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Entries in SYX (7)


SYX $13.40

We are adding this one to our watchlist this weekend.    You'd wonder why we are doing it now since it just had a 60% runup?    The reason is the stellar IBD rating 99 99 this stock carries since its earnig report not too long ago.     We've started buying($13.40)  little today in anticipation of an IBD runup next week.     We'd be adding on further dips as long as it doesn't violate major trendline.


Post FOMC Meeting...

This is actually one of the least volatile FOMC meeting day for as long as we can remember.   From hours before, minutes after the announcement, and right through the end, the index probably hasn't moved more than 10 pts in either way.    Obviously traders are complacent about what they are hearing and most people liked this action enough.

For the DJIM stocks, of course we are having another great day.

SYX, this one was posted last week b/c we thought it has the potential of making an IBD run.   The stock hung in tough in the 13s during the last few days despite some intraday weakness here and there.   Alas, it's almost inevitable that these 99 99 rating stocks will always come through, given the appropriate float.   It definitely didn't disappoint and busted through that all important $14 psychological mark.    The rest, is just history.   We added quite a few today welcoming the change of pace of trading.    The volume today indicated there's more(positive) things to come.   Momentum again is in the air and we can definitely smell both greed and fear(of not getting in).    How high will it go?   Nobody has crystal ball but if you trade according to the action, these kind of stocks usually give you more joy than pain.

EDU, we added some of this one here and there throughout the day.   We like its action and think it may put in a bottom around $26.50.   This may not have the IBD kind of momentum but the buzz and story behind this one is more than enough to make this one to go significantly higher.

We are also adding BDC SIM(IBD play)and CSH to watch.  



We're not looking to position back on the big dips in some of the favorite names here. Our jitters in GROW came to life today, we don't care why or whats going on to step back in. Another one we noted as a closing position Tuesday is also getting smacked (AMIE)..buying opp maybe...but not today for us. (BT had a nice flag on it last night). Yep, and SYX as mentioned yesterday..don't ask;)..a $13 to $16 week was pretty good to some besides DJIM...Is there another opportunity for a move today?. Maybe if the thinking turns to who replaces GROW at #1, we'll start getting back in.  We've narrowed our positions down earlier this week as noted, seemingly just in time but we are still biting on some of our quiet carrots for the steak size stake in TRT...not so much on the plate, so the TRT looks like a steak!


DJIM updated holds/ hit listd

Those following DJIM must've noticed we entered the week without passing on a hitlist for the week. Last week we dropped up to 7 off our list as they pullbacked from DJIM high runs...the AMIE, GROW's etc. Instead of waiting for these to bounce we decided to go shopping this week for some fresh meat if the market allowed for such. We already had the steak in TRT from Friday and a bounce possibility we were waiting for in SYX plus a few well behaved carrots in CPY, CETV, TWLL, SNCR still on the plate. If we fall in love with the stocks that gave us amazing runs like EDU from 22, AMIE 29...we would be nowhere holding them right now waiting for a bounce.. Instead a clear head and free cash has allowed us to replenish our DJIM hitlist quickly and even enjoy a wild ride on ACOR. So far this week we have positioned back in noted in MarketChat IAAC was becoming a possibility again as it came to $22 today. Once it was evident IAAC was clean over its 9ema we recycled in and watched it close strong ($23.60). The 27MM PPlacement seems to be behind it at least for today. A steady dip on light volume made us step up and get some more TRT in the mid 9's today. On the day our recent IPO runner from $22 EDU retraced all of it's DJIM gains, we found ourselves in MR($16.40) a medical device co from China IPO'ng today that closed very strong...if EDU bounces here we could have it back in DJIM books shortly. Keep an eye on it, you've seen it run once. Also added was DGIT($10.25), the guidance was nice but the chart is just as nice.


Rational Behaviour..

We wish there's an easier way to explain market's action today.   Of course, if your account is under performing(in a relative sense) compare to the index, you are probably among the 99% of all traders out there.     What's really surprising us is not the reason why the index is up, but how it's been holding up in such a resilient way recently.      Here's a question, how would any of our stocks perform if the Dow is only up 50 pts and Naz up maybe just a few pts?   Our guess is that most of DJIM stocks would still end up closing where they did today.     Ok on to some stocks...

