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Entries in GROW (15)


IAAC $24.5, GROW $24.85 entry

It just doesn't feel like it's the last trading day of this summer.     

IAAC (24.50) -believe it or not, we started playing this one exactly three months ago.    Kudos to Demi, we started following it on another msg board since $12 and it's really been an on and off affair for us.    Thanks to GROW, this one is catching on some heat lately and it just took out the old high with very good volume.    Imo, this one has better growth compare to GROW and it also has good IBD exposure.    The reason why I mention IBD in about every paragraph I write is that about all of our past big winners would eventually turn up on the IBD100 list.    The recent surge in volume tells me that interest is picking up and momentum is building up.    Right now, it's no where near the climatic volume phase and so I'm not worried about a blowoff top anytime soon.   In fact, GROW is starting to set up nicely also which leads me to believe that this sector might be in play.




First there was IAAC, now there's GROW.     Even knowing that GROW has a nice setup going into today, no one really knows when it will break out, or if it will at all.    I think IAAC provided a catalyst.    When people trade up IAAC, they are gonna go find alternatives that may move like IAAC.   GROW is  probably the best fit and imo is really a close cousin to IAAC, in terms of characteristics.     IAAC went up more than I expected, I did reduce some exposure as I always do just to be disciplined.     I added quite a bit of GROW today and very much like this breakout, as it's breaking out from a relatively strong base.

Mkt is potentially giving traders a nice close going into this long weekend and we all should be taking advantage of this and reshuffle our position somewhat.     When the institutional boys and girls come back next week, it's really hard to tell what they are gonna do.    We wouldn't speculate on either direction but we will be ready for them as we've spent every day of this summer battling against the odds. lol

BTJ, it's firming up and is also setting up for next week imo.    This weekend's IBD list is a wild card for BTJ but I don't think it's going to do worse than the #14 spot.   Bear that in mind, the action today and last couple of days can only considered to be healthy.     There are a couple of other stocks which I would like to see a good close but we can never force the issues.    I will just let some stocks play out by themselves and act accordingly.


Sept 1, Closing Update

What a week it turned out to be!   We have had some really nice movers from our DJIM watchlist and it's definitely paying off to be in this market when everyone else seems to be on vacation

IAAC,  not much I can say about this one as this is "what you see is what you get"!    Most people may not be comfortable with this kind of runup, and it's ran up after the fact it already had a strong week and month.    Well, this is what me and Demi and a few other traders have been playing during the last few years.    When all of your portfolio and all of your plays and things on your watchlist are all as volatile as IAAC, then after a while they become normal.     You basically have to get used to it.   For me personally, it did take a long time to grasp the concept of "trading a group of  most volatile stocks while applying the most conservative strategy"!     I'll elaborate on it more this weekend.

GROW, see above!     I felt that it has more legs left going into next week.  The only thing you have to watch out for is that it's releasing earning next  Friday.

NEU, patience may be paid off given today's close.    what can I say?  It closed at its day high, monthly high, and a new 52 week high!    This to me is about an ultimate close that a stock can get. 

other stocks closed well include FTEK PWEI WBD....  and a couple of new ones I'm adding to watchlist.

again, you don't have to own or play every single stock out there, just make sure you hammer out the best plays.




DJIM list WK #3

DJIM will be going into the week with the names listed below, narrowing the list to concentrate on the more volatile names recently added (IAAC,BTJ,GROW). Last weekend we were looking for momentum trading to continue with or without Mr&Mrs Hampton, late in the week we certainly got that with IAAC breaking its volume highs, GROW coming along for the ride. What you want is a breakout with volume, those two got more than enough on the last friday of trading at the end of a dull summer. If this is not enough to start the week, there is BTJ that has refueled over the weekend at IBD #3 and looks to have setup for another trip north. We are not going to fight the tape with these, it will decide what we/you should do. This goes with keeping with whats working and finishing strong or showing resilency on dips and that's what we want to hold. ALY,AMIE,WBD are still performing well off our Aug18th list. WBD on friday is why you keep a tight list which we try to do, a 4pt intraday reversal to a high is something to behold. You don't have to be environmentally friendly to recycle stocks. NEU closed at a high too and definitely came back on some screens over the weekend. UIC has also performed well up 4 pts since being added. Something tells me GRB, FTEK, PWEI feel left out and one or two will let it be known this week. PGTI remains the Baskin Robbins play...hurricane flavor but you need to watch the homebuilders next to it. The others we will keep on the ticker above, what we want is to see life for an attempt at a breakout.



