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We'd prefer to go to a ride park than go through the up and down swings with market so far this week.   Some may say the almost seemingly miraculous recovery late is a good sign, as far we're concerned a -100 day is -100 day!  Down is Down, yesterday just engraved in our minds to stay cash at least till Friday's possible employment trade.     Some triggers for further downside went off and this includes the $CRX that we use to gauge the commodity plays here.    We may have been only a few hours early in our last commodity Alert and last Journal when we said the 'toppy' feeling is in the coals.    Those were some nasty reversals in our favorite coal names and a short term top might have made in the morning.   It's unlikely these stocks will break to new highs while the market goes through some turmoil.  Considering, we've been living off the commodity stocks, we're not going to go elsewhere just to trade.  (This includes going long Ag's-Chem for more than an intraday swing unless we see continuation this week).  Remember..solars recent big day, not much has happened there since.    We had something like 11 stocks off our list hit new highs during the day, we want to see them duplicate this feat before we chase them again.

Oh yeah...the market and oil going in the same direction,  Lehman buying shares in the open market to prevent a free fall in their stock before issuing shares makes for a slippery playing field we'll avoid.