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Entries in HWCC (6)


DJIM list #1 for 08/18-AMIE ($29's) WBD, HWCC





Being a new stock in this mkt is not an easy thing.    HWCC IPOed back in June and so far has done tremendously well.   What I like about  this one the most is the fact it's relatively unkown to many.    Earnings imo is very good and growth is strong and its stock deserves a price premium.   All we have to do now is to work throug this what might be a flag, or consolidation blob to get some good momentum going.    Of course, underwriters and the ones who  got their shrs through IPO will try to keep the pace as slow as possible.   Time and action will tell eventually  when it's rdy.     Long a few and added a little today. 


Wrapping it up....UIC entry

It's definitely an interesting day!   For the first time in a while, I actually had quite a few tradable small caps setups for today.    Hopefully this could be the beginning of something similar to come, and timing can not get any better since it's near the end of Aug.

NEU, moved huge after gapping up from the consolidation resistance and it pretty much went straight up and took out the old high.   This is a very volatile stock and I believe the best play is to get in aggressive and early today with some faith that it could pull a move like it did today.   Of course, it's never easy in this mkt environment and I only started adding aggressively when volume comes in.   The big question next is whether it'll have meaningful follow through.   With the volume like it pulled today, my thinking that it will, but it will be done in a volatile fashion.

ALY,  I wondered what the stock will do if without the RBC price tge increase?   The move today was a combination of IBD chaser and RBC upgrade.   Again, volume is good and one can only believe that this may be able to setup a new trading range.

HWCC,  I've been in this stock since the day it reported and wondered when it will actually take out the earning day high.    Well it came today on pretty convincing volume.    I always felt that there was a big seller doing his job around $20 but certainly he's either gone or is being overwhelmed today.    I have high hopes for this one and will add aggressively now that the stock is making itself known on a day like today.

LXU,  what started as a chart play may turn into a momentum play.   All I know is that this thing trades on AMEX with a small float.   The co. is profitable and is showing growth.   Those are definitely good ingredient.    But boy, the chart looks great for momentum players.

I also traded a few other things like TRMB GROW ALB EME PWEI .. and am holding a few of those overnight.



mid day update

well, it feels that there is only a couple of plays that are worth watching today, let alone playing.   some of the high momentum stocks are taking a breather today,  NVEC PWEI NEU ...etc.    but, fortunately it's someone else' headache at the moment.       It's definitely not easy playing these momentum stocks when the potential risk is just as big as the potential reward.    When all things considered, I guess you have to look at the overall market environment and overall momentum plays environment.     For the three plays I just mentioned, the way I'd approach them is going nuts when it's having a really good day and let go most of the sizes near the end of the day and try not to hold a meaningful amt over night.    When I look at these high calibre momo names, every day is really a new adventure and unless we are in a favourable small cap environment, you have to approach it in an ultra cautious and conservative manner.     The whole point is protect your capital, your profit and protect yourself from becoming over emotional when trading these names.

BTJ,  this one is a bit different from the above three and why I think a normal pullback right away may not be in the cards.    I thought BTJ play came out too fast and too sudden.   Nobody expected such a huge jump in IBD number.   The day it came out earning, I think I checked its IBD rating and its eps was only 74.   I thought oh well the best it can probably do is to get to mid 80s range in terms of eps rating.   This 99 99 stuff is catching alot of momo, ibd type of crowd off guard.    We are all scrambling at once to get in on it.   What would've been a one day or two day wonder may now last alot longer than ppl expect.     To me, the play right now is to buy on every dip, even as it inches higher.    Even if it doesn't make it onto the list this weekend, this will be in play next week.       At least IFO ERS HSR gave pple alot of heads up time before they got onto IBD, this BTJ is just too fast and furious.

HWCC,  does anyone else besides me noticed that it has 98 99 rating according to IBD?   I don't know what's the requirement to get on the list or maybe this one is just IPO or lack of min. daily volume but when it does get on the list it should be another shock to those who aren't famaliar with it.   I added some.

so at the end, you really don't have to catch every single play out there, just make sure that you hammer the best ones.




