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From Russia with Love...

We started the day with a very optimistic tone and we definitely finished it with the exact same tone.    So basically, the cautionary stance we took a couple of days ago is a little bit lessened.    However, just because the index is finishing solidly green, it doesn't mean that we are going back gun ho and buy back all of the DJIM stocks back off our watch list.      Still,  it's a game where you only get rewarded from the best action going forward, not from the past.    Momentum stocks provided us with some solid gains yesterday such as FMCN DIVX late day runs, today we had some other DJIM stocks such as ATNI IAAC SNCR MR EDU... providing sparks.    On top of everything,  every one of the Russia based telco stocks caught fire today, notably MBT GLDN VIP ROS.    These were the primary trading targets but if you were recycling DJIM names, you too had a good day!

DJ Traders Market hours Alerts
MBT, russian telecom out with excellent earnings,
also possible overflow to others such as VIP-GLDN, which was raised to buy and a 50 tgt from 37 by an overseas bank yesterday.

To cap the day, we definitely had a couple of wild small caps and the one we chose to play is RNIN.   RNIN is getting some buzz b/c of its close similarity to FMCN and the fact it's an IPO, it gets played with some serious momentum.     It's not easy to keep the gains for a 5 buck stock, even though the float is small.   It definitely had its share of volatility today, but the end result is a close near the high of the day with volume surging toward the last half hour of the day.     While this normally signals another good day to come, it's never guaranteed that it can happen and this play is definitely on the more speculative side.    And last, oil service group had a very decent day.  Recent DJIM stocks such as ALY BTJ GDP PVA... all seem to have broken out.    We'd say choose your play wisely and pay very close attention to the overall sentiment in the group.    One little hiccup in the sector and we are simply outta there.     

That -54 Naz day is still lingering around our memory.   It can not be easily forgotten and the way we've been trading last couple of days fully reflect that.     We have been playing with smaller sizes and only playing with those we think that exhibit the best momentum, today it was the idea of a wild fire spreading from MBT earning. It was a hunch in DJIM Alerts premarket and paid off handsomely with NCH's big dig days from the Russian stocks.