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Entries in FFHL (6)


..wake up Nasdaq...

We are not going to overkill the market in this late stage. Instead of reacting to every economic number and every fed blurb that is toying with investors, we are simply sticking to our weekend words.  We are looking for the easy play, the easy money without being nicked.  The short term bet, trade is on and speculation/momentum is what we are after.  The market made a strong reversal yet the Nasdaq still finished red on the Fed speak.  We're glad to see the strong rebounds in a few DJIM names, but we are not going out and buying the dips aggressively.  Instead, we will wait and see if many of these get can get back to recent highs and then decide.  At the moment we are into plays like the ESCL.  How long you stay with one of these is not the question, it is how much profit you can get from them.  We traded ESCL a few months back close to this price and thought that  'crazy'  had the same potential today.....its' simply in its genes!.  Last time this craziness extended into day 2, despite a nice run from alert time at $7 and a few pennies to over $9, we've kept some in case the loopy money has further to go.

The other buy was FFHL, an IPO from China with a very nice float of just over 3mln.  Considering this is becoming retail traders week heading into the holiday, we were anticipating some of their memories of EFUT to kick in...ours did!.  We can't make predictions and the EFUT's come around once a blue moon, but if this FFHL is a fraction of EFUT would be the easy money we are after now. We watched it trade with a few other IPO's today and had no problem giving out a alert in the low 10's. Usually an IPO has some turning over to do before it makes a move, we were hoping it skips this step and gets momo early. Judging by the AH trading in the mid 11's, a rarity for a IPO...this might be getting some attention tomorrow. Hopefully this will have a longer shelve life than ESCL.

There was some comical action today...unfortunately it wasn't for those that had their stops knocked out. The offering was quite small even for a JST share count and the money was going to a good cause...expansion. The wash job to $19+ was a joke.  Many of DJIM readers probably sold off yesterday and missed the sweet dip opportunity..we did for the most part.

The dip buying could be quite nice as seen in POWL  AXR especially,  but we are concentrating on those still playing around highs if adding shares.............OPTM was one today as it closed with a NCH.


....Crazy Genes...

..We didn't ask for much this week...or did we?.....We just wanted to keep our 2006 gains in check and give us and you a XMAS bonus without risking much at all.....1000 shares of ESCL yesterday at say $7 & and change on the break of alert, fetched you maybe 8k, 9k, 10k,11k,12..maybe 13K back in less than a day of trading.  You know we are not of the speculative lot here at DJIM,  we don't throw spec stocks out randomly or give a stock a headline like last night for no reason.   It's not our game to risk our money or get you to risk yours... Going into this week, we said what we were looking for as DJIM stocks came off their highs ...we weren't about to start buying the dips and instead wanted to concentrate on some holiday shopping with a good return policy.   We would've been happy with $10..11 as we were happy with some $9 the day before on ESCL,  but the difference is we didn't calculate its holiday trading week (even if that was the premise heading into the week) and ESCL could even do more than last time!.   Most the day was occupied with this baby...momentum is momentum...slice it any which way...volume, exuberance equals momentum and this one definitely had the crazy genes in it to replicate its May run.   Turned out not to matter if you bought yesterday at  $7's..8's or if you had started to play it today...either should be ho' ho..tonight.   Traders can decipher momentum easily, starters can just as's all about volume!.  If you're a rookie, you're not at such a disadvantage...volume is volume...all can read that!.  If you want a short term trade, 20-40k ain't going to cut it like in EVST.

The bias has been SHORT TERM trading this week. If a FFHL goes from $10 to $12 after alert in 1hr of regular trading,  we are happy for those that closed 20%+, but we are not so happy to hear one DJIM reader closed on another.. but that's the game of trading, folks.   If you believe enough to buy a stock at $12 from a IPO price of $8 ready to suck it up if it turns against you for a bit.  You're playing the game, so be prepared.  Still a day doesn't make a stock, up or down the day after the IPO.