GROW is having a CC tomorrow and this can definitely either encourage or disappoint the traders.    In either case, we've mentioned before that we do not like to hold through or even play this kind of events.    To top it off, what can affect GROW can also affect IAAC, so both plays are on hold untill after tomorrow morning.

BTJ, it was hammered yesterday and evidently triggered alot of stops.    The best case scenario is for it to consolidate in this range for a while before making any move.    Keep a close eye on the 9 ema and if it wanders too far below it this may become a "buy and hold" which is not exactly what we like to see.    In fact, we'd want to avoid that scenario.



EDU entry at $22

This is a recent IPO($22.00).   The company is based in China and it provides  locals with english lessons and prepare students for all kinds of academic tests.   The growth is great and the potential is there.   In addition, the company is profitable. We bot some earlier today as it may begin to move out of the range.    We'll add if it strengthens up.

We are also trading some GROW(32.20) today as the action start to look a little interesting now.

No FNET for us today as the day trading opportunity is just not there, but who knows it may come later on but so far it looks a little toppy.


Keeping Focused...

Even though it seems every low floater with better than average earning is getting played as if it's the next big thing, we still have to be focused and catch some real opportunities.     Stocks like ANGN RFIL FNET in our opionion are just runners.   When you catch them, great, if not, no biggie.     Here's some update on stocks we are trading today....

EDU,  what began as an accumulation/chart play for us turned into a spectacular show throughout the day and right to the end.   We like the story and its action and this is looking to be a beginning of a leg up.       The beauty about these IPOs, there's no resistance and we can literally ride it as high as it wants to.    It's a profitable Chinese IPO with a relatively low float that happens to trade on NYSE, and it has decent earnings growth, and any more fundamental research is redudant at this point.    Hopefully this one will do some wonder for us.

GROW, they shook the tree and alot of players fell off.   Well you basically have to see it to believe that the play is not over.    We are not arguing about the earning quality here, just stating the fact that the action today and yesterday looks good for a long trade.

IAAC, as Demi mentioned before, the selling may be overdone due to the commodity selloff, we bought some and looking for a bounce.

other stocks looked strong today include ANST GRB WBD CETV ANGN...


Never dull in DJIM

Crazy action in SNCR, big bids came in...CPY getting attention and bot more this afternoon. CTCM another one we use for bounce is having a good day.


DJIM hold/hit list #11......MOBO hiccups the MOMO..

How convenient that earth shattering news was!...The market with 2 strikes against it yesterday....GDP and TGIF having little effect on the market, and then conveniently and timely GS decides to rile up the market with a blackberry file from an analyst whooping it up on a Friday night in Taipei with 'old news'....Did this tech rally really miss the fact that Vista delay troubles and 8 million Sony crisp and toasty batteries might dampen 4th Q holiday orders/sales and that corporations would take their sweet time incorporating Vista into '07.  Is it breaking news that many would go for something else this holiday season instead of a new MOBO' system?  Well...with a sensitive market after GDP#, profit taking Friday and with the market needing a rest period, it didn't take much to get the profit taking ball rolling without giving much thought. Is this really anything the market didn't know about or expect? . We wonder who was buying the selling on the 'demand has fallen off quickly in October" headline?.  You also have to wonder about a market that takes 'YUCK' GDP so lightly, yet gets shaken on MOBO growth prospects/shipment declines for October.   The market looks like it wants go higher into the last quarter to us, the GDP short term reaction helped this idea....but of course we need a healthy pullback ...consolidation, maybe this is it. The charts below show the lines in the sand for a pullback and/or some more. The SP on the upper line, the recent break outs of the indecies, the possibility of the Dow transports getting closer to highs which could be the last straw if it breaks out for those thinking this market will implode in 2006. Our gig at DJIM is not to get into the scenarios, there is enough info and talking heads giving their take. We don't want get into this ever on DJIM and we wouldn't expect many to ever agree with us or would we care if they didn't... so we don't.  We are traders first and as we always say....we will trade accordingly to the action we see. Yesterday, it was taking some off as we thought the GDP was enough to cause a needed pullback, the late tech action told us to sell but there were a few pieces we were still buying late in the day..   There are a few techs in the DJIM bunch..

