positions or the lot sizes of your top performing DJIM stocks.  If we get a pullback before XMAS, you will be thankful as you sit in extra cash and shop for the familia,  while others may find there is nothing even for themselves in the Markets Store.  The Market is quite the resilient one, but you never know if and when a crack will appear at these levels.