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..A few good things about cash

One is sitting in it and the other is spending it...same goes for your trading dollar profits, you can sit in it after you worked your butt off, stressed your mind and finally earned it and/ or you can go window shopping and selectively, wisely spend some.  There's always something new come earnings season....last week it was in the JCG window, today REXI came out with a flyer on its earnings. Despite the morning beating of China stocks and tech names, REXI behaved well and we showed it in alerts mid $25's on about 15k volume.  Last night it reported .21 vs .04 on 86% increase in revenues.  The numbers over recent Q's is hard to figure but the reaction this morning showed it was a go.  The chart helped the decision process, as did the thinking Asset management co's have been in favor as seen here with GROW, IAAC.  The stock got some air and hit a intraday high in the mid $27's before closing off just under $27.  One thing we are doing now, since this is a full time gig for us look for fast and liquid movers. The reason is simple...instead of being trapped in a thin stock with a oversized position, a liquid stock provides easy quick exits!.  We are still going with the cautionary flag, so this short term trading opportunity is what we will attempt to catch for now.  Two stocks provided this late in the afternoon as the market improved...DIVX, FMCN. These are not just any stocks getting the groove on, these are earnings plays fitting to DJIM, plus they fall into our trading methodology or is it madness of buying stocks as they move to NCH's.  We don't shy away from this and we wouldn't today.  Adding, buying late in the day is nothing new for us.  Even if you caught the alert note and jumped on it ......around a $1 on each was had for a flip at the close in 30 minutes.  If you held, you could have more or less tomorrow.  Whatever floats your boat!.  FMCN was actually placed on our screens in the morning but it was taken down to $65 with the rest of the China stocks. The reason we were looking at FMCN is WRH came out with a $85 buy target.  All it took was the market to go green for this to become relevant plus a kick off the 9ema.   At about the same time DIVX began to show life, more life than any other tech names as it reversed strongly.  We didn't care to know what the excitement was, we just had the 52 week high in sight and a curiosity as what it would do with it after it took out yesterdays high... Well...the 52 wk high $29.72 was history pretty soon and a NCH of $31.36 at 4pm.  At this point we are trading these, simply this means we could trade this into any morning strength or a weak market or hold longer.  We're not showing any love right now and will trade according to the action we see.