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Entries in LNKD (2)


Ahead of the open, (04-05)

Into the trading week, ..”Longs hope is the IC’s have been deteriorating due to ‘seasonality’ (early warm weather boost, now give back), next I’C is likely critical for this assumption to be believable for much longer”.   Initial claims fell back to 360’s pre-Easter levels giving credence to the above 'weather kick back'.  Taking into effect the previous week’s upward revision, a sequential wk/wk drop of 27K took place as needed.   Why was the ES uptick faded soon after?   Well, that’s because ECB ‘wildcard’ (yesterday’s note) was hawkish, ‘current rate accommodative’.  Market reached too far with hope of any forward looking cut discussions.  In all, it was only an upside risk possibility (if dovish) and shouldn’t have negated the better IC #. The softer services ISM, mixed SSS retail sales (higher end still strong), didn’t help, but wasn’t the market driver to low 1390's again.  If anything, the European close (SP~1402) weighted on stocks. 
All in, market was in the twilight zone, not sure what it was thinking or doing  today,(includng bleeding the SOX/RUT to 2X SP losses).  Hopefully, it's just hesitation, a lack of buyers ahead of lowered NFP# expectations or maybe today's flippant reactions are indications market is running out of catalysts short term. (Labor market may take weeks to figure itself out). Only a print of 200K tomorrow may wake this bunch up as SP earnings season effect wanes.
Away from the indecisive broad market, single stock action is what it’s really about and a few more Shadowlisted stocks (LQDT, MSTR) came in with excellent EPS and were top 5 point gainers on the NASD.  Decent early entries, (even after gaps) on both stocks provided ~15pts from low to peak in just under 30minutes.  Quick trades or long holds to take some gains off the table, the names keep working Q/Q.  Also, off list , DXPE EPS pushed it to NCH, while (AMC), LKND  came in with a good report.



Ahead of the open, (20-07)

EZ summit highs were penetrated in the morning, rinsed back before finishing right on the SPY swing high from early July.  All in, an interesting day.  Why?.  Although small cap RUT was the only red finish amongst the indices many of our ‘higher beta’ Shadowed growth stocks outperformed substantially.  This smells of rotation, but at this point it’s just a lot of covering in tech linked stocks.(SOX up nearly 6% off lows).  Still, its possibly enough to reach SP1400 as long as bad eco’ data is ignored (Existing home sales -5% vs +1% expectation, Phily Fed today) and EZ stays quiet.  Financials stepping up would enhance the possibilities of a higher SP price.
MLNX  significant growth outlook followed up VMW slightly positive report to lead tech linked stocks , VFC  earnings led ‘retail’ growth names..(RL, COH, FOSL +5%).  FCX’s helped base metal linked stocks.  Other single stocks closings, BSFT +7%, YELP, LVS, GWRE +5%, FFIV WPRT, LNKD, LULU, CRM,  WYNN,  BIDU >3%.  FFIV  weak guidance is another example in tech/internet where…”Bad reports this Q are any that simply don’t beat the watered down consensus estimates”.  The stock climbed $10 off printed lows.  These reactions are especially prominant in tech, which ranks as the most beaten down sector recently as far as sentiment is concerned.