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Microsoft earnings...

We're sorry..bad joke....okay unto what's happening in real time, not when Gunsmoke was the deal on the tube;). DJIM real time starts bright and early as this joyous season of earnings only comes around once a year....Wait, it comes around 4 times a year and lasts quite the long time.  What it comes down to is ... EPS season is all year round with us...we play it, trade it, invest in it. We've given the lowdown many times on our trading principles and focus around this type of play.  On to the bright and early...this rush of earnings reports is something to chew on, sometimes its overwhelming at the front loaded season. What we will continue to with the help of fellow traders is try to give you what looks right to us for a trade, a play for that day.  Sometimes this is done on the first cup of coffee, so you better do your own research. We can help you recognize a potential earnings day trade, something we will watch and possiibly trade.  Today, the stars were ZIGO, KSWS, PCCC in premkt. ZIGO in the mid 14's, KSWS 33-34's, PCCC 9.90 at the open. Hopefully some DJIM readers jumped on one or two of these premarket or early on.  All made it to the top 10 percentage gainers during the day.

Earlier this week, we tossed out BTJ, FTK premkt off earnings. Some names given might have earnings calls later, so the numbers that may look swell might be beaten to death by a stuttering CEO. Sometimes there is a trade before, sometimes after the call.  We prefer no call...We don't hold into earnings reports and we don't hold into earnings calls unless the guidance has been revealed to the masses and the trading action indicates we should stick around.  Most of the stocks we put on watch premkt/AH will not end up on the DJIM hold/ hit list, but honestly we can't do anything but trade, so we must trade this opportunity when its presented. This usually helps fund DJIM stocks that we want as longer term holds, call it moonlighting.       Now back to DJIM stocks....

UCTT- this one first because there seemed to be some panic AH. The word 'dump' is something we should not tell the biggest, newest shareholder of UCTT shares. We should not tell the institution (most likely) they bought $1 and change over the closing price on Monday, earnings day. These deals do not happen a buck above the closing price on a particular day, you do not move 1.8 million shares at a premium from one hand to another, you move it lower. It's quite logical as to why, sometimes its just averaging out the deal.  Not being very familiar with the UCTT/ Seiger merger but the other reason for the block could be the business of the M&A. If this doesn't cut it for you, call Oliver Stone tonight or just wait for the morning action to set it, price it straight. Either way, we think the shares at $13 are a treat and not a trick for those buying from the scary people AH. Just like SYX, which we introduced at $13.... UCTT is and was not intended to be IBD material in 48 hours. SYX took sometime and so will UCTT, we think this transaction won't matter down the line if and when this gets truly noticed for it's IBD numbers.

TRT- this is going to the DJIM plot the last few days, except today's early move over $12.50 had us a little stunned. The volume made this impossible to hold. So what happens next is the market catches some air and gives TRT some volume and a push to 13. We still feel its a little early, maybe we are just hoping for a pullback to add. Today's actions tells us it wants to go higher, we're just not sure when the ETA for a test of the highs is.

RIMM, MR remain the stars this week...APH had a war just under $69 late in the day, finished higher so the war looks to be won as it comes to $70. We've dwindled down the BVX again, the power was not there for a further break. GROW came back on the trading block today, joining IAAC...a DJIM reunion of sorts.

Charts updated for fridays trading day at BT Charts