TRT saw the brunt of the GS note. In our notes, we have been cautious on the TRT action pointing to the recent move without volume and waiting for the insiders to stop the selling. We talked off wanting a pullback to add before an attempt at the highs. Fridays was a little extreme to add, we will wait to see if the insiders helped the cause.

We added some DIVX again on the late day dip, we still think there will be some action like in RVBD the day of earnings before the release.

UCTT seemed to have survived the GS note and even closed higher than the much talked about pricing of the 1.8 mln share exchange.  Not bad action considering this is a semi with a cloud over it from that large transaction for some.

APH was looking so sweet as it broke the highs and toyed in the $70's  Then it got taken down with the rest. As we've said before, we expect this one to be on DJIM for a while.

RIMM..DJIM's after hours pick up at $99+ on earnings day had a nice breakout this week. We noted to look for one at $114 early on. TD research gave it a glowing report with another tgt in mid $100's on Friday. Our goal is still the 25% gain which is DJIM's benchmark we strive for in our buys to join the wall on our DJ Journal Archives page.

MR had a terrific week after driving us nuts for about a month. Last friday, we focused on the MR move and what it might bring the following week. Seems the break out move caught on as we went from low 17's to 19's. At this point we would like it to pullback closer to 9ema for another move into it. The volume dropped off thur/fri and so did our position. We will keep watching this closely and hopefully catch another move up.

ACOR is just a marvel to watch, it has bored the momo traders yet they all wait and watch for a move(including us;). This is now a hold long term for many as it has churned here in the 17 range endlessly. Are 3 or 4 firms wrong with the $24-25 targets on ACOR, we don't think so and patiently wait for any news to spark it again.

BTJ, the possibility we spoke of Wednesday for a late momo run into IBD didn't play out. The positive of this is the stock is becoming more attractive off the pullback after stellar earnings will move heavy into BTJ on such sector moves but this will only occur with a volume push, so far BTJ is not trading like the BTJ we know...the volume is not there but we still bought some into the close as it closed in on the 9ema(15.80) level. The August run we followed had BTJ reach 9ema on day 6 (including earnings day) and then it continued forward.... Friday was day 4 this time around.

Some of the best trading opportunities this past week was from the stocks mentioned in the Extended trading thread in Market Chat...

FTK, ZIGO, CTCI and a few others on consecutive days.  We expect this to continue as the small caps begin to roll out their numbers. As the EPS small cap show and tell begins, we will still keep the charts refreshed for some DJIM stocks we have little or no shares of now. We don't expect these to test highs until EPS is out or some news propels them to break highs. This includes CETV, CPY.   On Thursday,  we said we dwindled BVX (DJIM since low 7's).. this follows DGIT (low 10's). BVX seems to be only for the chart players now, another play might be formed with those 3 last daily sticks, DJIM needs another catalyst to move back in. Both have been profitable DJIM plays but we see more exciting things coming up with a fresh earnings season. Like all DJIM listed stocks these will be watched for a possibe entry. IAAC,CTCM,GROW continue to provide nice intraday moves for traders.




Preserving the gains......DJIM style

Even though this market seems like it's going up forever, we still have to remember the good habits of being a disciplined trader.   Some stocks, are simply overextended, whether you like it or not.   We are not saying to get rid all of our shares and wait for a nasty pullback.   What we have been doing is paring back our position sizes as the stock goes higher.    This is simply a good habit because you are constantly in a good flow of things.    Going all in into a position and going all out all at one shot would not smooth out the trading results.   In fact, it's just more stressful when you trying to nail the bottom or top with a one shot deal.     In a rising market, it pays to buy stocks on a 9 ema pullback.    But more often than not, a strong stock will simply not pull back to the 9 ema level.   What can we do then?   We buy break outs!   Anytime a stock takes out the previous high, there's a good chance a rush of buying and new money would follow through, and it works extremely well in a rising market.   This is why we are putting up alerts of this nature of DJIM stocks as they come to this stage.  How about the EDU, GMKT, TWLL just the past few days!  Come to think of it, we are probably responsible for many new 52 week highs in the past. ;)    Here we go...