Update-Closely watched/Holds

A week of low volumes, no buyers and no sellers in the market didn't stop a few DJIM highlighted to have some nice moves. When holding a basket of stocks, I like to calculate the weeks trading in points +/_. Adding, subtracting all the moves no matter if it's a $10 or $50 stock equally. So in keeping with this, the weeks alerts, Sundays hold/closely watched hit list provided opportunity for up to +4pts w/NEU, HWC+3, WBD+3, a few pts on PWEI, UIC..a pop on PGTI. The biggest % gainer had to be BTJ for as many as +3/4 pts. At the end of the week, 2pts here, a few here and there add up and you have a pretty good week while those in the indecies watched the paint dry. You don't have to be a full-time trader to walk away with a substantial portion of the points mentioned. Even buying BTJ the day following mention, a slow moving WBD type or catching a fast moving NEU and you still walk away with more than a handful of points into the weekend.

The only stock we took off last weeks hitlist was INPH(see 08-18WList log), the volume was just not there. We are keeping to the same stocks going into the week with a few additions to keep close to you. Also with Ernesto in the path we might get a shift into some sector momentum trading, our lists can change quickly and we'll let you know what we see as will some others who have been with us for more than a few years now from the Swamp,, TradingZoom forums.

One possible play mentioned here is PGTI, late last week Briefing put it at the top as a Hurricane play.This is primarily a Fla. company where codes are taking course and where it gets the chunk of its revenues, soon the Gulf states will have to get in gear. As with almost all plays, the base is stellar earnings...hurricanes or foreign beverages(WBD). A possibility with Ernesto is Light crude kicking over the recent $73 and change level that might really drive that well....Names, ideas are open to discussion in Market chat. Going forward the market might consolidate further until the Hamptons empty and the real buyers or sellers get to their pretty window views. With or without them opportunities for momo trading like last week should still exist. Remember most names we toss around have EPS that is above the average, this serves as a base for sometime unless the market turns as is the case with anything else, except the smaller floats that catch the momentum up, catch it down as well. It's really about snooze, you lose at the top. Investing in these earnings plays is not out of the question for longer swings, It just depends how much volatility you can stomach..just don't take your sweet time and decide at a Friday's close to enter a position in a BTJ move.

Anyways...the lines are clearly drawn on the DJIA, SP, NASD100 as to what is support for the market. Here is a list of hold/closely watched going into Monday. Most can be found in BT's charts.

ALY, BGC, BTJ, CTCM, FTEK, GRB, HWCC, ICLR, IPSU, LXU, NEU, PGTI, UIC, WBD....we could add a few more but we worry Blacktruck might run out of paint at this pace;



Aug. 28 Update

We have an interesting day so far.   Index is up as if we are starting a fall rally already.   As far as the kind of stocks we are concerned here, they're also getting some interesting action.

BTJ, well as if we are gonna start talk about something else today.     We believe it's a combination of "sell on the news" and slight disappointment of "it only came in at #14 on IBD".    No matter what, BTJ does need to rest.     What's so interesting about this play is that now it's on IBD 100 list, but at #14 spot, what do you do next?    It still has eps 99, rs 99 rating but yet it's no where near the top.    My strategy is to play it on the long side b/c as long as there are people who believe that this thing will eventually move to #1 spot on IBD100 list, there will be plenty of action.    Volume is great and potential upside is also great.     Depends on how it closes, I'm either going to buy some back if it closes well (around $18) or wait till tomorrow if it closes poorly (below $17.50).      As it stands, 9 ema is around $16.20 and if we close poorly today, there's a shot that it may try for the 9 ema tomorrow.      In either case, I will start buying aggressively starting tomorrow.

UIC, if you don't like the volume, then you must like the action.   I'm leaving this one be at this point.

ALY, it gaps up and is so far holding on great volume.      I've added some and hopefully it doesn't fade near the end.

HWCC, this one is having a bit of a disappointing action considering its debut on IBD100.   I think it's still working off its IPO inventory.   I did reduce some exposure and will not do a thing unless it breaks out of the recent top.

NEU, BT posted that it's setting up for a short entry based on the chart.    I do have a different opinion thinking that this one is in a consolidation phase from the recent gain and it'll take out the recent high sooner than later.    However, this stock is volatile enough that you can literally play both sides of the action in same day.

GRB, this is a recent pick that's trying to break out from its recent high.    So far it's holding up and volume is increasing but I will wait till later to decide if I'd be adding this one or not, based on the potential close that is.

ANST, I traded this one earlier today and am adding this one to the watchlist.    This stock had a good reaction to its earnings last Friday and today is helped by the IBD listing.    This one has quite bit of institutional exposure so I don't expect it can be pushed around like BTJ.

other stocks also performing off our list include CTCM, IPSU....     also, b/c index is performing well, you can always try your luck with NVEC, TZOO