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Feb192008 on the table..

Before the open tomorrow, we'll have many of the cards turned over to indicate where we're going.  The way today went , you'd think the downward bias will continue as the Economic data consisting of the CPI, Housing starts, Retail Redbook is unveiled and digested.   It seems to be too easy, too convenient to assume today's reversal will continue tomorrow as all the charts from the SPX to IWN have a narrowing >>>>> triangle formation looking more like a downward break coinciding with the big Eco' data day.     The trading programs must be ready to go.   In either direction.   To sell the break or will it program buy if a threat comes on the lower channel of the symmetrical triangle?.   Considering this market is so unpredictable, who knows what tomorrow will hold.   Today, we probably had a trap and tomorrow it might be reciprocated.   Who knows!.     As for today, the QQQ's already broke down just after 2pm in fast and furious fashion, only to be pushed back to the lower line of the triangle following HPQ's EPS after hours.   We're not putting too much on the prospects of HPQ rubbing off on the other techs and resuscitating them all by it's lonesome.   Today's gap was erased quickly, the commodities driven market today soon faltered as this only brought on more inflation fears.   With oil kissing $100 those $600 stimuli checks might not last too long. 

Yesterday, we led the Journal off with the Chemical/Agr'si because they were trading near 52 wk highs.  A few got up to those peaks and actually held the gap up opens.   Considering how fast the move was today and with the potential of misery in the market tomorrow, this is the first place we'd look to go short in if you haven't yet during today's reversal.    Yep, you can't pick sides for too long in this environment.  

The Coals also exploded with FDG leading the charge to a multi year high of $50 and change.   We've noted the past few journals of buying the dip, including after GS's downgrade on Friday.    These guys can do some consolidating now as well.  The idea of buying a dip is not in the cards in respect to a potential overall market hit tomorrow.

VLNC had a nice volume day and hit the 50% mark since being alerted to 8 trading days ago.  Too bad the truck wasn't loaded with it, tomorrow would not seem so important... GNK up over 10%, CLB should be watchlisted for a sunny day,  if you haven't done so yet after last weeks note on them. 

A clear head for tomorrow is the only option....we'll update if necessary before the open