TRT, after 1 1/2 day of pullback, this one finally seemed to find its footing on its own.    Put it this way, one good rush can take out its old high.   This is a very low float stock and naturally the volatility comes in the same package whether you like it or not.   Give room to allow it to tilt either way but as long as the overall trend is up, you just have to act according to the overall theme.

RIMM, after a couple of days of consolidation, this one is finally moving on very healthy volume.    This one is more tied to the index than most of our small cap plays so it's prudent to track COMP while trading this one.

SYX, this one got a new closing high and is looking healthy.

possible setup for tomorrow  NGA IAAC ANGN CVLT


Nice Action....TRT,SYX,IAAC,ACOR and more

Ok, so the action today is more than just nice.   What it feels like is that market finally gave us what it owed us for a couple of days, action in the small cap land.    Still, indices finished up very nicely considering where we are at this point.    We can definitely conclude that market is riding on a high note going into the earning season which starts next week officially.    Now the DJIM stocks...

TRT, this one had a much better follow through than we expected.   Not only it took out $11.50, but it closes near the $12 mark.    We don't know if it's going to take out the high any time soon but we do know that $10 feels like a distant memory.    Now that people have seen how far it can pullback, it is only logical to think that they'd be lined up to buy on any pullback now.    Of course, we'd be in there doing the same thing.    Idealy, we'd like to see TRT trade in the range(consolidate) for a little longer before pushing for the next level of higher prices.   Looking good!

SYX, slow and steady!   In terms of percentage, this stock moves nothing like those little biotechs.   In terms of following the trend, this one is beating the little runners hands down.    Alot of the action is definitely due to the strong indices and maybe some IBD rated buying.   As long as the market is in a rosy mode, there's no reason not to own this one.

IAAC, it broke out today, on very good volume.   Although it didn't close near the high, but it closed good enough to generate some more potential follow through in our opinion.

NGA, also broke out and it looks like it should be able to sustain its move for a little longer.

ACOR, save the best for last perhaps? lol   This one definitely has the best momentum out of all of the stocks out there, whether you are comfortable with it or not.    As noted in MC yesterday we hardly thought ACOR was done because of the private placement and today we acted on it as it was about to attempt the days high (also an area where it churned yesterday, see chart below). It turned out to be a good move, and actually it turned out to be a great move.    We are not here to debate the legitimacy of the co. or its potential outcome of its drug so we are merely sticking to the trading action.    DVAX also got a boost today b/c of positive study results and this thing may also get some carried over momentum.   However, we still think that ACOR is by far the sexier of the two  in terms of story and float.

RIMM- traded nicely after yesterdays big day closing near the highs of the day $110. A nice chart like many others here into fridays action.


We have taken another position in ACOR here in the low 11.20's



DJIM stocks

By 10 am we pointed a certain 'stall' we were feeling in the end of the day a deep snooze ensued as we kept hearing of the 'stall' and feeling it...a tick off resistance, a tick off support for the eg.nasd... the DJIA which now has 4 little stick man to show for the last 4 days...tell you the truth the feeling was more of malaise early in the morning..maybe it was last nights drink(s)...but more likely just an uneasy feeling for the market with our TRT, SYX, RIMM's near their DJIM highs. Best thing for us to do is try to lessen our exposure some more when our gut is telling us something, a load we all should have been reducing the past few days as the TRT, SYX are a good 40/60% since we introduced them... plus both stocks have provided a re-entry at 9ema for a second ride. Nothing is wrong with the stocks..its just where they are and how far they have come.... IAAC too since the reversal.  Lets not get greedy. We will now wait for a nice break and/or a nice close to get back what we have let go. If it becomes a pullback we will gladly add a 3rd time to some of these names. What might happen in the near future is a very volatile market depending on who is releasing that good bad report and so on taking the market with it, we'll stay on our toes but won't sway too fast one way as things can change by the next big name report.  Some of the stocks in our list are seemingly in a similar position to where EDU was in a tight range. Except the CETV,CPY, DGIT sit near DJIM highs and seem to have found some sellers at these levels. Just like in EDU's case today or AZZ's yesterday.... we are waiting for confirmation of a move before adding...a move that will hold a break to the upside by end of the day. You don't want to hold a move like ANGN's yesterday where the break does not hold later in the day. Anyways, EPS season is here and extra cash to use is not a bad thing to have sitting around.  For those looking for intraday action...ACOR, NRPH provide plenty of squeeze for the day.     Charts updated for tomorrow.