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Pair of Aces...

When you have a pair of Aces, you usually have a pretty unbeatable hand.   In our case, we had Amzn yesterday and Aapl today.    Does this pair of Aces have enough karma to save this market?    Or maybe, is this market really in need of saving?     Some are doing there best to make it sound so..

AAPL is definitely the big enchilada the market was waiting and expecting on today.   What everyone was hoping for was obviously an AMZN kind of reaction.    So far in AH, AAPL is delivering and is up over 10 bucks.    Now we are not going to analyze their report, their ipod or iphone, Mac shipment numbers.    That is really an irrelevant issue to us traders as our main concern is how this thing is trading and what's the likely implication it may have on others tomorrow.    So far, despite the early weakness, we say the reaction has been pretty good.    Hopefully, this can translate into a positive spirit into trading tomorrow with the help of some of the firms morning calls that cover it.    Market was hairy at times today but somehow the indices pulled into green territory.

Bottom line, we want to see that the good earnings report are still being rewarded.   This is the fundamental strategy of DJIM and without that, it'd be pretty much useless to trade.     Fortunately, good eps reports are still getting bid up, so we are still very much in this game.    What we do want to caution to our readers though, is that in light of the recent market volatility, we are cutting down our position number 'considerably'.    We are basically only trading a handful stocks now which we consider have the best potential and the safest setups.  We are also concentrating on new faces, leaving most of the recent winners behind.    We want to trade in a manageable manner so it's time to go back to our basic "be very selective" strategy. We are not in the buy the dip scene either now, so it is better to start with fresh names reporting well and avoid the dips in Solars, Shippers and others that have ran this last Q at this point..  Have a look at VSR, PCR for some more that have beaten up today..quickly.  We want to avoid anything close to this, the best way is with fresh names.  A good report is not going to fall 15-20%, an over extended stock, but a recent runner might for many reasons.  If a stock is breaking out to new closing highs as with LPHI, it is worth another flyer in our book. Still, you have to keep it manageable and in decent size.

here are some plays we are dealing with today...

LDSH, we bought some off its report today and liked the way it closed.   The report is pretty strong and the reaction is even stronger.  This one has basically been stuck around the $39 to $42 range since Feb. so this report is potentially giving this one a good excuse to kick into high gear, for a new runup.    We have been a little aggressive on this one today and we are looking for some multi day action from this one down the road.    Read the earning report, we think you would be impressed. It probably didn't hurt BA was up early with a nice report.

LPHI, how high can it go?  If we just stop asking ourselves that question and pay more attention to its action, perhaps we can get some more profitable trades out of it.   We added some today on anticipation of a good close.  It closed well and we are eyeing the $50 mark at this point.

ANIK, this one reported last night and we couldn't help noticing its strength today.    With its IBD number of 96 84, we think this one is also a candidate for a potential IBD runup. They had a FDA approval to go with the report.  Many of us traded this in the past, hopefully, we could have more glory days with it.

AAPL/BIDU, just a heads up for tomorrow and you case you haven't heard, they are both up multiple points in AH.




Growing up and then trading from Canada,  we'd never think we'd see the day the CDN$ reaching parity with US$....guess, they waited for us to be nice and far away for the historic day! back to the US markets we trade, a market we've had to greatly outpace just to deal with the greatly appreciating CDN$ over the last 6-12 mths.   Luckily our goal at DJIM is not to produce paltry returns in the single digits or the teens'. Anyway back to the pitch as the futball fans know it as 3 minutes away from the Chelsea pitch on afternoon game day is quite the experience for any sports nut...or drinker!!

So...yesterday was hardly unexpected after the sprint we've had this week, the valiant effort of many to keep it where it was most of day was good to see.   Somewhat surprising was to see dip buying come in so early at times.    It would be a victory of sorts if we could end week basically unscathed without a serious short correction with the loss of momentum.   Despite the small caps, mid caps indices leading the way down in the afternoon, we were pretty well and running from the morning with our niche of players we had you following and hopefully trading.

MELI, LULU, WX, the trio we gave before the open outperformed anything and everything off the bat.   MELI steamed from the 33's to 38 and considering the force of the move maintained its lofty intraday perch and closed at 37 and change.  After 2 days of action, we know this is on radar now for those into a little action.    LULU and WX sprinted to new highs as well from the open.   If some of you want to trade broken down stocks and patiently wait and wait for the all mighty bounce....the best to you, but as part of the DJIM methodology says... look for the strong,52 week highs, which at more times than not is the easy play!.    These 3 had all these colors after their strong showing we pointed out in a market that was treading water the day before.  Wondering if Cramer put on some Yoga gear to demonstrate his bull-ishness on LULU last night..maybe a LULU thong or the LULU Hot shorts!.   Sorry to make you sick in the morning...

EJ,  we think we have walked you through this trade in the past week or so.   As we've been saying the accumulation is most likely a forward to Merrill Lynch's initiation of the stock.    In many a traders eye, the play could be over in terms of they got what they wanted this week and moved on.    The 22 level was a no a technical no brainer and was an exit door for some.   This is the one reason one should use charts, to use them as a guide to where you might find resistance or support for your stock.    The Merrill Lynch initiation will come today, we hope its enough to fuel this some more and at least get it on radar of more money.     Don't expect anything to send this to the moon though.   Just like pre-earnings runs, this might have been a pre-coverage run led by those in the know...we'll see shortly depending on the $ tgt ...if they give one.

APOG,   this one we bought into and as usual with it maybe a little early at 26, as it did its traditional yo-yo action on day of a good report. Every Q this one seems to beat and we were waiting for the exact action we saw later as this moved from 25' to high 27's intraday and finished strong.  The potential in this stock short term is in the charts. You can easily see the last two reports on gaps and then the follow through to higher ground.    Not sure why this got so beat up during the summer and frankly don't care after these earnings.    ----------------                Reports Q2 (Aug) earnings of $0.40 per share, $0.04 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.36; revenues rose 19.7% year/year to $217.7 mln vs the $209.1 mln consensus. Co raises EPS guidance for FY08, sees EPS of $1.43-1.53 vs. $1.50 consensus, up from $1.37-1.47; raises FY08 revs guidance; co sees revs growth of 11-13%, which equates to ~$887.1-903.8 mln vs. $877.17 mln consensus, up from revs growth of 10-13%, which equates to $879.1-903.1 mln. Co says, "We remain optimistic about our businesses and markets served, and are positioned to meet our longer-term objectives of 8% annual revenue growth and 20% average earnings growth through FY10. Our solid year-to-date earnings along with our strong backlog, commitments and bidding activity give us confidence in our ability to grow revenues and earnings through FY10.

LWAY, the chart was getting our attention the day before and the open, even on light volume showed us some potential....simple as that.  A nice move ensued and volume was pretty good on the day.   Hopefully, the chart came to a few more overnight and we will have some follow through action today.

LDK JASO MR ANIK ICOC GS ,   top out our trading list for Friday.