Kinda happy for all those that have held onto FSYS, a good stock that just isn't discovered. Today was a little redemption...

RVBD fought back because of TW comments premarket, still the NASDAQ needs to WAKE UP before we get excited about DJIM techs again.   Hey Cramer only brought GMKT a little further than we biggie, we were there first.....POWL has kissed $33+ from our 28,  OPTM hanging in with a mildl NCH as well.

Still beyond the plays and the playas'...OEH was a nice pick up this morning for DJIM.  We've been watching for a few days and bought early today off yesterdays NCH.  If we didn't think there was more potential at $45.50's, we wouldn't have mentioned it...make a long story short...1.2mln after 60k volume alert and a high of 47.82 on the day.  First million plus volume day probably in a year for OEH (200k yesterday),  not the first record volume day for a stock after a DJIM mention without news.

Charts updated include: FSYS OEH OPTM POWL REXI and ESLC for the remaining nutbars left in it;)



..and getting nowhere!...Selling remains the order of the day on the indices as we close off the week.  Despite the Nasdaq now closing on a weeks low, DJIM closely followed are holding up quite well.  Unfortunately, any further breaks are stopped in their tracks by the bigger picture. If we do get a late bump up, these might be the first place to look for an extension of their highs.

OPTM is one the best acting out there and finished with another NCH after testing $27. Not a bad run from the recent alert buy at $23. We 're still adding along the day.

GLDN has been doing some xmas shopping this week and looks poised to move on. A little volume and we could see new highs again. It's slower cousin, ROS made another NCH and big bidder is still lurking around slowly walking it up.

ZOLL made another NCH and continues to slowly creep higher. It to just needs volume , but thats a hard thing to find in holiday trading.

FSYS picked up on yesterday late day spurt with more volume today. Maybe this base it broke out of yesterday is similar to the one it broke out of in early November. This one has a way of disappointing, so we're cautious here.

OEH flat lined on nice volume after its big day,  FFHL is turning over the inventory, you're in it to trade it.  Having WBHambrecht at the IPO helm should provide a trade here. They of the pump FNET circuit can get this in play.

RIMM, want to see the analysts price targets go up buying this back at the high 140's.

One last good day is not too much to ask for tomorrow, is it?.   You can't live on the ESCL daily.. that sort of trading stuff wipes, drains you out !


Merry Christmas...

to everyone and especially those who have stuck with us for the last couple of years.     Hopefully, this will be home for us for a long time to come.     This is actually the fourth "green" christmas for us since we got together from the swamp days.    Hope all the DJIM readers enjoy their holidays as much as we do.

FFHL, this one is a definite stunner to cap off the day.   Alert was sent out in the afternoon as we thought this one may have a chance to close high.   What we weren't sure is that it would actually take out the old high and also close at the day high as it did.  It sure looks good for Tuesday.

This whole week has been the "easy money" week.    There are plays out there that we didn't need to care about their biz and stories, as long as the action point to the same conclusion.    




Lets talk about FFHL tonight...

Obviously, FFHL is an attention grabber today and there's no doubt that many of us are involved trading them.    So what we gonna do tonight is have a question/answer type of format to hopefully address most of the question concerning the FFHL play today, to the best of our knowledge.    So here we go...

so what happened to the stock during the last 30 min.? -  Do we really need an explanation on that?   The simple fact is, it was dumped!

So how did FFHL close today?  - For a momentum stock, it closed pretty crappy.   As a matter of fact, it looked pretty ugly near the end.

Is this kind of action common for this type of play? - Yes, it's very common for this type of play.   You have to get used to it and know what you are dealing with and therefore set the trading strategy accordingly.

So why did FFHL go up at first place? - Well, we think it's a combination of this co. being a recent Chinese IPO and low float that got picked up by many momentum traders, including us.

