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Google effect

There is really only one company reporting tonight that matters to us and it is an important one, google!    Well, at least we can say that the results and the ensuing after hour action isn't disappointing.    With google at this price level and people aren't disappointed about its growth prospect and are willing to pay up, this only gives us a clue of the status of this market.    Yes, the big banks may give us some headache like headlines but we already expected that from them.   Banks are capable of taking this kind of earning hit(hopefully one time) and in our opinion will not impact the overall market that much.   This is still very much a growth dominated market.    We dig technology stocks as well as shippers and solars and any other sectors that's considered growth oriented.     To put this in perspective, many participants including DJIM traders believe that there's still quite bit of upside left in this market.   The key, of course, is to realize which stocks are the driving force of this market and stick with them at all time.   It's been a while since we have these many stocks that are triple digit or approaching triple digit on our watchlist.    This simply reflects the kind of activities that are going on in this market and we better be there to take advantage of them.

Right now, the last few days of weakness feel like nothing but a minor pullback.   In this case, strong stocks should be bought on dips aggressively as long as they are technically intact.   There's really only one way to play a bull market, you buy on dips and you buy on breakouts.   DJIM traders have been very aggressive on the long side the last while and we'd intend to keep it this way unless something dramatic happens.

Now onto some plays...

ASTI, exactly one month ago, this one pulled some stunning move and did a double within a matter of a week.   We definitely like to see the similar kind of movement this time around and so far we got a wicked start today.   This move got kick started by the news of insider buying yesterday and our beloved Briefing picked it up today.   Yes, it's in play and it's a hot one!

YTEC, for some reason, it just doesn't feel that this runup is over.   It's looking more and more like it's trying to setup for another run.   We are still holding our position and with the 9 ema catching up, it may just be a matter of days if not hours before it gets going.   It's certainly capable of doing that.

NTCT, this is a stock we've been watching for a few days and we finally jumped on it for a small position as it isn't pulling back from the recent runup.   This one has very good IBD rating but we feel in order for it to have a shot onto the IBD100 list, it will depend on its results next week.

Shippers,  EXM/TBSI/DRYS all had a good day and especially the first two.   This is really about how high these things can go as oppose to when they will stop going up.    We think the only reason that can stop them is when they forecast a slowdown in their business.

Besides all those usual suspects, we also like the action from GLDN, GSOL and ANW today.    Bottom line, keep an eye on all of the high flying stocks on your watchlist, as soon as you feel the consolidation is done, it's almost certain that they can go nowhere but up.