ZOLL, we can conclude that this stock is being discovered.    Well, many of you have probably known this stock for a long time but we are sure not many expected this kind of reaction from its report today.    Valuation was way cheap for this stock at the beginning of the day, and what follows is traders bidding up on a good report in a very forgiving and generous market environment.    We can guarantee that if this happened in July, it'd probably go up no more than a couple of points.

EXLS, this is an IPO that came out with what we considered as very good earning.   Again, this stock is in play as of today and many traders will have it on their list as the top candidate.    The trend, of course, is to the upside. We didn't write a novel with morning goggles on for something we didn't consider a good bet. With it we provide the thinking behind of what could and what could not happen. You need to cover all the angles and we try to show our thought process.

GMKT,  just last night we said ...keep cool, think of buying the dips....ok Briefing, we know that you can pump a stock.   This sort of thing happens way too often and it's almost expected after we get into a sexy play.   Coincidence?   We'll just have to think of it as that way for now. lol

GROW, we hope most have taken a nice chunk of gains out of this one today or yesterday.   Is it topping out?  Who knows and who really cares at this point?  After all, we made the most out of the 31% gain in less than a week.    Trade this one with caution and there's always plenty of fish to catch in a market like this.

There are definitely lots of other stocks that are looking good today and we are not going to get into specifics with each one.   The bottom line is, we are taking the opportunities to take some gains off some of the huge winners and paring back some position size.   We are still very optimistic about the trading opportunities and the overall mood of the market.   New plays are popping up everyday and we are not slacking off just because we've done well recently.    Keep focused and disciplined, all the effort we put into trading these days will be well worth it when a bad market does eventually roll around.



Thanksgiving week...

Traditionally, this has always been a good week for traders.   With a shortened trading week and many people left for holiday, there's really not a lot of action going on, unless of course you knew which buttons to push.    This has always been traditionally a good week for small caps.   Less trading volume means the retail traders can push some thinly traded or low float plays around.    Well, we think there's not so much of a difference between a retail trader or an institutional trader anymore.  You can either be a professional retail trader or an amateur institutional trader.  Either way, we all balance each other out in the heat of the action.      Today we had some consolidation among some of the runners from last week and we also had some new breakouts and follow through from some plays as well.    It's never a dull day in November's as we say.    Here are some highlights...,  it's definitely one of our favourite stocks today as basically the whole Chinese theme is just getting more momentum one play after another.   This one definitely broke out today and we added a few to anticipate some further upside. This one was a DJIM alert mention as a watch off earnings last week and again today.

GROW, talk about a stock that just wouldn't give up any gains.   Once the traders figured it wouldn't go down, the natural instinct is to bid it up, without hesitation.

EFUT, what a late day run it had.   If you are quick enough, then you'd probably caught a couple of points off this already.  It's interesting to see how this one plays out tomorrow, but the probability is high that it'll have a run some point over the next few days.    Again, this play has absolutely nothing to do with fundamentals, purely demand vs. supply,  traders against traders kind of deal.   We pointed EFUT out last night as a trademark play for this week.

EXLS, we are using the opportunity today to add back some on weakness.   We feel that it's a matter of time this one gets some good action going forward.

ZOLL made a move to last weeks highs before retreating...hey its TKG week and you can get nice advances on average volume all over the place.

RIMM, the big firms are trying to outdo each other. Last week, it was UBS with a $160, today it was MLynch with a $165 target.

TRT, If this was a reco. before the open and if you bought the reco. you really have to question the timing and if you're being toyed with .  Unfortunately the same that chase ruin the day. This was the case here as TRT ran out of gas.

What's so odd about this week is that we are actually coming into this week with some huge gains off this market... it really makes this week kind of unimportant in a way.   But of course, there are always those who haven't made most out this market last couple of months and are dying to make it up somehow this week!


