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..something for Main St.

We have to admit, for the moment, this market is liking the recent turn of events that are giving some people a new found level of bullishness.  Maybe, it's because we hit the 5 trillion aid mark?;)  This time it was Main street that got some Thanksgiving handouts pre market,  not Wall street.   Still, despite the Main street help the market was pretty well a draw today, which could be looked at in a couple ways.  One, the rally needed a rest or two, which could be a negative, is why didn't it go higher with Main street getting aid.   We remain tilted to the short side short term as the market couldn't penetrate a resistance mark (see chart spy in link here) on very good news for the consumer.

It might be that we've become too accustomed with the analogy that every quick bounce has to be sold down hard and furious.  This one just could be different, we have to keep an open mind.   Granted this week is skewed as a lot of traders may have taken this week off all together due to the holiday.     We do have to give it to the policy makers for being so aggressively responsive to the dire financial crisis even in a holiday week.     Maybe, this is all part of the effort to calm people down, or cheer people up, at their annual Thanksgiving dinner tables.    It's the least thing that the government can give to the people, hope!

Again, today's announcement of a new TALF program, and yesterday's Citi bailout deal, are directly aimed at the root of the problem.   This is actually what market wanted to see.    Whether these programs will have any effect or not, still remain to be seen, but the initiative is definitely being welcomed so far.     Remember, market will go wherever our financials go.    If we want a meaningful rally that's sustainable for more than a couple of days, you don't have to look any further than the financials.      We have 1.5 more trading days to go before this week's end.    At this point, we really don't want to bet heavy one way or the other into the weekend.

Other than the usual ETF's we're concentrating (DJIA/SPX related).   We are also keeping our eyes on all of the recent plays we recently traded....

EBS, closed with a NCH and again showed it's one to buy on the dips.  AXYS, one we noted moves quick points in any rally has not disappointed climbing over 10 points during rally.  ASEI,  has also notched a NCH.   FLR,  came all the way back near its post eps gap level.   As you can see, some of the plays remain trades on dips.  On the other side,  MYGN  may be looking like a quick short now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all...