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..why we here today

...with FTSE, DAX, HANG, TSX all on holidays??... Guess we're here tracking Santa's historical path of possibly bringing that overblown post Xmas-to New year rally!.   Fortunately, if you've 'not' been sitting on your hands, you shouldn't care too much about the next few days or need to be foolish in and get ( buy) something else you don't need for Xmas.  We've already had a rally in the stocks closely followed here the past week or so.   Monday was no exception.  Wouldn't it be great if all trading days would be 3.5 hrs long, major indices doing a +99/+21/+12 and your stocks running on all cylinders!.  Guess if that was the case, we'd all still believe in Santa Claus!.   Let's get on to the 'Stocking Stuffers' that might've made that hideous Cosby sweater you got Christmas morning look not so bad after all!

Solars..SPWR FSLR STP JASO....SOLF CSIQ  LDK...This is not 6 geese a laying, this is 9 ladies a dancing!.  Following LDK margin shrinking report it was noted we'd be looking for a dip if it happened in this sector to do some possible buying.  Hardly any dipped and instead just coattailed first out the door on RIMM's big day .   This group did not disappoint Friday or Monday as set ups, NCH were abundant.  Clearly this is where we want to stay and ignore the suffering in the groups like shippers, china stocks.  Now..if the hedgies want to pump their book for this end of the year Q, we just might see another sector wake keep eyes a movin'.

Russian stocks...VIP MBT WBD, this group has followed our blueprint here for the past week and more.  The GLDN deal has been a definite positive for VIP's share price (37's-45) as we thought, not often you see the acquirer get such a reaction and we think this can go further. Low 50's, but not after a pullback of small sorts as the last 3 days have left it a bit extended.   MBT, we were 'eyeing it back to recent highs' and we got that as it hit $100 Monday.  Again, we'd use any pullback as a possible buy in.   If the volume comes in this, we'd saddle up as the chart looks very good.  WBD has been in a tight narrow range and with a little volume could spark again with another move upwards.  The float, spreads are ideal for a low volume move in Xmas trading week.

APEI, LRN, N... last week we said these may be ideal for light trading days ahead.  A sign of it was present in APEI as about 60K pushed it to a NCH with 4 pts in tow.   We will continue to keep focused on these IPO's.  

Due to these IPOs stellar opening days, a sentiment change in the markets make for a perfect combo and so we have our eyes set on "N" , Netsuite.   If the market tone continues to stay this way, it makes the possibility of N performing well greater.  This new issue has some color!.   It did a Dutch auction for pricing the stock which might have kept the flippers of a quick buck away.   It also has color because of the money behind it in ORCL's Larry Ellison and a management team of former ORCL heads.  This brings in interest from more traders or just investors with a fondness for ORCL or tech.  If you're a Baseball junkie, you'll like or actually maybe not like that Oakland A's Billy Beane is there on the BOD to crunch the numbers and use their  The market cap might be big, but with the available float as it stands now make it interesting in the short term.  It just seems sexy, especially following VMW success. We'll see...


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