Three and a half hrs left....

Still 3.5 hrs left to feast on this holiday trading you have it in you?.

Wednesday premarket we noted JCG, J Crew which has been undergoing a turnaround since 2003 with a new CEO.  JCG came out with stellar earning and raised "G". We're not big on trading retailers but this one had a nice chart and the flavor of IPO still over it as well.  Hey, its not Limited Brands inc, (LTD) that we could do some serious due diligence work on over the holiday up here in Toronto... but with XMAS shopping season around the corner, this preppy clothier might stick around the DJIM books if it continues to gain interest. Of course, its Black Friday weekend so you have that to consider all the upcoming news into a potential retail play for your book.  The stock traded up to $38 AH's Tuesday, the open dipped into the high $36's..a surprise with nothing really behind it, this definitely looked like a buy opportunity to us..  Soon the stock picked up and it was not too much later that we entered as it started to catch some air. There are 100's of releases this time of the year, we are selective in putting things up you might want to look at during extended trading hours, DJIM alerts as well.  JCG was one you should have been watching early on with us.   CAAS's crazy one day run recently might have given you reason to check back into this Market Chat feature.


Another highlight was the move in the heavily followed DJIM stock MR.  Not much you could say about it except it managed to tack on another $1.50 after being alerted to with the follow up on JCG in the morning.

CMT, this late day alert Tuesday in the very low $9's put in a very good day closing in on $10. The chart looks excellent for this steady mover and it's IBD #'s are getting interesting enough to get some attention in our books.

GROW, GMKT continue to provide the best trading opportunities while climbing higher, buying the dips is not going out of style with these G's.

RVBD is providing the best opp in the recently followed DJIM tech names and is really the only one we have interest in trading...DIVX might be shaping up but the SCNR, TWLL, TRT, UCTT need further consolidation and/ or a breakout for us to get interested again.  Be careful tomorow, false breakouts may occur on small volume, best to pocket some gains because they can evaporate quickly come next week.  

EFUT, CAAS are teasing and might be playable tomorrow again, we just wouldn't be holding them into the weekend.




DJIM Market today...

Maybe it's not a good thing, but days like this we are completely oblivious to the market shenanigans.  It seems there is only one market today and that's a DJIM market. Supposedly...the market was resting today, probably got a little fat since Fridays run began.  This didn't stop many of the DJIM stocks, they just kept on rolling along...

GROW, lets not greedy folks!!..that's a 17% trip off the latest alert to the $60 top...Yes, we said in a possible short term top. So, not to be greedy we were unwinding our position. We've left enough to call ourselves happy GROW investors and we won't be far away to load up again.

JST, this one said.. hey I have a passport too and joined the Asian stock run-up. This was simply a case of the chart catching up to the rest of the action in DJIM land.  If you stared long enough at BT's JST chart, you probably had the idea of a potential big break coming soon.

EDU and HMIN...these two looked like they had a bet as to who was going to get to highs first. These two have added on about 10% each since Friday, today EDU ended with a NCH.

We have been pulling some profits off as any good trader/investor should as they go along...especially if its a quick 10-15% here and there in just a few days...But..instead of sitting on it too long, we've been putting it back to work. Opportunities are presenting themselves every day..sometimes its earnings, sometimes its the look of a potential set up. Today, we added a small starter in a couple of familiar names in AXR and DLB (comments in DJIM alerts). Other strong stocks of interest today were also familiar names from around here..ALY  FTEK  BIDU  IAAC.


No complaints with NCH's...

...the NCH's, new closing high list is long today for DJIM closely followed stocks...AXR ALY BTJ GROW JST REXI ROS ZOLL..intraday highs for POWL,FTEK

If you had to find some faults of today's action, you can say that FTEK reversed hard intraday and IPSU or POWL did not follow through the way it did the day before.    Have those three plays met our trading objective?  Hell yeah!    It's apparent that up until now, we can conclude with everyone that the key for each and every one of our plays is to find them early and get in early or wait for the next leg up.   When it comes to selling to take profits or cut losses, unfortunately everyone has their own threshold and emotional tolerance and discipline.   We like to take profit a lot and trade along the trend.  When a stock stalls or reverses, there'd be lots of sell signals and plenty of time for us to act, and such is the advantage of sitting in front of the screens all day.   Only you know when you've had your fill and its time to move on.    Ok,  here are some stocks that didn't disappoint...

