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'"The Premise"

It’s not a blockbuster film, but it’s the storyline being played out here at Djimstocks for over a month.   The review below, but,...  on to today's action first.

Us disappointed?.  No way, Jose!.  Okay, we didn’t get our expectation of a SPX ~880 coinciding with a XLF ~$11 close as a signal for this melt up to continue,   but it’s only a matter of time!.   We were just a little too greedy late in the day after an already great day!.  SPX875 is the true breakout for most following TA,  873.5,  a new closing high and should be sufficient for more upside as the heavy resistance is in the 866-872.  SPX 860 is support now.  

Okay, does it matter, why the melt -up?.   Recently, we pointed out overnight, *overseas market giving clues to our market day and it didn't disappoint this morning.  *Stress easing over the bank stress test issue.   Preferred to common offers instead of Gov't transfusions.  Watch if some are announced soon, you may have squeezes unfold in C/BAC especially.    **Earnings..Earnings..!.  AMC, FSLR, GMCR  are not curbing markets appetite for the riskier assets.   You want to believe parts of GDP, FOMC were the reason,  go crazy!


Let’s just review, “The Premise“….it’s not tiresome to hear,  the premise is why we are a whisper from 880.

Encouraging Eco' data

Underlying bid prevailing on pullbacks.

This is probably our most over used, but this why we are smelling ~880.   Last,  this pointed out after Tuesday night futures held 840 twice.  “Excess money is anxious money” as asset managers put money to work as the underlying bid.

Tailwinds outweighing Headwinds, Upside 'news' risks for shorts


Shorts not pressing new positions under 840

After getting screwed a day later recently by trying this tactic.  No reason for them to press shorts higher as the fear of tailwinds is always there.  Also, it's almost a technical issue to stay clear now.  Now, as we said late yesterday,  the ones in from April 17-20 should gradually cover as well.

“Anxious excess money + Nervous shorts“… equals ~880


This has been downplayed by most outlets b/c expectations were lowered so much.  We are just getting over the 50% of reports out this season and the tone is changing to explain the melt up occurring.  We had a different tone last week,   April 23rd,  before the open, …Some encouraging 'broad'corporate trends eg.AAPL CMG EBAY ESI RCL CS PNC HSY...Maybe..just maybe for a day the mkt can stop using the ' stress test' excuse and focus on corporate . trends...April 24th, Going a little on the limb here , but underlying potential for a big day". We got a big rally that day, the premise was earnings that morning.

Tailwinds to run over 860??...Of course,  earnings will dictate,  but if we keep getting surprises we'll have the shorts giving up and we can really overshoot 860.   The reason is this is where most of the shorts are set up from mid Jan -Feb!!..April 14th.

Switch to Selective Individual plays

Concentration, consumer discretionary angle, while the market trades in a tight range on SPX.  This was something we promised back in late march after Treasury news.   At that time, it was the ‘inflation’ trade with Steels the primary trade.   That was successful, but we’ve diverted to a more cyclical recovery trade mixed w/ earnigs  eg. TIF, GYMB .    Following this trend,  we’ve avoided the grind this month of the SPX/ SPY trade that has overwhelmed traders with its boredom.    We’ve a had a trail of stock alerts go up over 20% in a few days the past week,  LVS over 50%, WYNN, PENN, CRYP ~20%  and slowly coming back to earnings plays that was the ‘heart and money’ and why we are here and many of you.  Ah, the glory days! We added RGR  today.

After March 23rd close... today we surged through the 50ma and closed well above this 800 mark. (824).   This close is a big positive and the Bulls finally should have the upper hand going forward.  On a technical view,  the next big TA levels not until the upper 800's... ............What’s the next big catalyst?.  You got a sniff of it late today and that is if bankers- brokers raise capital through private equity deals to exit the TARP!   This is amost a clincher and what will drive this market closer to SPX 1000.    Did we say that..1000?   "This is isn’t so funny to many a Bull with excess or a nervous Bear now, as the weather gets warmer, this possibility will get much warmer in the next few months!.   We're going to get a correction,  but it may not come when all are expecting one"..April 20th.

Underlying push for the market the past month …It might not be the catalyst headline , but it’s an underlying reason since the ‘whales’, including hedgies smelling this idea since our late March note on it.

Okay.  SPX1000.    We are going there this year and probably even 1100 ,  the hiccup correction  will come, but as we recently pointed out,  what if doesn’t!!.  Well then.. we may just get a "V ' shaped recovery!!.   Now,  that would be a helluva “V” for victory.   The point is,  just keep trading with a “positve bias”  following the premise here at DJIMstocks.   We will have headwinds along the way, we will have sloppy bad days,  but we think the ‘easy’ and best trades are just beginning as we get back to concentrating on the methodology that was us.. ‘individual plays- linked to earnings’.

If we see the above bold/ underlined items falling apart,  you are seeing the beginning of the hiccup correction.  Make a print out and keep this next to your screens as a guide.