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· Our daily Journals encompass our trading methodology allowing you to interconnect with us by ‘Shadowing’ our trading platform watchlist. A 'Shadow'list of 50-75 stocks is tailored and fragmented (outperforming SECTORS, MID-SMALL CAPS, EARNINGS/ GROWTH (EPS) linked stocks, IBD 50, MOMENTUM STOCKS) to gauge single stock action and the broad underlying market for SP 500 direction to go long or short. New plays (stock/sector) are added, especially during earnings season through Journal updates.

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Sluggish mkt...except

The only thing last weeks terrible performance not do to DJIM stocks was put a ribbon on them for today's action.  Today was definitely a GIFT as there were plenty of remarkable performances.  You have to figure the bargain hunting started Thursday afternoon and today was just the icing.  With the icing comes some froth, which is always a good time to pocket some points.  That is unless you think a KMGBTNH, GMH, CROX will put up back to back huge days.   We'd rather not think and just line our pockets first and then consider re-entry.  This is especially true when DJIM stocks are outperforming the market as a whole.   We love NCH's but when you get a intraday 10%+ move in a KMGB or a 8pt move from TNH since friday, we will always take a load off and ignore a potential NCH end of day..... This is especially true if the market is showing signs of losing steam off only modest gains during the day.   You couldn't really call this bargain hunting buying as almost all of these big gainer stocks were already trading near highs, so maybe it was just being in the right place at the right time.  But the right place and the right time require the right stocks!.   Not much else to say about today, hopefully this euphoria over DJIM's today carries over to the rest of the market tomorrow.  We can't survive on our own.