Does this run-up have anything to do with the fundamental of the co.? -  Nope, absolutely not.    The same kind of traders who trade these are the ones who would also trade EFUT, MAMA, etc.    This kind of a play is about as speculative as it gets.    This one is probably on many trading forums' agenda today.

How does the volume look today? -  We thought it looked pretty toppy.   Twice the float has been churned and stock closed way down from the opening price.   Typically this is not a good sign, even though the stock is still not that far from its IPO price.

Does it mean that FFHL's run is over? -  We don't know!  At this point, probably not.    We think the easy money should've been made already.   Then again, stock behaviour often surprises the most seasoned traders.

How does DJIM approach this play at this point? - well, the bottom line is that we started playing at $10, and so should many of you.   we've locked some big gains today and will watch this one closely for any further development.     As always, we'd let others take the risk and battle it out  while we just wait for the easy and obvious setups to come up.      We are looking for a break of $14.80 for a flip and over $15.75 for some serious momentum.   

The conclusion, Don't get Greedy!    The fact that you found them at 10 bucks here should not keep you from being trapped in this play, ever!    Imagine yourself finding this play out just today at $15?      Also, FFHL, like EFUT ESCL.... are not typical DJIM bread and butter play.     We play them because the opportunities are there but we do  let readers know the RISK involved in trading them.    These are super speculative plays and momentum works both way and the stock can reverse on any day at anytime.    This definitely requires, in our opinion, a full time traders' attention to trade them successfully.   This is the reason why we also don't give out sell alerts on these as things just happen too fast.    But since we do give out our buy alerts early enough, there's no reason even for a rookie to make a buck or two out of these wild plays.

Ok, tomorrow is gonna be another day and hopefully it won't be a dull day.    We are keeping our eyes on many familiar Asian and Russian plays to see any sign of further follow through.




...Triple play!

Just your typical DJIM triple play;)... ..What was the question today about a 3rd wave in chat?.  Well, we really don't know what it is either and are thankful we have BT to kick it up in picturesh what we feel...  A 3rd wave seems to be wax up your 'board Bodhi...we've got a killer big wave to ride on DJIM's 3rd  FFHL   Today was pure adding on STRENGTH all day,  if you see 'it' forming in the HMIN, FFHL, GROW's should be attacking it!!!.  This is all we were doing today literally, we are oblivious to the market outside of our DJIM index.  Some of you must think we are nuts adding late in the day on stocks that are up 5% already like yesterday with GROW, lesser extend HMIN...but you know what!..Don't knock till you try it!..

Anyways last night,  we highlighted GROW and wanting to go 3 for 3 on the last 3 buy calls...$67's to todays $72+ is a damn good start!. There will be some hiccups along the way, but we definitely still think this baby has lots left in her.

HMIN......"No...but we did stay at a HMIN express last night"...we must've cause our dreams of HMIN being discovered were answered at the bell from last nights Journal.   Actually....last night was hardly the first time we were lovin' HMIM.  We truly think this must wear the DJIM China championship belt for a while..MR EDU can rest. Speaking of ...

MR...we think it might be ready to resume and we started adding back today.

FFHL..what can you say?.. Here come the $20, 30, 50 dollar  The worst part is we aint getting a day off in 2006, we thought maybe tomorrow we could sleep in on the last trading day....but ...nooooo ...this thing will be busy premarket but we have sold some us crazy after 4 points

You are always gonna get pullbacks , profit taking after nice runs and this will happen with these, but if you believe in your stock and its story you should be accumulating some for the next bump up.....

FSYS is a good example today of maybe picking some up you might've missed yesterday. Very nice day for it!. Sometimes the profit taking will will happen the next day as early today with FSYS,  sometimes the same day as you all saw recently with FFHL. 

Hopefully the last 2 weeks went to plan, the premise here was ADD to your gains of 2006 and not risk it foolishly...We think we've provided what we promised to look for...hopefully your accounts show it. 

We're sorry we haven't got back to those requesting email of the doings on DJIM.   We will have an update on this and more on DJIM 2007 tonight.