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DJIM #5  2008

A week of the improbable just passed.  We had FED slash and slash in attempts to stimulate the economy and at first it didn't seem stimulate a trader in sight.   A put or shut up sign was put up and come Thursday the traders showed signs of being inspired to put money in the markets and off the sidelines.    Speaking of sidelines, the NY Giants came off theirs late in the game and concluded a historic week with an improbable comeback upset.   Now if only the Giants can become the poster boys for the Bulls and push their own form of resistance out of the way and continue the bear market rally.   The resistance is in the charts coming up to the break down points as of Fridays close following a disappointing negative Payroll number but positive M&A noise...btw a number that 80 of 80 economists missed..the negative part.   The market is becoming more and more resilient to economic bombs and that's great, but it needs to continue to brush off the newest kid on the block ...the insurers and their crisis.    Hey, if the Giants can do it, a market can be full of surprises and play out in not so obvious ways.   Even if we retreat some off these technical levels, it does not mean we are going down to test lows again.   As far as trading strat',  we'd just prefer to lighten up as we did Friday and would today on any move upwards today into the levels noted yesterday.    Simply, we may break through to the upside at some point, but there may be no catalyst this week to accomplish this it seems.    Maybe some M& A activity will be spurred by the MSFT-YHOO bid.    This is already helping the public sentiment that stocks are cheap.   The next best thing is we begin to consolidate these recent gains.   In the meantime,  we can go on watching the second month of earnings unfold and concentrate on potential surprises.   The second month of earnings is the time the smaller companies release reports and so we'll look out for a surprise or two from an unknown play.  Now that money is seemingly coming off the sidelines,  the herd mentality might start to trickle in.  What we mean by this is we finally might get some runners as the hedgies come off the sidelines too and help run the little stocks that might surprise.   Nobody wants to be left out in the cold if the market has bottomed, even if it is possibly only for the short term.

It's 2008 and reliance on the stocks of 2007 is probably not the best thing to wait on.    We all get into habits and one is concentrating on the past winners to do it again.   Have an open mind at this stage, new winners, new sectors may emerge that may be in play the rest of the year..  In respect to this, we are heading into this week with a new sector we will closely watch...

COAL stocks, back in the summer we issued an alert on Shippers. At the time, the only chart making a new high was the BDI.  We went with it and the rest is history.  Today a new high is being reached in the price of coal, yep the boring black and sooty is making new highs. There is a huge demand for American coal, the terminals can't keep up to the surge and this won't stop in the near term.   What we need to see is traders looking for the next white hot sector flock here and this won't happen overnight, but if we stick it on watch and make some trades early we'll be a head of the curve.  Some of the stocks to follow include, FDG ARLP ACI NRP CLF CNX YZC WLB WLT ICO NCOC...It is hard to tell how much of the run was just the bounce in the market and how much was this play catching on last week.  A dip is probably the best time to start getting in on this, but if the game is on... we may start playing soon.

We also have ADM earnings Monday morning, depending on the report and CC, we may see this act as a catalyst for our Ag stocks, MOS POT