ATNI, volume perked up considerably today and half of it is due to a block trade.  Nonetheless, we like its action and its strong move above 9 ema may suggest that it's ready to challenge its old high.   We got back in some.

ABM, what a surprise!...well, not really as its a blast when institutions (80% in ABM) want to play your side and buy as today.   This one was alerted yesterday due to their earning but today's action felt as if the earning came out today.   This one had strong action throughout the day and we like this one and thinking this one may no longer be a sleeper mover. Again..this is a lesson in not chasing the open, if you are not experienced enough to make a call, don't do it.  Let the market tell you when and if its worth a ride.  patience paid of nicely with IPSU, ABM

OPTM, we alerted this one earlier today and even though it did not close at the high, the late push was encouraging to see.   Say what you want, this one is also an attention grabber today.

GROW/JST/ALXA,  why do we group these three together?   Because really, those three only trade off momentum, nothing more.   Since momentum trading is what we do the best, of course we had to alert them late afternoon to all just in case they close well.   And they all closed well.

The bottom line is, if you get into some of these plays early enough and apply a proper selling strategy, a hard reversal intraday should not hurt the play that much.    Even if you did get caught and took some losses, there's really no need to get hung about it and just accept it as part of the game and move on.   There's always plenty of good action waiting for you here,  and that's also the reason why we rarely bring back our past plays (TRT) to our watchlist, unless they come back and challenge the high again or have some PR to kick it up. Too many of you fall in love with a stock and miss opportunities day after day because your money is tied up.  We can see by how many clicks the TRT chart gets compared to a flying AXR.   Move on people, TRT was here at $8 and then 12+ , AXR is up 25% since alerted here 8 trading days ago, what has TRT done the last 8?


DJIM hold/ hit list #18

In last weeks #17, we said we're not finished yet with this market in 2006.  Last week showed our resolve to keep finding the 'trade' despite an already fulfilling year.  The market just keeps feeding us DJIM type trading opportunities and we don't want to stop feeding it.  The exodus of players beginning this week for the holidays favors our type of play going forward as the volume creeps lower. The next few weeks is 'easy money' time,  we are only looking to add to the gains of '06...not diminish them with unnecessary risk.  This is not the time to look for the 'hard money' play that could tick a few percentages off your return.  This is not the time to think...hmm..this one could be a winner down the road and take a stake in it,  this is the time to play the momentum when you see it.  What are we talking about?.  Well, we gave it out all week!.  If you look at Fridays action, if you look at the NASD chart you can see the divergence in the money flow..what you are seeing is profit taking year end.  Where do we not see this?.  Clearly by Fridays action, it was in DJIM stocks.  While the distribution goes on elsewhere, DJIM stocks are getting our cash and many other dollars that are giving these stocks momentum.. bringing in the herd.  This is what we will continue to seek out...the positive money flow and/or where it might go.  These types of plays include the possibility of runners like GROW, JST given Thursday afternoon and then the subsequent momo the next day. 

Although earnings season is practically over there are a few names coming out with EPS, maybe we will get a couple more sweet ones before the year is out.  Last week we alerted to two we liked, IPSU and ABM and with a little DJIM patience we gave a follow up alert on each minutes before the big moves. The other grand move had to be the word on POWL at $28 and then the run..okay walk to just under $34, not so bad was the pick up of OPTM at $23.   Besides JST, AXR also had a 20% week. This one was a recent alert at $98 and continues to thrill closing at 129.  Hopefully,  some finally see the promise in buying a stock at $99 and not only $9.90 after the RIMM ride from $99 to $140 and now AXR's 30% in 10 trading days. 

We will continue to be selective in our choices going forward and yes... if we get more quick 5-10%-20% at this point on individual plays, we will take the profits as so should you. For more current plays of interest ROS, ATNI etc.,  just scroll down the Journal.