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Entries in EXLS (2)


EXLS, Exlservice Holdings Inc.

We've had great success in the IPO market market, following the likes of EDU, TWLL, MR, SNCR and trading the likes of RVBD,DIVX in the tech field from scratch.

We are throwing a new name out in Exlservice Holdings (EXLS) based on its report.  It is easy for a IPO to show growth in year over year comparisons, why else would they have gone to market unless they are showing very good growth rates the big boys will like.  EXLS has done this with 35 Mln vs. 18mln revenue growth, .19 vs .5 c EPS, but the thing the got our attention is the guidance for another excellent Q.  EXLS is projecting to do about 118 mln in revenue for 2006, this equates to something like 36mln next Q which is in line with this Q's after management said this one had benefits that would not continue.  There is an acquisition tossed in most likely this year, so what...thats a good thing.  Next Q the revenues ramps to this Q's, the benefits most likely excluded.....It's good enough to give this co' a second look, today or down the line.  Net income is projected to be 4-5mln next Q, this after a Q with the benefits in tow is quite respectable, putting the EPS in the mid teen to high teens again.  IPO's are difficult to cut and sometimes difficult to trade initially right after earnings, the reaction of the market is hard to gage as we saw with EDU. They spiked it down after what looked like a stellar Q, well we all saw the comeback and more to the $34's yesterday with it. There is just too many unknowns with the functions that come with the IPO, including potential profit taking after the run into earning which seems to be more common lately with IPO's than the usual let the market tell you today..or down the line if this a good deal.  Some stocks you waste no time getting in as in a AAON, ATNI, which are just plainly under radar initially, others well knowns that get bid up with a gap aka DAKT are better to let settle on earning day before getting in.  

What does this co' do?..this DD is irrelevant and a waste of time at this point for us. It's got holdings in its name. Assuming they hold things is sufficient...okay, we actually looked..EXLS is a BPO.. whatever!. hey a Park Avenue address..that's more interesting;), they can pay their rent most likely.  Yeah, we do funky DD work around here..oh yeah, the chart is quite the funkster too...

We also looking at ZOLL, Zoll Medical Corp. as a possibility. RIMM gifted another price tgt lift, this time 160 from UBS...Markets a little happy premkt, day 5 here we come it seems..

Hey..the 'Big Hurt' is a Jay!?   ...WSeries here we come...NOT!

Alert follow up. One does not work without the other, so keep updated to DJ Journal activity.


Preserving the gains......DJIM style

Even though this market seems like it's going up forever, we still have to remember the good habits of being a disciplined trader.   Some stocks, are simply overextended, whether you like it or not.   We are not saying to get rid all of our shares and wait for a nasty pullback.   What we have been doing is paring back our position sizes as the stock goes higher.    This is simply a good habit because you are constantly in a good flow of things.    Going all in into a position and going all out all at one shot would not smooth out the trading results.   In fact, it's just more stressful when you trying to nail the bottom or top with a one shot deal.     In a rising market, it pays to buy stocks on a 9 ema pullback.    But more often than not, a strong stock will simply not pull back to the 9 ema level.   What can we do then?   We buy break outs!   Anytime a stock takes out the previous high, there's a good chance a rush of buying and new money would follow through, and it works extremely well in a rising market.   This is why we are putting up alerts of this nature of DJIM stocks as they come to this stage.  How about the EDU, GMKT, TWLL just the past few days!  Come to think of it, we are probably responsible for many new 52 week highs in the past. ;)    Here we go...

ZOLL, we can conclude that this stock is being discovered.    Well, many of you have probably known this stock for a long time but we are sure not many expected this kind of reaction from its report today.    Valuation was way cheap for this stock at the beginning of the day, and what follows is traders bidding up on a good report in a very forgiving and generous market environment.    We can guarantee that if this happened in July, it'd probably go up no more than a couple of points.

EXLS, this is an IPO that came out with what we considered as very good earning.   Again, this stock is in play as of today and many traders will have it on their list as the top candidate.    The trend, of course, is to the upside. We didn't write a novel with morning goggles on for something we didn't consider a good bet. With it we provide the thinking behind of what could and what could not happen. You need to cover all the angles and we try to show our thought process.

GMKT,  just last night we said ...keep cool, think of buying the dips....ok Briefing, we know that you can pump a stock.   This sort of thing happens way too often and it's almost expected after we get into a sexy play.   Coincidence?   We'll just have to think of it as that way for now. lol

GROW, we hope most have taken a nice chunk of gains out of this one today or yesterday.   Is it topping out?  Who knows and who really cares at this point?  After all, we made the most out of the 31% gain in less than a week.    Trade this one with caution and there's always plenty of fish to catch in a market like this.

There are definitely lots of other stocks that are looking good today and we are not going to get into specifics with each one.   The bottom line is, we are taking the opportunities to take some gains off some of the huge winners and paring back some position size.   We are still very optimistic about the trading opportunities and the overall mood of the market.   New plays are popping up everyday and we are not slacking off just because we've done well recently.    Keep focused and disciplined, all the effort we put into trading these days will be well worth it when a bad market does eventually roll around.